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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 10 min read
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The moon was RED?. Not blood red, but an eerie spectral magenta red, the type of hue not associated with monochromatic light. There was this calming perception of interchanging green and blue lights.

I felt strangely at peace.

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I passed on a long time ago. It says so on the tombstone.


AROSE Feb 8,1870-DEPARTED Feb 8, 1870

There was moss and lichen covering the outside of the structure, it was everywhere, this place was ancient and all but forgotten.

Apparently my rest was being preempted because here I am standing over my grave. I only made it one day?. I stretched my arms out, looked down at my feet, felt my face, touched my hair and realized; I am certainly not a baby or even a child. I am a full grown adult.

I squinted my eyes in the dim light and stepped closer to the shape that was outlined atop the grave. It looked like a rather large package wrapped in brown paper. But a handle protruded from it, rather like a handle on a basket. There was an elaborate pink bow tied to the handle.

Who sculpts a basket on top of a grave?. I reached out my hand to touch it and jumped back in shock.

I heard a soft cooing sound. I inched back closer and tried to see into the package. I could not, so I slowly took a hold of the handle and with both hands lifted it to the ground. Whatever was in it was alive, there was enough space to allow for breathing.

I looked around tentatively, there was no one in sight. Just me, the old cemetery and the deathly quiet.

I tore back the brown paper and stood there in total surprise.

There in the basket was a baby. A girl I think, referring the pink bow. She reached up her tiny hands and I picked her up. Holding her carefully, I leaned down to see what was the source of barely visible green light emanating from within the basket. It had an ethereal quality to it, but search as I could, I found no origin..

What I found was a scroll-like paper wrapped in twine. I opened it and the words glowed green. There seemed to be a lot of green lights surrounding this mystery. The language was obviously ancient, I had no idea what was written there.

I was about to roll the paper up when the baby touched my face, the meaning of the words became crystal clear.




The writing appeared to be Latin or Hebrew or something similar, but it translated to Hieroglyphics, then to English.

"You are the protectress of the child. Go to 1884 Rue de la Puente. Find the key in roses green. Green roses?. Everything will be revealed."

Where was I?. More importantly, I am me protecting myself as a baby?.

In a state of utter confusion, I placed the tiny baby back into the basket. It was a little awkward to carry, but I would manage. I started walking. Picking a path between the old crumbling vine covered cemetery was a little difficult. Stumbling and trying to hold on carefully to my charge, I finally made it out unto a narrow street. It was dark.

Joshua Earle-unsplash

The green light from the basket floated up before me. Nothing will surprise me from here on. I just followed it's lead. A ten minute walk and shifting the basket from one hand to the other culminated in front of a tasteful but modest dwelling.

Kyle Bushnell-unsplash

The green rose was painted on a an old flower pot. It held a petrified red rose enclosed in deadly looking spikes. I reached towards it and the spikes flattened magically. The key arose from within the rose itself.

I looked around, thinking that I may be going into someone else's house. But there goes the light straight through the locked door. Well ok then. I opened the door and we all went inside.

It was strange, if I died as a baby, how am I fully functional as an adult, with the thoughts and thought processes to balance my one day old adult self.

The other burning questions are, who placed the basket on my tomb and to whom do I owe my resurrection. Why am I a magical baby and so far not a magical adult. I am hoping that I am magical and the powers are culminating into something really helpful.

I found a surprisingly modern refrigerator with bottles of made up baby formula. Water was boiled and the formula warmed, baby changed and cleaned, fed and put to sleep. There was a baby cradle already made up.

I am not sure how I know what a modern fridge is or how everything just fell into place, but it did. Knowledge was natural, considering when I was born and died, this was weird and interesting. I imagine I must. have lived other lives.

Sando Gonzales-unspalsh

It was an old country house with two large bedrooms, furnished comfortably for both myself and the child. Clothes, diapers, amenities and all the comfort that one basically will need to survive.

Now to find more answers.

Someone was obviously preempting our every move. or maybe the magical baby was anticipating what we need and was preparing it in advance. It is as if I am the baby and the baby is the adult.

I retrieved the scroll, unrolled it and pondered the ancient writing. The light appeared from the baby's cradle and passed over the scroll. Again I could read it.

''When this child is eight (8) years old, the infinity of time will culminate in the end of time. (Is infinity not never ending, limitless). Time is no longer rounded, it has become linear, humankind has broken the boundaries of the universe, weakening the life force with hatred, selfishness and greed. The world as you know it was created within many many worlds, the rifts between each reality is widening. When they become one, the forces of time will become one and cancel each other out. Life as you know it will end".

"There are very powerful entities who wish to end the world prematurely so that they can usher in a new world order. They will seek to harm the child, her power will reach it's apex when she turns 8 years old. You must protect her with your life, for both your lives depend on it. the power she wields is mankind's only hope for continuation of the species".

"By day you are safe, but beware the night. The power within you lies dormant. It will appear when the time is right".

There was more, but light returned to the baby. I found something to eat, took a bath, locked everything up. I then locked myself and the baby in one of the rooms and went to sleep. I had nightmares.

We were in the Italian countryside. I instinctively knew that I was originally a black person, now I am reborn as a white/Italian adult baby cum adult to save the world. This was surreal on so many levels. I guess it is better than being reborn as a slug or a snail.

I awoke with a start. That was all a dream. But the house vibrating and the ghoulish sounds outside was very real.. Light became brighter and circled the room leaving a trail of green all around the interior of the house. Whatever was outside was shrieking and howling.

Power within me. I wonder when the time will be right. I felt the time is right at this very moment.

The clock showed exactly midnight, the witching hour, the thought popped into my head.

The baby woke up. But instead of bawling like a normal baby would, she floated up from the cradle, light hovered above her and then engulfed her little body in green light. Words similar to those written on the scroll formed from the light and circled the house in the same way that the green light had circled.

I understood. We were protected in this house.

A very pregnant silence ensued. The noise outside was no more.

Light escorted baby to her cradle. I got her changed and fed. I watched them play for a while, it was as if the light were alive and palpable. I too was learning and getting the feeling that I WAS becoming stronger.

I wanted to learn everything. I have the scroll again. Hieroglyphics?. I was stronger, the language was untangling without the baby or the light.

This baby did not cry. She made another of her cooing sounds. I went over and picked her up. Suddenly I felt transported to a different place and time. The emotions were so overwhelming that I slid down to the floor, grasping the baby tightly, I closed my eyes.

I had spent nine months in my mother's womb. But it was not an ordinary incubation. I had been an observer. Time meant nothing to our creator then or now, not in the way it means to us. It just is. Not moving.

I was shown what the world was, is and will be. I am now seeing what was past, is now, and will become.

It was terrifying. My mind took a while to process the upload.

The baby objected to being squeezed, I loosened my grip a little.

I understood. I was ready.

Over the next six years we lived like any ordinary 'mother' and child. We were careful to make friends with only a few trusted people. We mostly kept to ourselves. We often walked into town to shop or went to the park, mainly when very few people were around. We tried to fit in and not look too conspicuous.

We were observed by unknown entities. Our nights were regularly interrupted. Whatever power was protecting us kept everything and everyone at bay.

Three years ago cloaked individuals had tried to take little Avadine. We had stayed out too late. Nightfall caught us outside. There had been eight of them (that number seemed to have a lot of significance to everything). Four in front, and four behind.

Ava stood there quietly, They ran towards her from the front, she waved her hand. No movement, no sound.

The four in the back were puzzled, they advanced. I turned around and for the first time since this all began I knew that I could stop them. I raised both my hands and they went flying into the bushes. There were burrs, they were howling. Ava sent the others to accompany them.

We hurried home. No one else has approached us since. But they are watching.


A Pandemic has broken out all over the world. Thousands have died. There is rioting, looting and mayhem. Governments have lost control of their citizens. They are powerless. The military, police and people in authority are in hiding. They are being hunted. They failed to take proper action to halt the outbreak. The world has imploded in on itself.

L. Mclachlan-unsplash

Yet, strangely, in our little corner of the world, all was quiet. There was no shortage of anything for us.


Three quarters of the population of the world was gone.

I awoke to find a perfect replica of myself standing in the kitchen, sipping tea.

I had done my part. Over the years all had been timely revealed to me.

She was now all powerful, no longer were light or myself in charge.

They would come for her, the chosen ones. She would direct the new world and guide them to better choices and usher in the dawn of a new era.

The leaders have already been chosen. Plans are in progress.

It will be done.

Ava walked over and hugged me. Suddenly I was a baby in her arms.

The basket was ready. She kissed my cheek and placed me inside. Ava waved her hand and I was neatly wrapped in brown paper with a pretty pink bow.

Light had passed over her entire body, bathing her in a green luminescence of sheer beauty.

Light came and settled in its little corner of the basket. We were transported or teleported away.

Do we actually die. Are we ferried across the river Styx by Charron. Or are we just being prepared for a new consciousness in a new reality.

Your choice.


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