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Junior Year

Chapter 2:The Restroom Break

By Emily BinkleyPublished 5 months ago 7 min read
Junior Year
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Mia took a deep breath in and let a big sigh out, as her eyes became watery.As her hands were shaking with fear, she inched her way inside the restroom and stood right in front of the dark green stall. She said a little prayer in her head and push her way inside the stall.

Her eyes met with the brown plastic bag she hidden behind the toilet . After she closed and locked the restroom stall she grabbed the bag and begin to open it. Her heart was beating fast and she began to tremble more chronicle.

Mia pulled out the pregnancy stick and on it was two lines.Mia just dropped on the floor of the bathroom stall and started weeping.

She finally pulled herself together and went out the stall to the sink and washed her hands. She looked in the mirror above the sink and wiped her eyes with her fingers. She then took a deep breath in and blew it out slowly as she turned away from the sink and left the restroom.

During her walk away from the bathroom she walked into her best friend Abby.

-What did the test say?

-I'm pregnant


-Oh, Mia.What are you going to do?

-I don't know.

-Come here don't cry .

The two best friends hugged and walked back to their classes.

When she came in they were halfway finished through the syllabus.

Welcome back,” said Mr.Slings.

“We are on page nine”,he added as she was walking to her seat.

-Go on head read it out loud Mia!

~Students are only allowed to go to the restroom in between five minutes after the tardy bell and 10 minutes before the release bell.

-Ya that's between 1:50 and 2:20, don’t ask before then because the answer is no.Continue reading .

~Student must have their Ids and a hall pass when going to the restroom.Each students are allowed only three restroom pass per class each semester.

-You see now you only got two left, Mia.This is why it is important to use the restroom before class. Okay you can keep reading.

~ Students should not be in the bathroom for more than five minutes.

“Ugh ummmm”, Mr.Slings interrupted.

~If caught being more than five minutes in the bathroom all your passes will be taken away.

-Mia, make this your last time spending all day in the restroom, I don't know why it kept saying bathroom on the syllabus.I need to talk to the person who wrote that part,shoots.But Mia this is your final warning, don't do that again, you understand me.

Mia just nodded her head in agreement.

-Also I will like to add that each hall pass

that you do not use is worth five bonus points on your final.

Many of the students looked at each other and nodded in amusement.After they finish going over the syllabus, Mr.Slings told the student that they will have to create a PowerPoint about themselves and present it on Thursday.

-Now you guys, for the rest of class I want y'all to write a poem or essay that compare life to an event or an object.

“Do you have a pen and a sheet of paper I can use”,asked DeMarcus.

“No”, Emily replied with an eye roll.

“Here you go”, Shy said handing the paper and pen to DeMarcus.

-Thank you

-you welcome


While everyone was writing Shy just put her head down.She felt very frustrated that she couldn’t think of anything to write about.

-Okay guys, I'm going to walk around and see how far you gotten.

-Nice work Mia look like you almost finished

He then went over to Demarcus paper. Demarcus stop writing and just looked up at him.

-You can keep writing

-I don't like when teachers look over my shoulders .It make me feel uncomfortable.

-okay Demarcus

-Uh Shy?What are you during?This isn't nap time!Put your head up girl! Why don't you have anything on your paper?

-Because I have a headache and writers block.I can't think of nothing to write about.

-Okay see me after class.

The bell rang.And Demarcus stood up.

“Sit down!” Mr.Slings yelled.

-That bell don't dismiss you.I do.

“Sorry”, Demarcus said as he sat back down.

-Now, remember to finish what you working on for homework.You may now go.

Everyone left except for Shy.

-come here Shy !

Shy stood up and Walked to the side of his desk.

-Do you ride the bus?


-Okay so what do you need help with?

-With coming up with something to write about.

-So, what is your favorite thing to eat?

She just sturd her shoulders.

-Do you like fruit?

She shook her head yes.

-so why don't you compare life to that? Will that be good for you?

She shook her head in agreement.

-Okay bye.

She just waved bye and walked out the class room feeling anxious.She finally got to the front and waited on her ride to come with her cousin Mia.

-Hey so what did Mr.Slings talk to you about?

-The paper, because I couldn't think of nothing to write.

-Okay I help you when we get home.

-I'm hungry

-Me too

“How the hell you are hungry when I gave you my lunch”,Shy asked.

“Because I am “,Mia replied with a eye rolled as she walked over to the bench to sit down. “Call auntie and see where she at.”

-Why can't you call her.She going to yell at me.Okay fine I call her.

Shy pulled out her blue Iphone and called her mama.


-Hey girl what happened?

-Mama Mia just threw up.What time you getting here?

-I be there in like 15 minutes.

-Why so late?It's hot out here and we are not allowed to go back inside the school.

-Girl I will get there when I get there!Now goodbye!

After getting off the phone with her mom Shy sat next to Mia backpack on the orange bench.Mia was standing by the blue trash can gagging and puking every two minutes.Eventually Mia sat back down on the bench.Her cousin Shy just stared blankly at her.

-Look I have to tell you a secret Shy.

-What is it?

-I'm pregnant.

-Wow! Are -you l-like frfr-forreal ?

-Yes I am!

-I'm I'm t-telling my m-m-mama on you!

-No Shy please don't.I am not ready for them to find out.

-Okay fine.But I already told her that you was throwing up but I doubt she heard me.

She then froze and looked at Mia,who had her head down in her hands.

-Don't cry Mia.I promise I won't tell.

-I know you won't, but I just don't know what to do.

-It will be okay.Now hurry up and dry your face before my mama comes.

-When did she say she was coming?

-In like 15 minutes.

-Uh.Okay. I'm about to start working on my homework.

-Ya not me, I am too tired to do anything.I have a hungry headache.

“Well you wouldn't have a headache if you ate your lunch!”Mia yelled.

-I ask my mom if she can take us to King Jacks or something .

-okay .

-What are you working on?

-My English homework

-Oh, look my mama here,wait is that her

-Ya! That's her!

-Come on let's go I'm hungry

-Me too.

‘Really cause you can barely hold food down,” Shy laughed.

“Not funny,” Mia said while shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

“Whatever,” Shy said, as she rolled her eyes back.

They broke off from walking together , and started walking different paths in the same direction, towards the car.

-Why you go all the way in the grass Shy?

“Don’t talk to me,” Shy said as she rolled her eyes at her.

-Shy something is really wrong with you, you are crazy; that's why you have no friends.

-Leave me alone!

“You girls better come on, I still have to pick up my little one from school.”Mrs.Anderson yelled out the car window across the passenger seat as she honk the horn.

-Okay we coming.

-You didn't have to honked the horn.


Will Shy keep the secret? Will Mia tell her aunt the news? Find out next time!

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Emily Binkley

Hey ! I love lifting, inspiring and encouraging people through my writing! I also love writing poetry! So please read to get inspired! Recently I became very open with my writing. Letting readers in my most deepest thoughts.

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