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Lanuella and Lanuer

The Twin Moons of Illorim

By Michael BivensPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

Long ago, when the world of Illorim was still in its dawn, the gods gathered to shape its lands and inhabitants. Among these was Onsyn, the goddess of knowledge and the revered creator of the High Elves. She was celebrated for her fairness and as a bastion of knowledge, even among the other gods, with an unyielding belief in maintaining the delicate balance between the many forces that shape and govern existence.

Among her First Children, there were twins, Lanuella and Lanuer, who were exceptionally favored by her. From the moment of their creation, their souls shone with a brilliance that warmed the hearts of all who encountered them. Their laughter echoed through the forests and across the seas, and their eyes held wisdom beyond their mortal souls. It was said that even the other gods were envious of Onsyn’s First Children.

Onsyn, captivated by the pure and innocent spirits of Lanuella and Lanuer, took them under her divine guidance. She showered them with celestial blessings, and the twins soon became beloved by all the gods. They danced among the stars, their laughter illuminating the heavens like a symphony of joy.

But as the world grew, so too did the darkness that crept upon it. A great shadow cast itself upon Illorim, and the night skies were engulfed in an abyss of blackness. Onsyn sought to bring light to the darkness to balance this force that threatened to overshadow her beloved children and their pursuit of knowledge.

With a heavy heart, she realized that she could stand idly by and watch her blessed children suffer under the encroaching darkness. She made a decision that would echo through eternity and forever change the celestial tapestry of the heavens. In the deepest hours of night Onsyn called forth Lanuella and Lanuer.

"My dear children," Onsen spoke, her voice soft as a gentle breeze. "Your light is a precious gift to this world, and the darkness cannot dim it. But, the time has come for a greater purpose. Will you lend your brilliance to Illorim even when you can no longer walk its lands?"

The twins looked at each other with knowing smiles, they nodded to Onsyn surrendering to their call for a higher purpose with unwavering determination, for they understood the gravity of her request and what their sacrifice would mean for their fellow children. With tears in her eyes, Onsyn embraced them one last time before guiding their spirits to the heavens.

There, upon the celestial plane the spirits of Lanuella and Lanuer were molded into twin moons. Lanuella, with her golden aura, became the Moon of Dusk, casting a warm and comforting glow upon the lands during the evening hours. Lanuer, with his silver brilliance, became the Moon of Dawn, bringing hope and renewal to the world with the break of each new day.

From that moment forth, Lanuella and Lanuer adorned the night skies of Illorim, their celestial light guiding travelers, illuminating the beauty of the world in the darkest hours, and symbolizing the enduring power of love and sacrifice. The elves, in reverence of their beloved siblings, gather under the moons' shimmering light to sing songs of love and remembrance, keeping alive the memory of the selfless twins who shine as radiant beacons against the vast canvas of the night's darkness.

The souls of Lanuella and Lanuer continue to watch over Illorim, a testament to the enduring power of sacrifice, and the eternal bond between siblings who became celestial lights in the canvas of the night sky and bring balance to the darkness of night and the favor of Onsyn.


About the Creator

Michael Bivens

Most of my works published here exists as lore from the world of Illorim, an original creation by me that's been supported and cooperatively built through shared story-telling.

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