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Improbable Paradise - Sarah and the robot!

This is fiction story! unlikely pair that meets on a tropical island

By Suresh NatarajanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Sarah and the robot

Once upon a time, on a tropical islet far down, there was a youthful woman named Sarah. She had come to the islet to escape her mundane life and find adventure. She had always been a curious person, with a love for exploring and discovering new effects.

One day, as she was wandering through the lush jungle, she stumbled upon a strange critter. At first, she was hysterical , but as she got a near look, she realized that the critter wasn't a wild beast, but a robot. The robot was unlike any she had ever seen ahead. It was altitudinous and rangy, with long arms and legs that sounded to be made of essence. Its head was round and candescent, with two large, suggestive eyes that blinked in surprise as it saw her. Sarah was fascinated by the robot.

It sounded so out of place on the tropical islet, and she could not help but wonder how it had gotten there. She approached it precisely, and the robot spoke to her in a language she did not understand. Despite the language hedge, Sarah and the robot snappily formed a bond. They spent the coming many days exploring the islet together, with Sarah acting as the robot's companion. She showed it the beautiful strands, the demitasse-clear waters, and the various fantastic shops and creatures.

The robot, in turn, showed Sarah effects she had noway seen ahead. It had advanced detectors that allowed it to see effects that were unnoticeable to the mortal eye, and it could fly, which allowed them to reach the top of the islet's loftiest peaks. As the days passed, Sarah and the robot began to understand each other's language, and they learned that they had a lot in common. They were both rejects, in their own way. Sarah had felt like an stranger in her own life, and the robot had been erected by a scientist who had grown tired of it and abandoned it on the islet.

Together, they set up a new sense of purpose, and they were happy to have each other as companions. They were an doubtful brace, but they had set up a home on the tropical islet, and they knew they would always be there for each other. As the time passed, they erected a sanctum and started living together, they named the islet as their home and started to live their life as a family. Sarah had noway felt so happy and happy before, and the robot was glad to have set up a friend, someone to partake his life with. They spent times on the islet, exploring every inch of it, and they noway tired of it.

One day, a deliverance platoon set up the islet, they were shocked to see Sarah and the robot living together in the islet. They were amazed by their story and how they had survived on the islet for so numerous times. They offered to take them back to the civilization but Sarah and the robot refused. They had set up their home, and they weren't leaving it. Times passed, and the deliverance platoon visited the islet from time to time, bringing them inventories and keeping in touch. Sarah and the robot were happy, they were living their dream, and they were happy with each other's company.

They were an doubtful brace, but they had set up love and happiness in the most unanticipated place. As the sun set on the tropical islet, Sarah and the robot sat on the sand, watching the swells roll in. They knew that they were lucky to have set up each other, and they were thankful for the life they had erected together. They were an doubtful brace, but they were a perfect match, and they knew they would always be there for each other, no matter what the future held.

The end.

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