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Kingdom of Darkness

by Jairus Noor 4 months ago in Adventure
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By Jairus Eliaam Noor

Twas a windy, cold, summer day in the land of Boaz the grand encampment of the royal family respectively. The castle was marvelous having being design by the high priest with inspiration from the most high. Walls twenty feet high surrounded the castle with watch towers on each corner northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Entering through the large gates embellished with the bronze décor of the royal family’s emblem. The emblem for the royal family was a wise soul pouring wisdom into a cauldron which when then be spread to the common folks as their legacy carries on. Walking through the gates you would cross over a drawbridge which underneath was an alligator infested stream of water that flowed around the encampment. Finally arriving at the door of the castle two large solid gold doors frame with two bronze pillars embellish with the most unique designs of water lilies and pomegranate, the meaning would have to be explain by the grand architect which you’ll meet later, so save your questions.

Now, the common folks lived down in Ruth over the bridge and down the valley of a thousand white roses. The royal family loved their people with their whole heart and much more, so the town of Ruth was more eloquent than the surrounding cities and was the town everyone had a thirst to visit. Beautiful architecture, with landscape to marvel at for hours. Statues of the common folks’ favorite heroes and a few villains. The town was filled with love, peace and harmony. The Light of all Mankind.

Charlie the kings right hand man and fiercest warrior approaches the throne.

“Whence came your young soul?” Solomon The king of Boaz asks.

“The kingdom in the west Worshipful master.” Charlie replied.

“Your purpose?”

“My presence was requested.”

“You bring news?”

“I do.”

“Speak freely.”

“The kingdom of the west has announced that we be in a united front for the kingdom of the north is threatening war against them.”

“We haven’t had war for ten years!”

“Yes, worshipful master, they also announce they will come after us kingdom of the east.”

“Very well, I will receive council from the Wise Owl in the northeast volcanic land of Pebbleton for he knows past, present, and future. Assembly your strongest men. We March at sunset.”

“Worshipful Master.” Charlie says as he exits the room and heads to the lodge of soldiers playing a friendly game of cards and drinking until their heart delights.

“Brothers, We March at sunset to the Volcanic land of Pebbleton. Word from the Worshipful master.”

A loud and unison “AYE, WE MARCH AT SUNSET!” filled with more shouting and cups slamming with excitement to honor the king on his quest.

Leaving the lodge Charlie heading too converse with his best friend and childhood companion who was a blacksmith and forge all the weapons needed in the grand encampment.

“Brother, you seem well.” Charlie says upon entering the shop.

“And you look ugly old friend.” Thomas blurted out and they both laughed. Thomas wasn’t very bright and always said the first word that entered in his mind.

“Yes, yes I’ve heard a thousand times before my friend.”

“What brings you down to these parts?”

“We have a mission tomorrow at sunset. do you have our weapons ready for use?”

“they’ll be ready at the 4 o’clock hour. Have the troops pick them up?”

“On time or never as I always say.” Charlie says as he’s about to leave

“Oh, and one last thing.”

“don’t get uglier I’m assuming?”

“Oh, you know me to well, I’ll see you old friend.”

Charlie exits the shops and heads to his quarters for rest, the big journey lies ahead.

Twas a raging storm sweeping the valley, lightening flash amongst the clouds, thunder boomed from the quietness of the world and rain pommeled the dry earth until puddles were left and river levels were raised a inch. The high wind caught hold of the war bell and awaken the entire kingdom. The common folks down in Ruth heard the noise and shut their windows, locked their doors and went down into their basement where they all had a safe place to be incase of warfare. At the kingdom the soldiers jumped out bed placed on their battle armor, grab their weapons and headed to the front gate where they would wait in formation until the king arrived. In the master chamber the king prepared in the same manner, armor with weapon also sending the women and children to the safe bunker down below with all the house workers and he rushed to the gates.

Arriving at the gates in the severe weather the king asked, “What’s the hour?”

“0333, your honor” stated one of the soldiers in formation.

“And the report?” the king asked.

“a false alarm from the high winds coming in from the west. Your majesty.” Another soldier said amongst the formation.

Finally reaching the front and running into Charlie.

“Our adventure awaits. We march now.” the king spoke.

“Understood worshipful master.” Charlie replied. “Open the gates.” He yelled up top. “Get ready to march.” He yelled to the troops.

With a loud “AYE!” they were off down the road towards Pebbleton in search of the wise owl Wimbledon, who knows past, present, and future.

Down the valley across the bridge through the path of a thousand roses. They reached the town of Ruth. Noticing they had all the windows shut and doors secure they realized the town thought they were going to war.

“Send a message to the throne of the false alarm and have them inform the people.” The king told the messenger.

They continue their journey until they were met by a few hundred bandits along the road a few lengths outside of the city.

“What’s your purpose?” Charlie approaching them.

And in a swift moment they attacked. Charlie stepped back in formation and their few hundred was no match for our few thousands. Losing only ten soldiers and five injured they pressed forward for the mission must go on. Reaching the edge of the volcanic valley the king speaks.

“We must go through the kingdom of the north to be able to reach the valley. Eight hundred will stay back and guard the path. five hundred will go to the right and around. Five hundred will go to the left and around. Make no mistake. They already want war with us. Be on high alert. We will make it home. Fight strong. Be brave and hold your ground for Boaz and Ruth.”

The formation was set, and the king and his people marched right through the town in the wee hours of the day, still dark, they went quietly as to cause no alarm. Surprisingly they made it through undetected and reached the volcanic land of Pebbleton where the wise owl was waiting for, he knew of their coming.

“You’ve arrived.” Wimbledon the wise owl spoke.

“We have, oh wise council.” King Solomon replies.

“Your request.”

“The north wants war with us the east and our kin in the west. We have not fought in ten years. Do we go to battle?”

“I see. You wish peace for your people and want no harm to come?”


“I see. Knowing the north, they have no regard for human life and live in complete darkness.”

“Oh, wise council what must we do?”

“You have troops surrounding their kingdom?”

“We do five hundred on each side and eight hundred in the rear.”

“Send the word and show no mercy. Attack now and strike fear. Or wait and be destroyed.”

The king prayed for an hour before making the decision.

“We will burn the kingdom of the dark to the ground and leave not a soul alive to save our people from harm and spread our light to all mankind.”

“Thank your wise council you will be remembered in our victory. and a statue will be placed in Ruth.”

They departed from the wise owl Wimbledon and headed into the land of the darkness and sounding the horn which would strike fear into all that heard for they knew the kingdom of the east is on the move. and your heard the battle cry for lengths upon lengths.

Light, bright, we fight tonight! Come from the east with all our might! Light, bright, we fight tonight! Come from the east with all our might! Light, bright, we fight tonight! Come from the east with all our might!


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