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by Maunalokelani Kirkwood 4 months ago in Series

False Safety

Sweets were most children and teenagers favorite to eat. No matter the season or time of day in Glow Valle young folks walked around town with something sweet in their mouth, hands or lunch pales. Hutch was no different; his beloved choice was chocolate cake. Like many minors in Glow Valle he visited Kandy Gal on a regular basis.

Kandy Gal was famous for its luscious cakes and extravagant window displays. It was the only business in town that allowed children to enter without their parents. The owner of Kandy Gal was about fifty years old. Her figure and facial features seemed model like, but the hunch in her  back made some towns people fear her. Every one called her Merri, but her actual name was Merripostah.

Both Charles and Hutch were in their last year of Middle School. They were best friends since kindergarten. Charles was one of a selective group of teens that were not a fan of sweets or the famous bakery. "That place gives me chills, why do you always eat there?" He asked Hutch as they walked passed Kandy Gal on the way home from soccer practice. "It's a place where I can be free of my life. You should try it some time!" He spoke excitedly, "No Thanks!" Charles replied as his body shivered with disapproval.

Every week Merri changed her window display and Hutch often volunteered to create cool designs. The day before his graduation he visited Kandy Gal. "Ms. Merri I am graduating tomorrow! I am excited about entering High School!" Hutch exclaimed as he grabbed a package wrapped in brown paper from the shelf above him. "Indeed that is exciting news." Merri replied as she snatched the package from him. " We go through this every time Hutch, the supplies for the window display are on the left shelf!" She exclaimed as she put the brown package back where it belonged. "I am sorry, but everything in your shelves is brown. I get confused some times." He said as he grabbed a different package wrapped in brown paper.

Merri loved the color brown and she couldn't stay upset with Hutch for very long. "Fine, how about this?" She said as she taped a piece of paper reading do not touch on the shelf. "Is that clear enough now?" "Absolutely! I got it." He replied as he started to open up the brown package for supplies. "I appreciate when you help out with the window displays. Since my husband died and my boys went off to college this place feels lonely." She said and then Merri did something unexpected.

She passed out in front of Hutch. "Ms. Merri! Ms. Merri!" He yelled as he shook her body in an attempt to wake her. He panicked and looked for his phone, but he couldn't find it. "Please wake up Ms. Merri!" he tried shaking her again. "What's the matter? You never seen a dying woman before?" A voice from the shadows spoke "She's not dying!" Hutch was confused and did not know what to do. "Lock her up! And don't let Hutch escape!" The yelling voice emerged along with a group of five people. "Charles?!" Hutch shouted "What's happening?!" Hutch laid on the ground without moving a muscle.

Charles knew he was taking a risk being a part of the HK (Hate Kandy) group. Yet, after two years of training he became the leader. "We've waited for this day. Its is time to rid our town of Kandy!" Charles was not his usual timid self, he began instructing the members and plotting his take down. All the while Hutch was powerless and tied to a chair. "I love you like a brother Hutch, but Kandy Gal is a disgrace to our community and everyone needs to know." Charles said as he repositioned Hutch "Don't worry Ms. Merri isn't dead. She is just sleeping." He said and then went back to work.

By the end of the night Hutch couldn't believe his eyes. The only friend he grew up with and trusted destroyed his favorite place in the world. His tears couldn't be heard and his voice was muffled. "Cry, scream, or resisting won't save you or the abomination you call a safe haven." Charles laughed as his companions continued to burst windows, spray paint mean words, and they emptied all of the refrigerators. "Even if you rat us out Hutch we'll be long gone. This is my family and no matter what we'll be together." Charles said as he untied Hutch. "You had no right! You shameless beast!" "No I am a savior and you will thank me! When you aren't in your anger you'll see we are better off without sweets!" Charles had the look of accomplishment in his eyes as he stood and looked at the end result.

HK left the building and Hutch was still in shock. His best friend betrayed him and he didn't know how to respond to the lost of his favorite bakery. Ms. Merri had not regained consciousness; Hutch faced despair and loneliness. He looked up at the left shelf and the brown package remained untouched. There was a muffled sound coming from the shelf, Hutch stood up and walked closer toward what he heard. "Don't open it!" She yelled from the corner "We have to run!!" Merri was too excited to move on her own "Help me please!" She exclaimed as she tried to pull herself to hee feet. Hutch didn't know what to do, his body wouldn't move.

"Jesus Hutch you never knew how to recover fast did you?" Charles said,"He came back. Now move if you don't want to die!!" Merri bellowed as Charles grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. Hutch mustard what little strength he had and ran after them. Within moments of their exit the noise became louder. "Keep running!" She yelled as the three of them made it about one hundred feet from the building a blast occured. Kandy Gal was famous even after it's destruction. Charles explained his role in Mrs. Merri's plan. "At the end of the day everyone wants salvation. I played the villain to free two of my favorite people from their obsessions." Charles said to Hutch. Even though he didn't understand the pain in that moment, he was able to move forward with his life. "This was the only way I could retire and be with my boys." Merri said as she gave Hutch a hug "I am sorry I took away your safety net, but I promise you will find other ways to cope." Hutch was young and life carries us in many directions where will he go next?


Maunalokelani Kirkwood

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Maunalokelani Kirkwood
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