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Kidnapped to a New World

by Maria Shaw 4 months ago in Sci Fi
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A dying species' hope

Chapter 1

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. I’m almost certain that the guy taking me through what I can only think must be a wormhole disagrees. At almost 50, I can’t understand what anyone would be taking me for but I started with just yelling threats about tearing off his genitals anyway. When I entered the blackness, my sounds could only be called shriek's at decimals I didn’t even know I could make. I’m not sure what dance I’m at but my stomach is now taking the lead because we are on the other side and my insides feel like they have turned inside out. I throw up and the man next to me says something that I have no idea what language it is in so I just stare at him confused then continue vomiting. I can’t even take in my surroundings fully but I hear a bustling of people, almost like we’re in an airport. He bends down and shoves something into the back of my neck. Great so now my neck hurts and I’m here puking my guts out in front of some weird guy who has kidnapped me. He speaks again but this time I can understand him “this translator will make things easier, you will be able to read and understand a multitude of languages and hopefully stop the wretched noise that keeps coming out of your mouth, you’re an embarrassment in the transport station”. He looks at me absolutely discussed but whatever dude you kidnapped me if you get chunks on your shoes, so totally your fault. “I have been ordered to retrieve females from your planet for breeding. I will take you to the stocks now that you seem done emptying your stomach of whatever vile food you humans eat”. Uh, wait what the fuck! I am not a dog who can be bred plus I’m not exactly what you’d call a spring chicken for having babies, this does not sound good. I realize that I have to keep my head if I’m going to get away from this guy. I act like I’m going to throw up again to buy some time. When he turns away I see a crowd of people, they look very similar to humans but like a perfect human almost angelic with a slight glow. While I was pretending to vomit, I picked up a piece of paper and threw it at the head of a guy in the crowd. The guy takes the bait and thinks someone being him hit him. Now to my surprise this guy turns red, not in the human way in the what the hell is going on this guy is fire engine red kinda way. Smoke starts coming from his ears and nose and he takes the guy behind him and flings him through a window. This is the distraction I need. Air starts being sucked out of the window, things start flying around, and people start screaming. This is my chance for an escape so I take it. I ran to the first thing that looked similar to the wormhole I entered in and dove into the blackness.

I never really thought about what I was doing, just that I had to get away. I’m glad when I come to the other side I can breathe. I started thinking I am way out of league here and might want to start taking things with caution. It’s sunny and bright outside and I see miles upon miles of what look like farm lands. I’m right near a giant station, which I assume is a lot like our Earth processing food and shipping it. I can’t really stand here for long and not expect someone to notice or that guy to come looking for me so I gotta move. A door to the processing station is within a few minutes run so I don’t hesitate. When I get inside I see a small area that looks like a futuristic staff lounge. There is a place for uniforms, an area marked restoration (although it doesn’t look relaxing to me), and something that looks like an eating area. I decided to step into the restoration area because who I was kidding the day I had I smelled like vomit, sweat, and fear all wrapped into one. Straps flew at me and cocooned me in, things that felt like needles and red hot pokers touched every part of me even what I think were my sides. The door opened within a few and a uniform was pushed out on some weird floating platform. I put on the uniform then looked at my reflection and wow. I was no longer the 50 year old woman in the mirror, more like 25. Every wrinkle, stomach ripple, and sagging part of me was back in a position I hadn’t seen since my teens. The only part I was upset about was that my hair was long. I worked on keeping it healthy and growing it for over a decade but now I barely have 3 inches on my head. I was stripped of all makeup, eyelash extensions, and acrylic nails so I looked almost like a guy. I tried to focus on the fact that I was alive and not being bred at the moment and that my ass looked absolutely amazing and no longer needed supportive panties. I needed to focus and not think about how I looked but how I was going to survive. I saw a block in the corner that said processing training, thank goodness I had what that guy called a translator put in before I got away or I’d have no idea what anything meant. I opened the block and was astounded. Information surrounding me and with a bang seemed to pour into my head. I saw things I never saw before but knew how to use machines and terminals throughout this processing station. I knew how to use the transporter to get goods to various worlds and how to package their form of wheat into adaptable bundles for a variety of needs.

I’ve read one book or at least assimilated into myself but I really didn’t have information. I decided to use my knowledge of being a worker and try to gain some information. The processing plant was huge and mostly underground. I never would have thought the building was as immense as it was until the elevator showed over 100 floors. The high speed elevator made it feel like nothing at all going from level 1 to -60 the general labor floor. People were everywhere or whatever they called themselves. Putting bundles together, packaging, and labeling where to send them. I knew how to do this, I read the book (well kinda) so I decided to join in. One of the workers said, why are you helping here? Your rank puts you at level 5. He pointed to the markings on my uniform so I agreed and I said “first day, just trying to understand all the departments, carry on”. I went back to the elevator and pushed 5, I hope I can figure this all out before someone notices I have no idea what I am doing. When I get out I realize this level is the distribution level (like the book I read). People are deciding what package goes where, how much, and looking at financials. An area that looks like a staff lounge has a few people in it so I decide my best bet is to go in and see what I can learn. All men are in this lounge and talking about a variety of things that give me no real information at all. I see a newspaper chip and decide to grab it. Blue digital streams come out of stories in the air. I touch one and see that they’ve developed a new restorer, something that will put your body back to its peak condition and help your mind. I’m not sure which one I got in but I’m betting it's not the top of the notch one, but who's complaining I look boyish but awesome. I touched on another story that says population problems continue. From the story I see a tragic topic for any world. It says that females have been contracting a virus before puberty that the restorer or any medicines can’t cure. The first known case happened 50 years ago. The virus has been spreading and mutating over this time making 90% of women sterile. The women who have been able to have children usually don’t have girls who survive. Men in this species outnumber women 5000 to 1 and the projection in the report estimates that will double in the next 10 years. The government’s official statement was that they are testing ways to ensure the survival of the species and scientists have made a recent breakthrough that may solve the issue. Great, I think I am considered one of these breakthroughs, the guy who took me said I was for breeding stock, yuk!

I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice the man who sat down beside me. “Don’t make any sudden movements or the others will see, but I know what you are. I’ve studied your kind and see the small differences like your duller skin, rounded ears, and let’s not start on the fact that you're a female even though you are trying to hide it. People here are so used to the norm they aren’t observant but it won’t take long before others see. Come with me and I will try to help you. His speech was barely a whisper so I gave a slight nod and got up. We went to the transport station and I prayed this man wasn’t just setting me up for a reward or something. A wormhole opened and my insides turned at the site. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to these things but I go in the void regardless. The man turned to me and said “my name is Indigo, we just have to get to the next port of entry to get to my home. There we can talk more freely. They must be looking for you because I’ve never seen this many guards at a transport station before”. A picture went up into thin air in front of us. My eyes went wide at the sight of my image, well my image of me at 50. I really did need some botox then and a gym membership, geesh. Indigo was very observant because his statement surprised me “you found a restorer, I see. I think you looked good either way, especially those eyes. Our kind doesn’t get hazel eye colors so that is really the only thing anyone might notice if they’re paying attention. Well, as long as you keep those weird round ears covered we’ll be fine”. Surprisingly enough the guards didn’t drag me away, in fact they didn’t seem interested in us after a quick glance. We headed to the wormhole for Indigo’s home, really did we have to take this again. I managed not to throw up last time but I made no guarantees this time. Here I go again jumping into a void hoping for the best. I was never this reckless in my life, always making the safe choices but then again I never would have guessed I’d be taken to another world. On the other side my insides were spinning, Indigo came over to steady me and I really wish he wouldn’t have done that because for another first time in my life I projectile vomited right into his face. Please don’t let this man be petty because he might just turn me in. “Let’s get to my home so we can get cleaned up and have a conversation, shall we?” He extended his arm and I latched onto it as we walked to his home.

The outside walk looked like a nature center. Creatures almost resembling deer were running around. I saw small and large animals living in trees that I think are maples and because of my facial expressions Indigo began to explain. “We’ve been coming to your world and others extracting what fits into ours. Those are trees transplanted from your world, we found them to be more sturdy and longer lived than our vegetation. Your deer species was mated with a species of ours that was going extinct, that’s why they may seem familiar to you. Scientists started trying to find a way to help endangered species over a hundred years ago and found the best way was to blend similar creatures so they’d have the most survivable traits of both organisms. Now they’ve decided our race has no choice but to use the same type of process to keep us from being erased from existence, that is why you were taken. They have taken others to experiment and test on. One scientist years ago made a breakthrough and found that humans were compatible with our race. He used the DNA of those studying under him without their knowledge and eggs extracted from a human female to create what you call embryos. They began to develop but into the process something went wrong and none of them survived. Of course that didn’t stop the experiments and it was concluded that because of our differences a human female had to carry the child to term for it to survive. In the first trials we didn’t know what human females really needed while pregnant and what complications your species could have. Seven women gave birth but all seven died shortly after childbirth. I was one of the interns and one day when I was making observations of the children born I noticed something that changed my life”. Now I didn’t want to pry but the look of pain and joy on this man’s face had me hanging on every word so I asked what he noticed and how he went from a scientist to a farmer. “I saw my own eyes staring back at me, I saw the jaw line of my mother, and the nose of my father. One of the children was mine and that child was a female. I did the tests, which confirmed it. My mentor found out about my test and confronted me. He congratulated me on my DNA being used to help repopulate the species. When it was explained how my daughter would be used to bred others for as long as she lived I couldn’t accept it. I don’t want to go into details but the plant was involved in an explosion, according to authorities knowledge only workers who weren’t scheduled that day survived and no research subjects lived”. I saw the sadness in his eyes and put my hand on his back to give a type of comfort. We reached something that looked like a hatch into the ground and he scanned some card that opened the hatch. “All of our homes are underground so that we don’t hurt the topside ecosystem. Please come in and meet my daughter”.

Sci Fi

About the author

Maria Shaw

I have had a roller coaster of a life and would love to share some of my real life and my imagination with others through stories.

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  • Jori T. Sheppard4 months ago

    Fantastic idea. Great premise. Very creative and enjoyable. Keep up the good work

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