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I Never Asked You Out: Part 1

by Gloria Michael 3 months ago in Series
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The Beautiful Girl

I Never Asked You Out: Part 1
Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

Caro was a very beautiful girl in her class. A beauty she would have been called perfect, had not life beaten that idea into her head. But there are some things you cannot change about how a person looks. The most notable being their hair colour. Caro’s hair was a dark brown, nearly black. She had the same dark eyes as most of her peers did but they held a lightness to them like an angel’s. Her skin had a golden glow to it and she had a very soft face. It is not uncommon for people to see this and assume that she has the face of someone who has no cares or worries. She was admired and favoured by many. There's this guy in her class that recently rose to fame as he became good at sports, and academics, his looks got upgraded and it was rumoured that his dad was super-rich. His name is Clark. He is very well known, and popular among girls and boys alike. Some say that he is going to be famous one day.

So, when Caro entered her classroom and sat down in front of her desk, everyone stared at her in amazement. This is normal for new students. You don't get this treatment normally. She looked over to where everyone else was staring.

"Is there something on my face?" she laughed, blushing slightly. They were all so focused on her they didn't notice Clark approach her.

"You're gorgeous," he said and immediately sat beside him. Clark was known to be a big flirt and playboy. Something in Caro's mind kind of hoped he would be different for her maybe and change. She blushed and told him "thank you." in her soft sweet tone.

They continued like that until the teacher came in and class started.

Classes passed quickly. One time, Caro felt Clark's hand touch hers under the table and she thought that it meant nothing but instead, he smiled and squeezed her hand. She could feel the heat from the touch and her heart raced. That day ended with a smile on her lips.

*One week later*

As soon as Caro got home, she went straight to her room to try and cool down from what happened earlier in class. She closed the door behind her, kicked off her shoes and laid down on her bed. She was exhausted from today’s classes. She turned her phone on and checked her messages.

The first message was from Clark.

Clark: Hey Caro! What are you up to tonight?

Caro smiled at her screen. She loved the way Clark always texted back and forth, asking if Caro was okay and if there were any plans. When Caro replied saying yes, Clark would send her another message. Then Clark would talk to Caro until midnight. Caro liked talking to Clark. She really liked Clark, even more than she already did.

Another text arrived before Caro could reply. This one had a winky face attached to it and Caro giggled. She liked texting Clark. It made her feel happy and excited when she wrote back. She opened the text and read it.

From: Clark

Meet me outside the park after school? I need to talk to you :( x

Caro bit her lip and looked away from the screen. Was Clark confessing to her?, it couldn't be. He'd never done anything like that. Maybe he had a crush on her? Oh gosh, she hoped so. That would never happen. He has a lot of girls flocking around him so why her? She thought to herself.

Caro: Sounds good :) Xx

She put her phone face down on her bedside table and fell asleep almost instantly. When she woke up the sun was shining through her window and she groaned and reached out for her phone which lay innocently beside her.

To be continued…


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Gloria Michael

Gloria loves writing and experiencing the world in a free form..

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