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I fall in love with noticing it

"I don't know how I fell but I just feel it"

By jl de losPublished 11 months ago 2 min read

In a bustling university campus, Sen faced daily torment from bullies who targeted him because of his sexual orientation. He found solace in his studies and the warm embrace of his close-knit group of friends who stood by him.

Meanwhile, Bryle, renowned for his exceptional intellect and captivating looks, was adored by many as the campus crush. His life seemed perfect, yet he grappled with inner conflicts he couldn't quite comprehend.

One fateful day, their paths crossed when Bryle stumbled upon Sen reading in a quiet corner of the library. As their eyes met, an inexplicable connection sparked. Bryle's heart raced, but he dismissed the sensation, convinced it was mere curiosity.

Despite Bryle's initial denial, fate had other plans. They began to spend more time together, working on group projects and discussing everything from art to astronomy. Bryle found himself irresistibly drawn to Sen's resilience, kindness, and unwavering authenticity.

As their friendship deepened, Bryle's feelings grew stronger, and he found himself confronting the truth. He wasn't just intrigued; he was falling in love with Sen. Conflicted and fearful of losing their bond, he confided in his closest friend, who encouraged him to explore his emotions honestly.

Bryle mustered the courage to share his feelings with Sen, his voice trembling as he confessed his affection. Sen, who had faced adversity with unwavering strength, was taken aback but touched by Bryle's vulnerability.

Their journey wasn't without challenges. Sen feared that Bryle's feelings might be fleeting, a mere experiment. Bryle, however, was resolute, determined to prove the depth of his emotions. He stood by Sen's side, facing the bullies together and celebrating each victory, no matter how small.

Their love story became an inspiration on campus. Through acceptance, understanding, and unwavering love, Sen and Bryle proved that true connections transcended societal norms and stereotypes. They became advocates for change, using their experiences to raise awareness and foster a more inclusive environment.

In the end, their love story wasn't just about Sen and Bryle; it was about challenging perceptions, breaking down barriers, and embracing the beauty of authenticity. And as they stood hand in hand, they showed that love was a force more powerful than fear, prejudice, or doubt.

AdventureYoung AdultShort StoryLoveFantasy

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jl de los

hi! good day to you I would love to share some of my experience and some academics work that might help you to gain knowledge or idea:) anyway have a nice day guys!

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