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Inside a wedding for the ages

Susan Laine, Reporting for Cortes News - Society pages

By THE SPEAR SISTERSPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 9 min read

Dated: The 17th day of the 45th year of Queen Josephina’s reign.


Last night Princess Suni, the eldest daughter of Queen Josephina of Cortes, wed billionaire Kelly Fisheries mogul, Kenneth Kelly, in an extravagant event that hosted social elite from around the Twelve Realms.

The lavish wedding took place atop Kelly Fisheries headquarters tower. The stunning location boasts Kelly’s magnificent private aquarium that holds the largest collection of rare water creatures from around the realms as a well as a spectacular view of the capitol city’s glittering city skyline.

As the guests arrived they were treated to glasses of sparking wine and shots of silver-tail dragon blood. Then they were given a chance to take in the impressive display tanks holding the likes of baby krakens, fire-fins, water sprites, and a sea serpent descended from the one, yes that one, that infamously sunk the luxury liner, The Sea’s Gem.

Sparing no expense, the corridors were lined with hundreds of thousands of enchanting moon-lilies which gave an exquisite perfume to the air and feeling of euphoria to the guests.

It was beneath the spectacular glass water-dome that the happy couple swore their unbreakable vows.

Wearing the same striking basilisk-bone crown her grandmother, Queen Zepher II, wore on her wedding day, the bride commanded attention in an exquisite sea-silk gown designed by renowned Gabriole designer, Nata Lin. The iridescent fabric was made from filaments extracted from of the rare pearl-crab shell found only in the sea-caves of Cates Bay. The bride’s glistening 30 feet long lace veil was crafted by the song weaving of the mountain mages of Gabriole. The groom looked dapper in a soft selkie-skin suit with with dragon talon details, also designed by Lin.

The guests were charmed by the sea-nymphs that gathered to wave at the guests through the glass.

At the end of the ceremony the Kelly Fisheries board members presented the couple with a special gift to celebrate their marriage: a mermaid from the North Sea and a merman from Cates Bay. The bride promptly named them Helene and Cedric and is already planning names for their future offspring. She hopes they have twins.

For dinner the guests were sat at a long table in a magnificent corridor flanked by towering tanks of thousands of fresh water-fae. With the glowing creatures swimming around the guests commented that it was like eating dinner surrounded by dancing stars.

The dinner itself was an elegant affair arranged by celebrity chef Win Parke. The guests enjoyed the delectable twelve course meal of forest-fae caviar on crispy potato skin, silver-back tartare, a Cortes style green apple soup, Seventh Realm oysters, a cucumber crab salad, glazed Tunstall white-fish, smoked Kraken steaks drizzled in balsamic reduction, a mint ice palate cleanser followed by roasted griffin on a bed of dragon-charred garden vegetables, a selection of cheeses and fresh fruits from the South Realms, pan-seared abaia, flaming honey cake, and a spoonful of sweet chimera cream.

During the dinner, the guests were enthralled by shows by the Queen’s top entertainer mages. The guests particularly enjoyed the part of the evening when everyone’s hair was turned gold and when the table was set alight with silver flames.

As per tradition, the entire royal family of Cortes was in attendance. That includes the banished Prince Jakob. This surprise follows much speculation around whether or not he would be permitted back for the evening after he was found plotting to kill his mother. He was escorted through the night by the Queen’s top security mages and his voice was locked to prevent him from speaking.

Prince Jakob was not the only surprise Prince in attendance. Prince Patrick of Tunstall, who’s own engagement to Princess Suni was called off in dramatic and explosive fashion just last month, shocked many by being there and being in good humour throughout the evening. Sources close to him say that he is looking forward to moving into the future as friends and supporting the Princess’ endeavors. He was seen engaging in lively chat with Queen Josephina’s youngest daughter, Princess Leren, which has already started people speculating that another Cortes-Tunstall engagement might be on the horizon. As show of good will Prince Patrick gifted the couple with the most extravagant gift of the evening: a unicorn horn.

Other celebrity guests, that we are allowed to mention in print, included the King and Queen of Keats, seven of the twelve princes of Haal, all fourteen Princesses of Gambier, actress Diana Flin, radio performer Nolan Tip, and the ever fashionable Baroness Ruslan.

After desert was finished delicate dust was shaved from the unicorn horn and pinches were given to the guests to invigorate them as they transitioned from dinner to dancing.

Joining the dance floor in another show-stopping Lin creation, a majestic dress with a vibrant phoenix feather trim, the bride then shared her first dance with her new husband while they were serenaded by the siren Sierra. Lively dancing continued through the night with performances by the realms-famous band Blue-Night and Gabriole sensation Isolde.

At the end of the night thousands of bright white forest fae were released into the air lighting up the sky in a spectacular glowing cloud as the bride and groom took off in a helicopter.

The whole city below stopped and cheered as they watched the couple soar off into the night and into their new lives together.

Now, word of this wedding will undoubtedly already be spreading around the realms. There are some who may have some negative words about what they hear. There are some who may say that Princess Suni only married Kelly for the wealth he would bring to the royal family. And those who may say that Kelly’s wealth comes at the expense of the many family run fisheries that have been obliterated by Kelly Fisheries Corporation. And that the Queen plans to use the money to fund her brutal second-realm war efforts. There are those who may point out that silver-tail dragons are almost extinct but if people stopped drinking their blood at these elite events they could have a chance to survive. That none of the tanks in Kelly’s aquarium are big enough for the creatures they hold. That Kelly’s habit of buying baby Krakens and then dumping them out when they get too big has crowded the bay of Cortes and caused the loss of many lives. That a whole forest of moon-lilies were wiped out to fill the event's order and now the fae have no nectar to feed to their young and they will die. That the sea-nymphs were waving at the glass to try to alert the guests that their younglings are sick. That the Queen's basilisk crown was made from stolen bones and should be returned to the third realm where they belong. That pearl-crabs were completely wiped from existence in the making of the silk dress. That the mountain mages of Gabriole are being held hostage by designer Nata-Lin and being forced to work for no pay. That the skin of Kelly’s wedding coat belonged to a selkie named Sophia who had the coat ripped away from her by poachers. That, unable to return to her home in the sea, Sophia ended up dying on the streets of Tunstall. That in order to obtain the silver-back dragons and the fae they had to be trafficked into the kingdom illegally using connections with the notorious Red Cap gang. That the money spent on them funds the gang’s terrorist activities. That while it is not illegal to buy an endangered griffin it is illegal to sell one, and the man who caught and sold the expensive dinner griffin to chef Win Park in attempts to get enough money for his child’s medicine was caught and is now serving life in prison. That obtaining chimera cream is a painful procedure that is illegal in many kingdoms and should be here as well. That the Cortes practice of having all mages registered at birth and given to the Queen to appoint their life positions is inhuman and should be abolished. That Prince Jakob speaking up for mage rights had got him banished and his voice locked, not an attempt to kill the Queen as was reported from court. That Cortes would be better with Prince Jakob as their leader. That there are only 43 unicorns left in all the realms and they should be protected at all costs, not given as gifts. That in Prince Patrick’s father, the King, created a Sanctuary to protect the last unicorns in his kingdom and made it illegal to kill them. While he was celebrated for his conservation efforts in many kingdoms he uses the Sanctuary as his own personal farm, killing a unicorn and using the horn when it serves him; such as when it had the potential of wowing the Cortes royal family and securing a lucrative engagement for his son. That Baroness Ruslan is known to run a horrific underground mermaid fight ring that Kelly supplies with his excess mermaids and she should be in jail not at a party. That the phoenix feathers in the bride’s second dress was plucked from the last female phoenix in existence. That the siren that serenaded the couple is kept in isolation in the back of Kelly’s aquarium when she isn’t performing for his events. That the forest-fae, who were not killed immediately when the chopper flew through them, have no chance of surviving in the Cortes air and will all be dead by morning. That the citizens of Cortes were forced into the streets and ordered to cheer at the couple’s send off. There are some who may say the wedding was altogether abhorrent and that the royal family and the majority of the guests should be ashamed of themselves. There are some who may say these things but they would be foolish to do so; especially here in Cortes where the punishment for speaking negatively against the royal family or their friends is execution.

We, here at Cortes News, would never say there was anything wrong with how the royal family and their friends saw fit to celebrate.

We congratulate Princess Suni and Kenneth Kelly on their marriage.

It was a wedding for the ages.

A night to remember.


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Kailey and Sam Spear are film & TV director/writer/actors (and twin sisters) originally from Nex̱wlélex̱m, Bowen Island, Canada. Their passion lies in character-based genre, particularly world building in fantasy and sci-fi.

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