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Inconceivable Bliss

By Adrianne Kirksey

By Adrianne KirkseyPublished 2 months ago 10 min read
Inconceivable Bliss
Photo by Stephan van de Schootbrugge on Unsplash

She had planned to catch him in the act. Bliss knew Edward was flying to Jamaica to meet up with "her". It took her months to piece it all together and time it all properly. Her husband, Edward thought he had covered his tracks so he could meet up with his "true love" in a place as beautiful as heaven.

Bliss was waiting on Edward to slip up. She always took note of how he left the room when she entered; whispering into the cellphone. After a while, he simply used a "Blue tooth"; praying Bliss never heard the sweet nothings he was whispering in another woman's ear. Nonetheless, she did.

They had been unhappily married from the start. Five long years of fighting for a love that didn't care to understand how she needed to be loved. They had been on one vacation in those five years and they had fought the entire time.

However, when he approached her about a trip he was taking for business in Jamaica, she knew full well it was not business at all; it was pleasure. Edward seemed skittish; He was making a huge deal about this trip; taking special care to make sure he had a few of his best suits, ties, and shoes. Edward had purchased new underwear, tank tops, and swimming trunks. He was even taking his favorite cologne, Versace Man.

Bliss knew they were taking separate flights and "she" was to arrive after Edward at a resort called: Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa.

It was not an easy task, finding out this information. Having said that, one day, while Edward fiddled around on his laptop, he received a call that prompted him to leave his office; lab top unattended. And that's when Bliss found out.

Bliss saw that her husband had paid for two tickets. At first, she couldn't understand why her husband didn't just book both of their flights together. Then it dawned on her that the reason he did that, was just in case someone saw him. He made sure to make it look like he was alone.

Bliss was livid. Had this "skank" been the reason why their marriage seemed to be failing? She decided she wanted to see this "homewrecker" face to face. It took some work, but Bliss was able to book a flight with the same airline, Delta. With luck, she was even able to book her flight on the same day and time as Edward's mysterious lover. She had planned to knowingly "death stare" the Harlet from the time the plane took off, until the time the plane landed.

They arrived on sultry Friday morning in June to the Montego Bay Airport. According to the schedule her husband set up, Edward had already arrived to take his flight to Jamaica the day before. Or, so Bliss thought.

As soon as he left their two-story townhome, Bliss began to pack rapidly. She made sure she followed the lead of her husband and packed.....a few pleasurable dresses, sandals, sunglasses, and her favorite perfume, Versace Woman. She even managed to throw in a few sexy bikinis.

After packing, she got a fresh manicure and pedicure, and was determined to look the best she had ever looked in her life. Although her heart was heavy, she knew that if she looked good, she would feel better.

Bliss had no clue what this woman looked like. In full incognito mode with dark shades, Bliss boarded the plane and began to get nervous. "What if my husband sees me?" she thought. What if "she" knows me? She thought.

Bliss had watched the passengers come in one by one; trying to figure out, who her arch nemesis is. Then without warning, her spirit recongnized the other woman. She knew her husband well; what he liked and disliked and she could tell this lady was the one.

The woman was dressed in red; also wearing shades, with a wide, brimmed, beach hat on. The woman removed her shades, and looked directly at Bliss before sitting a few rows ahead of her.

Unbeknownst to her, Edward's flight had been delayed. She had no clue that he would not be there until the following day. Once off the plane, each took a cab from the airport to the resort, each going to their rooms.

Bliss settled in and realized how beautiful this place is and wondered why Edward didn't bring her here. As she looked out the double pane windows in her Junior suite, she could not help but notice the view of the blue, shimmering ocean.

Bliss felt guilty. This whole trip had proved, what she knew about Edward already. He was a cheater. However, something in her didn't want to ruin this for him. Maybe it was time to consider divorce.

While unpacking her clothes, Bliss hears a familiar ring tone coming from her phone. It was Edward.

"Hey honey. How are you?" Edward said. Bliss gave a brief pause. It was no telling with her husband. He probably already saw me. " Hello my love." she said back snidely. "Well, I was just touching basis with you. My flight was actually delayed, so I wont be arriving to Jamaica until tomorrow." Edward said cooly.

Bliss continued to stare out the window and was ready to figure out, what this woman had that she did not. "Well, I have alot of errands and come cleaning to tend to today Eddie. Is there anything you want to tell me? Anything you need?" Bliss asked sadly.

Edward knew something was off, but brushed it off. "No my love. The only thing I want to tell you is that, I love you so much." No you don't Edward paused for moment and said, "I do. I love you so much."

Bliss was ready to show her hand, but she just wanted to speak to this woman. What did she have, that he didn't...?

"Well, honey, I've got so much to do. Enjoy trip and give me a call once you are settled in." Bliss obliged. "Will do my love." Call ended.

Bliss, took a quick shower and put on a black bikini and wrapped a beach towel around her waste. She was starving, and wanted to set out of brunch at the stylish swim up bar she had saw as the cab drove up.

She slipped on her sandals and walked out to the bar. As she slowly went down the steps of the central infinity pool, leading to the bar, she saw lady mystery; having a margarita.

The woman also was in awe at the beauty of the Tropical paradise her husband had them both in. Bliss swam up next to her. Asking the bartender for a mimosa; She silently reviewed the menu, very aware of blue eyed presence next to her. She ordered a light breakfast of oatmeal, strawberries, linked sausage, and a cheese omelet. She remained in the water, fully enjoying the food and the scenery.

The woman looked at her for a brief moment and stared back off into the distance. And for a moment, it was just the of them. They had not said a word to each but something was telling Bliss that this woman was not as aloof as she had appeared.

The woman removed her glasses, looking down at the drink strangely, and looked back at Bliss. She raised her well manicured hand over to Bliss as if to shake it; this caught Bliss off guard. "So, are you here on business or pleasure Madam." The woman said. Bliss turned to the woman and instantly realized what he saw in this woman. She was sophisticated, and had a french accent.

Trying not to show her hand, Bliss fought to keep her voice under control. "You would think I was here on pleasure, but I am actually here on business." Bliss remarked. The woman extended her hand. " It's supposed to be a pleasure trip for me. I'm Elise'. Nice to meet you." she said as they shook hands.

Bliss silently took a sip of her Mimosa. "I'm Bliss." she said in almost a whisper. Elise' put down her drink. "Yes, I noticed you on the plane." she said. "You're skin is very beautiful." she remarked.

Bliss did not imagine this moment being short from a whole altercation. The woman was not anything like she had imagined and thought to herself that in another world or time, they may have been the best of friends.

They each began to tell things about themselves. Elise was a model. Elise had confided in Bliss that her boyfriend of one year had set up this trip and that he would be arriving tomorrow. He called her to check in too.

Bliss and Elise continue to drink and laugh. She was having a great time poolside. "So, Bliss...what kind of business are you here for?" Elise asked

"My husband lied to me. He told me he would be going to Jamaica for a business conference, but I found out he will be here to meet up with his mistress." Elise stared at Bliss and grabbed her hand. "I'm really sorry to hear that. You are such a beautiful woman. Any man would be lucky to have you. " Elise said as she massaged her hand.

Bliss continued with tears in her eyes. " So, I followed them here so I can see her in person. I just needed to see him with her, to see the happiness we once shared, so I can leave him." Elise grabbed Bliss's chin; making her face her.

"I know who you are. I knew who you were when I got on the plane Mi Amor."

Bliss snatched her hand, swimming off to the middle of the pool. Elise followed silently waiting for her to speak.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Bliss asked

" Because the moment I saw you, I knew why you were here. But, as you can see Edward is not."

The two woman got of the pool and and sat on the edge; staring out into the ocean.

"Do you love him?" Bliss asked Elise

"With all my heart."

"He's my husband Elise. You don't get to love him."

Right then, Elise received a phone call. It was Edward.

Bliss watched in disbelief as Elise held her finger raised, prompting Bliss not to speak. Once the call ended with the same "I love you" Bliss had heard earlier, Elise turned to her, and smiled.

"Bliss, I enjoyed the afternoon with you. I don't want it to end."

"What?" Bliss said again in disbelief

"How about this Mi Amor, let's enjoy today. Me and you. We are both beautiful women and we have a whole island to reflect on. Edward will be here tomorrow. Let's be friends today. We will confront your husband..and my boyfriend tomorrow when he arrives. But today, let's live in the moment. Friends today, and not enemies tomorrow. I have no ill will towards you."

Bliss thought the whole idea of being cool with the other woman was absolutely ridiculous, but in that moment, Bliss realized she had not had a time like this, in a while.

They decided to call a truce, and ended the evening eating hors d oeuvres and getting drunk in Elise's Superior Junior Suite, with the private pool Ocean View.

They fell asleep like two sisters who had made a pact to keep the friendship, even if the marriage and relationship ended once Edward arrived.

He needed to choose.

The next day, Edward arrived; unaware that his wife and mistress were in the suite he had ordered for he and Elise to play in. He gave a soft knock as he opened the door and to his surprise he saw both his wife and mistress asleep in the bed.

Bliss sat up and stared at Edward as she rubbed Elise's hair, who was still in slumber. They had not slept together, but from the looks of things it might not be long.

"Edward. Mon amour. We need to talk." she said as Elise sat up and laid her chin on Bliss's shoulder.

Edward didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or shit his pants.

Bliss french kissed Elise in front of him.

His wife, was finally living up to her name.


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