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In the throes of tragedy, Amelia finds a sliver of faith..

by Monique Williams about a year ago in Short Story
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In the midst of complete and utter destruction, millions of corpses, abandoned cars, and trash everywhere, a lost little girl grabs onto a glimmer a hope when she finds her most valued gift that she lost along the way. Read along and find out what it is!

The streets of the United Kingdom after the apocalypse

Amelia gave a sigh of relief when she found an abandoned container of water and consumed it with great speed. She felt her stomach expand as she drank, as she hadn't eaten anything for hours. After what seemed like the worst day of her life, the last thing she wanted to think about was eating, but she knew she needed to nourish herself if she was going to try to find her family. A bomb had hit her side of town in the United Kingdom, and Amelia had lost everything she had ever known, or so it seemed. Her families beautiful home had collapsed, as one of the bombs hit another building right beside her house and completely destroyed her sense of security. In the midst of running for her life, her family had gotten lost somewhere in the ethers. Hours before this event took place, the news had warned everyone of the upcoming travesty and everyone who could skipped town. There were some who stayed behind, and this included Amelia's family. Thinking they could survive this travesty, they stocked up once they got the news earlier in the week on water, flashlights, food, batteries, and other essentials. But no one anticipated their house collapsing. The apocalypse not only took their home, but sooner or later, she realized it took one of her family members lives. In the midst of realizing their house was going to collapse, Amelia, her mother Carol, her father Jason, her little brother Nathan, and her little sister Brianna managed to climb out of a window in their basement. They had been hiding out in the basement, checking for updates from the news every few hours. And then finally, the tragedy began. Soldiers began breaking into people's houses and taking their children, beating them, and killing some of them. There was a literal war going on outside Amelia's door and she and her younger siblings were absolutely terrified. Confused and bewildered, she just hid in a little corner of her basement with her family as she watched from the basement window. All she could see was the soldiers legs pacing back and forth as they banged on her front door waiting for a response. She listened as they cursed and yelled, waiting and hoping they would just go away. But they banged on to no avail, until eventually accepting no one would answer. As time goes by, they hear complete destruction take place outside the basement walls. A few buildings surrounding them had been blown to pieces as this war continued on, including a few houses a distance from Amelia's. About an hour goes by and they hear a loud bang. This is right before her house collapsed in shambles. Realizing they had sent a missile towards the building right next door, Amelia's dad Jason yells at his wife and kids to climb out of the window and run. Unfortunately, they were a second too late and the house collapsed on his wife Carol and his daughter Brianna. Amelia, her dad, and her little brother manages to get away from the house, but a soldier comes along and snatches her brother Nathan. The soldiers try to catch Jason and Amelia, but can't match their stride. Amelia runs and runs until her lungs feel like they're going to burst, for fear of being kidnapped by these very dangerous, evil men. Eventually Amelia eventually looks back after running for what seemed like hours, only to realize her father was gone too. She was far from her house now, and hiding inside an abandoned car that been slightly destroyed by the houses that had collapsed. For fear that she'd be heard, Amelia stifled her cries in her arm when she realized her mother and her little sister were gone and had possibly died. Afraid and alone, she hid for hours in fear that she'd be snatched by a soldier. She never slept a wink, obsessively thinking of her father and her little brother and where they might be. She never came out until dawn broke the next day. There was barely any room to walk on the streets as she walked by thousands of corpses, broken glass, building doors, doors that flew off the hinges of cars, and large pieces of cement that belonged to buildings. Amelia had to crawl her way through some spaces due to all the disaster she was surrounded by. Only seeing a few others in the street, she ran to them desperately looking for her family. Unfortunately she had no pictures of them, aside from the heart-shaped locket her mother had given her with their family photo inside. Somewhere along the lines, she had lost her locket while running for her life, so she had no way of identifying who they were. So she told them their names instead. They told her they had no clue who her family was and she bowed her head in utter sadness. Not having eaten for hours, she heard her stomach rumble and began to cry, knowing her home had been crushed and her food had rotted by now. Amelia trotted along for another hour or so, searching and searching for what she remembered as her home. Suddenly, she sees the pole that belonged to her street name on lying on the ground. She saw her street name lying there and headed towards it, knowing she was close to home. Amelia walks towards the street pole and soon sees the teddy bear Brianna used to sleep with. She begins to walk faster as she begins to recollect what was once her safe haven. She sees her house, or what was left of it. Soon, she came to what used to be the front door, which was now off the hinges and lying on the ground. She steps forward, her heart beating fast and loudly in her chest. She swallowed as she walks through what used to be the kitchen space and finds some morsels of food that was left in her cabinet. She quickly picks it up and continues on. There was very very little room to move around, so she had to crawl through some spaces. She then sees the little heart-shaped locket that dropped off her neck as she ran away from the house last night. She dropped to her knees, relieved to have found this little piece of what seemed like hope to her. Opening the locket, she stares at her families smiling faces, crying silent tears. Suddenly, she hears her name in the distance and what sounds like her father and her little brothers voice. She turns and looks up, seeing her dad with her little brother in his arms. He looks to have been beaten up and injured. Amelia runs to them crying tears of joy! She had thought she'd lost them forever, but her father fought tooth and nail to get away and find his little girl.

The End...

Short Story

About the author

Monique Williams

Hello everyone,

I’m Monique talented writer who works in the medical field. I’m also a full time student at SNHU. My stories will be focused towards counseling and healing so thank you for reading and thanks in advanced for the support.

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