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A keyhole helps Aylin overcome her fears and leads her to rediscover the light within herself.

By Salim ErikciPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Oda represented more security for Aylin than anything else. As an individual who couldn't control her own life, she could at least control everything here. So, every day when she came home, she would enter her room, lock the door behind her, and start talking to herself.

One day, Aylin felt something strange in her room. The air was still the same, everything was the same, but something was different. She felt her heart racing and couldn't understand why. Then suddenly, she heard a terrifying sound. A sound that shattered the silence inside the room. Aylin, curious about the truth behind the sound that she couldn't determine where it came from, walked towards the door and tried to open the locked door.

However, the door wouldn't open. Aylin, panicking even more, pushed the door hard and started screaming. But she was trapped inside the room. She started looking around slowly. Everything was still the same, there was just a strange energy in the room.

Then suddenly, she noticed a crack in the wall a few meters away. The crack was so small that she wouldn't normally notice it, but now it was there. Aylin slowly approached and looked through the crack, and saw a terrifying scene inside.

Behind the wall, there was a huge empty space as big as the room. A void that seemed infinite like space. And Aylin noticed that something was moving inside that void, something was getting closer to her, and she froze in fear.

When she opened her eyes, she was sleeping in her bed. It was just a nightmare. But this nightmare had truly terrified her. Aylin returned to her room, the only place where she could control herself, and locked the door tightly.

However, the events didn't end there. In the later hours of the night, she felt a strange energy again. But this time, the locked door couldn't protect her. She was being pulled by a terrifying force, and even though she resisted at the door, she was taken away from the door.

She felt lost in the depths of depression, as if there was no meaning to anything in the infinite expanse of space. However, suddenly she noticed something - a light appearing in the darkness. Moving towards it, she came to a door that opened before her, and she stepped inside.

In the room, she found an old and worn-looking armchair and a note on the table. The note had a message for her: "What brought you here are your fears. Depression had taken hold of you, but by passing through this door, you can overcome your fears."

As Aylin read the note, a glimmer of hope arose within her. Perhaps she really did need to confront her fears. She found a pen and paper on the table and wrote to herself, "I want to face my fears."

Suddenly, something stirred in the darkness. Aylin panicked and pulled back, but then a vision appeared before her eyes. The darkness within her had taken the shape of a monster. Aylin was ready to face it.

Aylin stared into the monster's eyes and yelled, "I am not you!" The monster slowly faded away as she took another step towards conquering her fears. With her note in hand, Aylin left the room and emerged victorious from her battle. Her room was no longer just a sanctuary, but a symbol of her strength. Now, she felt ready to venture beyond its limits and explore the world.


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  • Salim Erikci (Author)2 months ago

    Just do it....

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