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I’m famous


By Daniel KangoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
I’m famous
Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

I didn’t know that I’m famous until I entered the poultry,those chicken were screaming 😱 and cheering for me the experience was overwhelming 😂😂

This is what is happening in hospitals and clinics nurses should have tolerance they are killing patients in the syllabus they should add a course to deal with tolerance,, because this is not fair my brother went to heaven just like this 😂😂😂😂 A military officer was given a 3-day leave to go and enjoy with his newly wedded wife.

He arrived home & realized dat his wife was in her menstrual period. He had to send an sos message to headquarters requesting for an extension of his leave days.

He prepared his message in the usual military coded language.

He wrote: Soldier: Omega One, dis is Omega Twelve. Danger from de field. Red in front. Leave extension requested. Do u read me? Red in front... passage not clear, extend leave!

Headquarters replied: This is Omega One. We read u loud & clear. The danger is minimal. Attack from de back n resume immediately🤗. Leave extension denied🤚. I repeat.... attack with minimal force from de back n resume immediately😎... way is clear frm behind👌 Extension denied!,,,,,,, Be a dick in life

Wen u fall u rise again, don't be a breast🥱🥴

The poster is right but if you think he is wrong , you are right, all these comments are right nobody is wrong .

But if you think I am right or wrong , you are right

I woke up besides the special one we looked at each other we smiled cause we knew it was real , i asked her ninshi she said nothing babe , she, I said I love you babe she said tell me what you love about me i said I love your laughter it's wild she said I love your nose cause you take my breath away I smiled cause I knew she was teasing me I said I love your forehead she asked why my forehead I replied because it shines brighter than your future she laughed that wild laughter I smiled I was like that's my girl , then I said like seriously babe I love you she put up a straight face 😐 and looked into my eye and saw I was serious she said yeah I know with a tender voice she said but you know live won't sustain us for a month ? Right? I said yeah then she said let's get up and make that money babe , we got a future to build ,

They is a girl that I was dating she made me google her behavior,, cause in person she was the funny and talkative one but in phone 📱 she'd not text back most people who know me know me for texting I can text bro so I went on google like what could be the reason if a girl can't text back with excitement like she does when we meet then google finding we're a lot but the crazy one was "we don't know what wrong with her, it's a Zambian girl right? I said yeah and they replied like awe we've also failed we don't know ,,," and possibly i person took a keen interest my finding were she was not smart as beautiful as she looked that's why she didn't text back her writing and spelling skills not good at all and so this goes to boys teach your girls to read and write when you're dating her if it happens that you go separate ways leave her better than you found her but as for me I left her so Che I didn't do anything,for girls learn that's why submissiveness is good you learn a lot when you lower under your man's authority, some of girls didn't know a hotel but through dating they've visited places and they're proud of that because it's an achievement so learn girls ,


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