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Junior Year III

Chapter 3: Back in Time

By Emily BinkleyPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
Junior Year III
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Chapter 3: Back in Time

The girls got into the red car. As they was getting in they both said hey to Mrs.Anderson. Mia sat in the front next to her aunt, while Shy sat in the back seat behind her,with her arm folded. As they were putting on their seatbelts Mama Anderson asked them how was school.

“Good.” They said in unison.

-Mama can we go to King Jacks?

-Maybe after we pick up your sister from school.

-What was good about school today?

“Nothing”, replied Shy.

“I don't know,” Mia said while hunching up her shoulders.

They finally made it to the Elementary school.The car rider line was so long that it curved around the school.

-”What time is it?”, Mama asked.

-It's two forty-five.What time she gets out of school?

-She gets out now.

-We going have to wait in this long line?

-No, you can get out and go get her.

-No, I'm good.

-No, I'm going to park this car and you are going to get out and go get her.

-Where she at?

-I think the third graders are in the gym.

-Mia are you going to come with me

-Ya , she is. Mia go on head and go with ya cousin.Y’all be careful crossing the street .

“Okay.” They said in unison as they was getting out the car.

-Why is it grey outside? I hope it don’t rain outside.

-Me either.

Mia open the door to the gym and walk in. She looked around and then looked at her cousin.

All the kids was sitting in rows based on their grade level.

This man who wore khaki pants, with a button down blue and white striped polo shirt and a grey vest; walked up to them and asked them who they were looking for.

“Andy Anderson”, they replied in unison.

“What grade she in?” Asked Mr.Wartrat.

-She's in the third grade.

-Oh who is she to you

-My sister.

-Oh,I didn't know you have a little sister that goes here.

-Ya, I do.

-So, how’s Mrs.Anderson and Mr.Anderson during?

-They are doing good.

-Mia.How are your parents doing?

-Ummmm they are...Ummmm. They passed away last year.

-What? I'm sorry to hear that .

“Come here,” Mr.Wartrat said as he went in to hug the girls.

-It's okay.

-Ya its fine.

-Andy Anderson, Your sister and cousin are here.

Andy got out of the line full of third graders that lies behind the sign on the floor that said Mrs.Jenkins and walked to her sister.

-Okay let's go.

“Bye Mr.Wartrat”, Shy said as she gave him a hug.

“Okay bye Shy.” He replied looking down at her with a big smile.

Shy slowly pulled away from him. As she was walking out the gym, she looked back at him; with a big smile on her face,and waved bye.

Mr.Wartrat chuckled and turned away. He looked down and whispered,”Wow she really turned out to be a pretty young lady. I hope she won't get me in trouble”.

Then he pulled his head up and walked closer to the students.

“y'all be quiet!” He yelled to the third graders as they were getting louder.

One girl in line rolled her eyes and started to talk louder. Mr.Wartrat face got red and he started to walk towards the little girl in Mrs.Jenkins third grade line .

Once he stopped at the little girl with a clear backpack and braids, he leaned over to her and yelled ;”Shut up, little girl!” The little girl turned around and laughed.

-Get up Ashland!

“Go put your noses on the wall.” He whispered as he pointed to the wall and gave her a stern eye contact.

The little girl got up and walked towards the gray wall inside the gym.Ashland then put her nose on the black line painted in the middle of the gray wall and put her hands behind her back, just below her clear backpack.

Back in the line Ashland mom pulled up to the lady on the sidewalk. “Hello ma'am who are you here to pick up?”Asked Mrs. Davidson, the Attendants Clark.

“Ashland Bennett,” said Mrs.Bennett as she pointed to the card that they made the parents put in their windows .

“Ya I can't read that card, what grade is that child in?” Asked Mrs.Davidson.

-She’s in the third, I think.

Mrs.Davidson put the walkertalker to her mouth. “Hey I need a Ashley B-b-be, what's that child last name?”

-It's Ashland Bennett!

-Okay, I need a Ashland Bennett!, what grade she's in a again?


-Okay, I need a Ashland Bennett from the third grade, her ride is here , Ashland Bennett third grade.

Back in the gym Ashland turned around from the wall when she heard her name called.

“I didn't tell you to move little girl! Come on here let me talk to your parent. Who’s picking you up?” Mr.Wartrat asked Ashland .

“My mama,Ashland said crying.”

They walked on the sidewalk around the curve and pulled up to the black car in front of the line.

-Hey excuse me Mrs.Bennett can you pull up for me, I need to talk to you about your daughter.

-Okay, but it's Miss not Mrs.

Ms. Bennett moved her car up to the front of the line as Mr.Wartrat and Ashland walked alongside her.

-Hey Ms.Bennett I had a problem with your daughter today, when I asked her and others to lowered their voice, she continued to talk louder and rolled her eyes at me . Well I did make her put her nose on the wall, which is just timeout. If her behavior continues she might be sent to ISS.

“Okay,” Ashland mom said as she shook her head.

-Get in the car Ashland . Thanks for letting me know about Ashland behavior, I will be having a talk with her .

-Okay have a nice day ma’am.

- You too.


What's Ashland's mama going to do with Ashland and her misbehaving at school? We will see in Chapter IV❗

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