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Into the Abyss.

by Lauren Davey 9 months ago in Fantasy · updated 8 months ago
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A Drive with Kundalini, Pt 3

Kundalini Expansion

I cannot believe my ears. “That was definitely not, universal! They just said, my name!” Immediately, any doubts in which I possess about his connection to be able to infiltrate himself into my life in this way, fall away. He is, watching me! I am instantly turned on. I excitedly forage that of my surroundings in search of to where he could possibly be inhabited, so to be able to observe me in this way. However, there is no sign of him anywhere. "How can he see me?" I wonder with reverence. "Ahhh." Alas, I do not even care! If he can see me then this must mean that he is close. Maybe he is a little scared? This situation is out of this world to say the very least. I presume that he would not be here initiating this, if he was not ready to talk to me, though? And so, I jump back into that of my vehicle and choose to continue to wait for him to approach me. Maybe he just needs a little bit of time and space to prepare himself to converse with me about all that which has unfolded? I can only imagine the affect that which our circumstance is having on him and my heart sequentially, extends to that of his.

After about three hours have passed and with no further reference from that of the radio presenters, I realise that he is not going to meet me. I am absolutely shattered. My phone battery is now completely dead. I am lost, hurt, confused and angry, with no means of finding my way back home. I start my engine and proceed to exit the recreational ground and without another choice, use my instincts to attempt to navigate myself out of this foreign region. Thankfully, after approximately twenty minutes of driving around, I finally find my way back to that of the freeway.

The devastation only grows stronger on the drive back home. My eyes are puffy and sore from crying and the tears make it difficult for me to clearly see in front of me. I am emotionally spent and utterly exhausted from having to operate with that of my psychic senses on overload. I just want to get home, so to crawl into the comfort of my own bed and go to sleep. As I am approaching the expressway, I become aware of a vehicle behind me, that which appears to be mimicking that of my movements. If I pull into that of the left lane, the vehicle does the same. If I pull into that of the right lane, the vehicle follows in suit. “Fuck this! I am done with this shit tonight!” The anger rampages throughout that of my being and when I merge onto the expressway, I floor it in an attempt to get away. I am not playing these stupid fucking games. It is an insult to the purity of our soul’s and to the sacredness of our connection!

To my surprise, the vehicle stays on my tail. “What the fuck?” I press my foot against the accelerator, now extending my speed to almost thirty kilometres per hour over that of the speed limit. However, this does not deter the vehicle that which is chasing me in the slightest. Intuitively tuning into the energy of the person driving the vehicle, I instantaneously become aware that it is not him, this time. My fight or flight instinct kicks in and takes a hold of the reigns to my psyche, protecting and guiding me like a father would his child as I press the accelerator firmly to that of the floor. Clocking speeds of up to one hundred and eighty kilometres per hour when I am able and decelerating when needed to weave in and out of the little traffic that which is located on that of the expressway, I race as fast as I possibly can, in an attempt to lose the person whom is pursuing me. Having now built enough distance between us as I near the end of the expressway, I slow to a complete halt as I reach the intersection whereby the light turns from green, to orange and then red. I am the only car at the intersection so I have nobody around to ask for help. Impatiently awaiting in apprehension for the red light to turn green, I do not think that I have ever been as scared as I am in this moment.

Constantly checking my rear-vision mirror, I frantically search for that of the vehicles headlights. “C’mon, C’mooooooon,” I notion to that of the traffic lights, throwing my hands into the prayer position, “C’mon!” However, the light stays red. Strangely, I notice that all of the traffic lights are red! Meaning that the oncoming traffic that which is meant to be moving on the other side of the intersection, is also held up at a red light. Then I notice that there are no cars coming from that direction, anyway. There is no fucking traffic, at all! So then, why is the light in front of me, not green?” I have been sitting here for at least five minutes now and as such, I contemplate running the red light, given that there is no traffic and I could potentially be, in very real danger. Before I have the chance to make a decision however, the vehicle abruptly pulls up behind me and I observe that of the driver’s side door open. A man jumps out and begins to charge in my direction. I do not know him, nor do I remember seeing him prior to this moment. "I do not recognise him at all!" His energy is over-bearing, dark and malicious and as he approaches my vehicle, he looks as though he is going to murder me. Fear consumes me, wrapping itself around that of my inner world like a bow-constrictor squeezing the life out of its prey. I urgently lock my door and just as he advances toward my car window, the light thankfully turns green and I once again, speed off.

I continue to sporadically check my rear-vision mirror as I dash away, watching as the man rapidly climbs back into that of his vehicle and proceeds with his pursuit. With no way of losing him whilst on the main road, I quickly turn onto a back road that which leads to that of my home. I know the roads well and I am swift to navigate my way home as quickly as I possibly can. However, my attempt to get away from him falls pertinently short of that which is required in order to lose him completely.

Pulling into the driveway of my house, I miss the pear tree that which is situated to the left of the entrance by less than a metre. “Fuck! That was close!” I have only but a few minutes to think before the vehicle pulls up and blocks the entrance to that of my driveway, rendering me unable to escape. “What if my ex has sent someone to hurt me? What if he somehow knows of my situation with Zabian, and he has hired someone to kill me, even?” With fear raging through that of my system, my inner gangster presents itself and in my formidable courage like state, I instinctively rip off my thongs in preparation to fight this arsehole for the rights to my survival. Jumping out of my car, I storm at him screaming, “Who the fuck are you?” He motions to the rear of his vehicle and yells, “You hit me!” I charge over to his vehicle, whereby the accusation of his testimony is confirmed when I spot a small dent and a scratch on the left back-side of his car. My vessel automatically inhales deeply and I drop to that of my knees. Unable to control the rawness of emotion that which is building from within me, I begin to howl. “I thought my ex had sent someone to hurt me!” I mumble through that of my tears. The man’s demeanor immediately alters. “I’m sorry,” he apologies, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought you were running because you had hit me.” I gradually rise to my feet. “I didn’t even realise that I had hit you.” I cry. The man’s jaw drops a little. “You pulled out from behind me and clipped me, about a kilometre before the beginning of the expressway. I was trying to get your attention to get you to pull over.” He explains. “I am so unbelievably sorry,” I plead, surrendering to my fault in that of the situation, “I honestly did not feel the collision at all.” The man, now completely calm, steps toward me. I instantly step back, reassuring him with that of my body language that I do not wish for him to come any closer. “Hey listen,” he compassionately urges, “I am an off duty cop. I would never hurt you. Is there someone whom I can call for you?” I peer over at his vehicle again. “No, that’s ok,” I reply, “I’ll just give you my details so that you can leave, now.”

Once he is gone, I lock up my car, not bothering to check to see if there is any damage done to the front of the vehicle. It has a bull bar so I am sure that it is fine, anyway. Besides, I really could not give a fuck right now. I just want to go to bed! I enter my house and head straight for that of my bedroom, whereby I climb under the covers in the safety of my bed and proceed to cry again. My thoughts are rampage. My inner critic steps up to bat like it is the star player of a baseball game. “I cannot believe that I hit him. I cannot believe that I did not even realise that I had hit him!” My dad is actually the owner of my vehicle. It is a turbo charged Toyota Landcruiser. Perhaps this is why i did not feel the collision? With the density and weight of my car in comparison to his little Holden Astra, amalgamated with the fact that I had hit him whilst pulling out from behind him, could essentially provide an explanation as to why I was oblivious to it? This accompanied by my emotional state of being after that which I had just endured, was probably enough combination of incidence to prevent me from noticing the reality of the event? My thoughts scale to him being an off duty police officer. “Hang on a minute. What is an off duty cop doing chasing a female, in his little beat up old Astra, anyway? Wouldn’t you just take my number-plate and contact me later? Even if he did think that I was the perpetrator of a hit and run, would you still not just take note of the details of my vehicle and follow it up later?” It only became a high speed chase after I had intuited that I was being followed. He had plenty of time to take note of the details of my vehicle before then! My mind again, begins to speculate. “Perhaps the man was lying? Maybe he is not a police officer at all and by perchance, my ex is, somehow involved? What if my ex knows someone whom has connections to that of the people at the radio station and it has been him, endeavouring to fuck with my head this entire time? How would this even be feasible, though? My ex does not know anybody whom attains the ability to manoeuvre such a quest! Yes, he knows people that would hurt me if he asked them to, especially if he paid them. However, he knows nobody within the position of power that which one would essentially need, in order to accomplish that which has unfolded since the unveiling of my soul connection with Zabian. Acknowledging the inconceivability of my sentiments, I not only encourage myself to relax, but softly chuckle at the ridiculousness of my thoughts. “Oh Shaniquah!”

Turning on the radio to a different station to which I was broadcasting earlier, I settle myself into the general position in which I do when I fall asleep. With the torturous and traumatic events of my drive back home still being so fresh in that of my experience, I do not think that I could handle anymore messages right now and as they have all come through only the one station thus far, perhaps listening to a different station will make a difference. As I close that of my eyes, I take a few long, deep and centred breaths. Once the song that which is playing finishes, the radio presenter speaks and to my relief, there are no messages being relayed. “Phewhh.” I exhale, allowing myself to seep further into a state of rest and relaxation. Well, that is until the radio presenter finishes talking, whereby he literally plays about three seconds of a song and then stops it again, so to present himself back onto that of the air. He voices only but one word, my name, “Shaniquah,” before proceeding to play, Hungry Eyes, by Eric Carmen. My eyes shoot wide open like an owl's would during the dark of the night. This song, its lyrics and the reference to being hungry, has been an integral aspect to our connection and to that of the development of our journey, in the very short space of time in which it has ultimately, advanced.

I inhale again. Whilst I am still upset about earlier, I cannot help but to smile. I love him more than I ever deemed it possible to love a man. In fact, I do not think that I have truly known what love is, until I realised that I am undeniably and unconditionally, in love with, him. With my thoughts centred around the love that which is reserved only for him, my heart expands and I envision a pure diamondescent like light, emanating outwards from that of my Higher Heart Chakra and extending through the etheric cord that with is connected to that of his, Higher Heart Chakra. Wanting to reassure him that I am indeed, receiving that of his messages, I decide to flick the radio station back over to the one that which I usually listen to. Well, after Hungry Eyes has come to an end, of course. This time however, I wish to send him a message. And so, I message that of the radio station, requesting if they can please play Into You, by Odd Mob again. Without fail, the song begins to play.

Closing that of my eyes once more, I entice myself to melt into the magic of our connection. There is nothing in this universe that which could come between the eternal bond in which we share. In my absolute entirety, I am his, and his alone. "Mmmm," I moan, aroused by the notion. This sentiment within that of itself is the pinnacle of all that which turns me on. "I am, yours," I whisper with a smile, "Giddy the fuck up!"

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