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June's Journey Full Story

Volume 1: Chapter 23

By Kelly RileyPublished about a year ago 4 min read

If you want to read the entire story from the app June's Journey, created and written by Wooga, without having to scroll through each chapter to read the content, here are all of the clues and the conversations that go with each clue for chapter 22. More chapters will be posted soon.

Chapter 23: Russian Roulette

We had stopped the train but were now stranded in the middle of nowhere. the longer we waited, the further the Marquess got away from us. We had to stop her from selling that list to the Russians.

Irene: We're miles away from any station. What now?

Virginia: We're pretty high up on the coast. If we can send a distress signal, someone will see it.

June: Of course, an SOS. There should be a signaling device aboard the train.

Clue #1

June: A flare gun. This should do the trick. Ah, Detective Wendel. That was quick!

Hermann: We heard a train was stranded on the tracks. We suspected the Marquess was involved.

Irene: She killed the engineer and got away with the list.

Hermann: She was spotted in Monaco. I can take you there. We have a lead on her buyer but we have to act quickly. We think the Marquess plans to sell the list to a Russian army officer named Viktor Yenin. If he gets the list, every Interpol agent in Russia will be compromised. Yenin is staying at the Hotel due Palais in Monaco.

Clue #2

June: So we need to go to the hotel and track down Victor Yenin.

Hermann: Yes. If we follow him he'll lead us to the Marquess.

Irene: The Marquess got off the train three hours ago. She got a good head start.

Hermann: Well then, we had better hurry. Let's take my car.

Irene: There's Yenin. Leave the talking to me.

Mother walked over to where Yenin was sitting. She leaned in close and whispered something in his ear. Viktor's eyes grew wide but then he shifted his chair away uncomfortably.

Irene: June, maybe you'll have better luck. It seems I'm losing my charm.

Clue #3

June: A gift. For a special someone? She must be a lucky lady.

Viktor: She's my wife.

June: Oh, then she's very lucky indeed. Where is she?

Viktor: What kind of question is that? She's at home. In Russia.

June: Well, if your wife's not here, what do you say we have a drink? Waiter, two vodka martinis please.

Clue #4

Viktor pushed the drink away without taking a sip.

Viktor: I do not drink. It dulls the senses. If you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to go to.

Irene: So, how did it go?

June: Not well. We'll have to follow him.

We followed Viktor Yenin to the casino garden.

Irene: Just our luck that Yenin's the only man in Monaco who doesn't drink or fool around.

June: We need to find out where he's meeting with the Marquess. We need to get the list.

Virginia: Too bad we can't drag him into the brook closet and interrogate him.

June: That gives me an idea.

Clue #5

June: Viktor's a big guy. We're not going to be able to just force him into the broom closet. At least not if he's conscious.

Irene: What are you suggesting, June? We hit him over the head with a flower pot?

June: Exactly. Quick, he's coming. Let's hide.


June: He's out cold.

Virginia: The briefcase he's carrying... do you think the money for the Marquess is inside?

June: Never mind that. We have to get him out of here before someone sees.

Clue #6

June: A service entrance. That'll work. This guy's heavy. Help me lift him.

Virginia: All right, on three. One, two, three...

We found a laundry room and locked the door behind us.

June: While we're waiting for him to come to, let's see what's in this briefcase.

Irene: It's locked. If only I had a hairpin.

Virginia: Maybe there's something in this room we can use to unlock it.

Clue #7

June: Will a safety pin do?

Irene: Let's give it a try.

After a little teasing of the lock, the briefcase popped open. Inside was a king's ransom in rubles.

Irene: This is the money. That means the deal hasn't taken place yet. We still have time.

Viktor: My head... what happened? Who are you?

June: Your meeting with the Marquess. Where and when is it?

Viktor: I don't know who you think you are, but I will never tell you.

He was going to need some convincing. All we knew was that he was faithful to his wife.

Clue #8

Viktor: What are you doing with my handkerchief? My wife gave that to me.

June: Then she'll be disappointed to receive it in the mail with another woman's lipstick on it.

Viktor: You wouldn't!

June: I would. Tell us where you're meeting the Marquess.

Viktor: I'm not meeting her. I'm to put the briefcase in the piano and away further instruction.

June: Thank you, Viktor. But I'm going to hold onto this. Just in case you're lying to us.

We locked Yenin in the laundry room and headed to the casino.

June: All right, so what do we do?

Irene: I would put the money in the piano and wait for the Marquess to collect it.

June: Sounds risky. What if the Marquess slips away again?

Irene: We don't have any other option at this point.

Clue #9

June: All right, the money's in the piano.

Virginia: What now?

Irene: We wait.

June: It's been ten minutes. Is she going to show? What if she's seen us?

Waiter: Good evening, ladies. I have a gift for you. Courtesy of the house. Happy gambling.

Clue #10

June: A single golden coin. He said it was courtesy of the house, but do you think...

Irene: It's from the Marquess. No doubt about it.

June: What are we supposed to do with it?

Virginia: The waiter said "happy gambling." Let's try the slot machines.


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