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Into the Abyss.

by Lauren Davey 11 months ago in Fantasy · updated 9 months ago
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A Drive with Kundalini, Pt 2

Kundalini Expansion

Pulling off of the road to check my phone, I realise that I have very little battery left. “Great. I am lost and I have no means of direction if my phone dies!” The tears begin to flow, streaming down that of my face like droplets of rain would if it were to wash over the surface of glass. My mind races, navigating the spectrum of my comprehensive awareness in an attempt to find a rational meaning of that which has just unfolded, but only becoming further acquainted with its inability to make any sort of sense of the situation. “What the fuck am I going to do?” According to my maps, the nearest town is only ten minutes away. I decide to head there in the hopes that I may find a service station that which sells phone chargers.

A few kilometres up the road, the song that which is playing on that of the radio suddenly stops, leaving me alone in the abyss of silence, with only but the sound of my engine to offer me a length of comfort. Suddenly, a car pulls out behind me and the music on the radio once again, commences. Switch. The only word throughout that of the song repeats itself over, and over again. With it now being night, I cannot make out that of the model or the colour of the vehicle behind me. However, with the repetition of the message to switch, quickly taking that of the reigns and becoming the guide to that of my stupefied expedition in this moment, I intuit that it is, him, whom is behind me. “Does he want me to lead, now? For us to switch positions, perhaps?”

With the sentiment, I notice what appears to be a recreational ground up ahead. The trees surrounding that of the entrance are lit up with fairy lights and are extremely becoming. Gazing at the sparkle of their allure as I approach I realise, that I cannot do this. As much as the notion of switching positions is pulling on that of my provocative intrigue, the reality is that I do not know where I am, or what his intentions are with me, at all. Indicating left, I decide without delay or further inquisition, to pull into that of the driveway of the park. “If he wants to connect and talk with me in person, then he will follow, I suppose?” Positioning my car directly under one of the street lights, my heart begins to pound so fast that it almost feels as though it may spontaneously combust from within that of my chest. My hands are slightly damp with the condensation of sweat that which builds with the intensity of anxiety that which has taken me hostage. I keep my eyes fixated upon my rear-vision mirror, waiting in anticipation for the vehicle to pull into the carpark. However, it does not. I watch as the car drives straight passed that of the fairy lit up entrance and my heart in conjunction, sequentially sinks into the pit of my stomach. A surge of heat flushes throughout that of my system. Whilst I am still unable to determine that of the model or the colour of the vehicle, I am left to contemplate, “Was it even, him?” Crushed, I begin to howl uncontrollably. The tears now pour from my eyes like that of a gushing waterfall. Struggling to breathe, my sense of reality begins to disorientate. “Am I imagining all of this?” In a state of sheer desperation I verbally beg to that of the universe through the unveiling of my sobbing, “Please. If it was him and if this is meant to be, please give me a sign. Please?” In perfect correlation with that of my inquisition, the song on the radio ceases and after a few moments, the radio presenters speak. “If you are looking for a sign, then this is it.” My jaw drops. I am completely stupefied. ”Did that just happen?”

This is all too much. I cannot tell if I am utterly losing my shit or if I am experiencing something so fucking divine, that to try to make any logical sense of it would be futile, anyway. “You’ve just got to trust, Shaniquah.” I try to reassure myself but I am finding it difficult to bring that of my trepidation to a close, or at least back to a state of neutrality. I intuit that I need to meditate. Now! I urgently turn off that of the radio and search for some soothing meditation music on my phone. The fact that my phone could potentially die is not even on my radar in this moment! I need the reposeful softness of the music to assist me into a state of serenity before I experience a full blown mental breakdown. Laying my seat back, I close my eyes and begin by forcing that of my breathing to become purposefully controlled, long and deep within that of its execution. Bringing my awareness to that of my heart chakra, to the rise and fall of my chest and to that of my breath itself as it gradually becomes normalised, I allow myself to melt into the presence of my very own being.

With my state of consciousness now altered, I offer the narrative of my inner world the invitation to guide that of my experience. Immediately, a vision begins to form within that of my subconscious, whereby I am sitting on the edge of a beautiful pond. The luscious greenery that which surrounds me entices that of my psychic sense of smell to open, radiating the earthly elixir of both dirt and grass within that of its aroma. The sun above me creates a warmth to the scene as it caresses that of my skin with its rays. The water-lilies dance in harmony with one another as they float on the surface of the pond. “Ahhh. Now this is what I call, inner peace.” I close my eyes within the realm of my visualisation and breathe in the tranquillity of the atmosphere. Birds begin to chirp and the sun grows warmer as I bask in the unravelling of my inner world. “Ahhh. Absolute bliss!” When I open my eyes within that of my internal experience, I am surprised to find that the scenic proportions of my vision have completely transformed. There is now snow falling from that of the sky, leaving droplets of tiny little cold bursts on my face as they collide with that of my skin. As I look around, the once green foliage is also covered in snow, creating a cloud of white blanket that which softens the surface beneath me. The pond, now frozen with a sheet of thick ice, glistens as the refection of the sun catches that of its surface. “Hmmm,” I wonder, “What is the message that which my subconscious is attempting to bring to that of my conscious awareness through the modification of my scenery?”

Well, if I think in terms of seasons, my immediate impression is, change. Transformation is that of the only constant and as such, it is undeniably inevitable. My attention is brought to that of the smoke like mist that which escapes from my mouth as I exhale the rawness of the cold and I realise, that I am just as sedately relaxed within that of this climate, as I was during the warm climate of my vision only moments before. I am still very much, blissfully content. The alteration of my external surroundings has not jolted my state of being in even the slightest. Promptly, the voice of Archangel Ezekiel ripples through the vestibule of my inner world like you would expect the thundering of a bass to, when blasted through that of speakers. “So, what is this teaching you, child?” He queries me. I smile, instantaneously conforming to that of the underlying message that which I intuit is being delivered. “It is teaching me that no matter what is going on around me, I attain the innate ability to stay centred, focussed and poised within my state of being.” With the self-realisation evident, my vision immediately dissipates and my awareness is automatically brought back to that of my physical vessel, sitting in my vehicle in the carpark of the recreational ground. Archangel Ezekiel speaks again, this time in my ear and as soft as the whisper of one thousand feathers falling from that of the sky. “This is a time of great transformation for you, dear one. It will bid you well to recall this realisation, regularly.” I take a deep breath and nod my head in agreement. “Thank-you, Ezekial.” Bless him.

Grounding my essence as deep into Gaia as I possibly can, I open that of my physical eyes. I am a little disappointed to find that my car is still the only vehicle within that of the carpark. However, my state of being has completely shifted. I am feeling lighter, more receptive and presently anchored within my ability to remain calm. Switching the radio back on, I await for the song that which is playing to finish, in contemplation of any further guidance. When the radio presenters commence talking, they are quick to notion to the environment of my location, mentioning the twinkle of, fairy lights. “Ok universe. These synchronistic occurrences are proving to be somewhat too, in alignment with that of my immediate circumstance. However, I trust in you and I have faith in that of your divine guidance, even when it does knock me for a six!” Having the impression that the synchronicity is a sign for me to wait, I adhere to that of the message, consciously delving into my ability to embrace this experience for whatever it wishes to be.

The next song that which presents through that of the speakers is Into You, by Odd Mob. “Fuck yes!” The propulsion of excitement bubbles from within me like that of champagne does as it explodes from a champagne bottle. I am absolutely obsessed with this track as of late! And what better timing? I instantly crank up the volume, step outside that of my vehicle and proceed to dance! I dance like no one is watching. With a smile on that of my face, I can feel myself glowing from the inside out as I allow myself to embody deeper into the miraculous way in which my vessel can move. In this moment, I am free. Entirely free to simply be, me. Lost in that of the music as it carries me away to another dimension of reality, I almost forget that I am situated in a carpark whereby the location of such is unbeknown to that of myself.

Suddenly, the most unusual feeling arises within that of my being. It is not something to which I have experienced prior to this moment. It feels almost, surreal. My awareness expands deeper into the essence of this feeling as my conscious mind attempts to articulate a descriptive model for that of its presence. “Hmmm. What is, this?” Continuing to flow with that of the movements of my vessel, I close my eyes and channel into the core of that which is inevitably, unfolding within me. “Oh my fucking universe!” My eyes shoot open as the recognition of a notion begins to take hold within that of my consciousness. The notion that, I am being watched.

Before fear has a chance to welcome itself back into that of my system, the powerful surge of that insatiable, Kundalini rush like sensation, importunely takes hold of the reigns of my experience, invoking the impending expansion of energy into that of my entire vibratory field. “Fuck. Me!” This time, the passion of its presence is stronger than to when I was driving earlier, tempting my vessel into the erotic proportions of my sacred, sexual centre. I am becoming extremely aroused by not only that of the sentiments of my felt senses, but also by the notion that perhaps it is he, whom is watching me? “Maybe, he is closer than I realise?” As though enchanted by the susceptibility of my thoughts, I completely let go, seductively dancing for him in a state of pure, aphroditic submission. The ebb and flow of the ecstatic climaxes that which pulsate through me causes my flower to sufficiently, moisten. “Ahhh. This feels so fucking divine!” After a while, the experience begins its journey into a slow, but steady decent. I tempestuously open that of my eyes, beaming with the hope that he will now, be within that of my physical presence.

“What the fuck?” Disappointment prevails, again. He is nowhere to be seen at all. I am still the only person within that of the propinquity of my external environment. Unable to sustain that of my elated state of being any longer, the fear of my reality appearing to be discombobulated, immediately returns. “Am I completely fucked in the head?” My vessel organically inhales as it attempts to quickly fluctuate through that of the imminent transformation of my anxious being. On the verge of tears yet again, the voice of the radio presenters appeal to that of my panic with pristine harmonisation as one of them quotes, “Shaniquah. You look, delicious!”

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