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by Jupiterclaw Theface about a month ago in Horror

The great struggle of the apocalypse

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The apocalypse is well and truly in swing, no planes fly overhead, no cars drive on these once busy roads and food is scarce, so very scarce and the shortage only seems to be getting worse by the day.

My journey is one foot in front of another, not thinking about anything other than my next meal, the pain from the hunger driving me on, it’s the only thing keeping me going. I feel like I have been walking for days, barely stopping for rest through fear that I may not be able to muster up the strength to get moving again. I am not alone in this journey, with companions by my side, we search for food and maybe some shelter because in the distance I notice dark clouds forming, it looks like a huge storm may be coming in. The sun has been beating down on us for days now, drying our skin, with only a few hours of coolness from the nighttime. We were due some rain and probably a huge thunderstorm. This road seemed endless, twisting, turning and endless but we carried on down it in hopes of finding survivors in this apocalyptic wasteland that was now our new home and way of life. no matter how long we walked our path was void of any sign of respite from our current predicament. All I can think about is food, all I can feel is the pain of hunger, my legs aching and my bloodied feet stopped bothering me a long time ago.

All I feel is hunger pains.

Time passes, I have no idea how much time exactly, my sense of time is all but extinguished, there is only day and night and the terrible hunger. I notice a few of my fellow wanderers have fallen, succumbed to the emptiness of the promise of any kind of satisfaction long ago, but still I walk on and still there is no sign of food.

We stop, there is a sound coming from inside the wooded area our lonely road has taken us down. I listen carefully, the sound of people, I can’t pinpoint how far or how many all I know is that there are people in the woods. My travelling friends and I look at each other all thinking the same thing, as we get a whiff of something meaty being cooked not too far from us. We head into the woods.

We walk for a little while, the thought of food spurs us on, it’s given us a new surge of energy and hope, we keep going.

It’s getting darker now, the trees blocking out most of the sunlight with their thick branches but a little way into the distance I can see a faint light of what could be a campfire. People, food, respite.

We are getting closer, now I can hear them talking and I can smell the food even stronger now. Without saying a word we form smaller groups to take these campers by surprise.

We break from the cover of the trees and enter the camp. The people sitting unaware in the camp are startled and jump up, they start shouting and reach for weapons but we keep going. The campers take out a few of my companions but the hunger is so great the rest of us keep going. The fat one goes down without much resistance, he will make good eating for quite some time, a few of my comrades stay to him devour him as the rest of us move onwards to claim our prizes. The scream of a beautiful blonde woman as she hits the ground, teeth sink into all parts of her tender juicy body, she was probably a blogger in her former life, she had no obvious experience with the outdoors and survival. A gunshot rang out, a man was standing nearby, he had shot the woman in the head, why would he do that? Doesn't he realise they taste so much better alive and fresh, never mind it won't take long for my crew to finish her off anyway. The shooter steps back taking shots at my friends, a few go down. the shooter trips and falls to the ground, it doesn't take long for us to surround him. Still firing his gun, he manages to take out more of us, but some of us manage to get back to our feet and before he knows it, teeth are sinking into him, tearing away at his flesh, pulling tendons and muscle away from the bone. The sweet taste of fresh meat and blood fill our mouths and bellies. I look around, I smile, my family, my newfound friends and many new strangers that have been drawn to all the commotion and are feasting happily. The cries of a small child seem to have got the attention of some of my brethren, she will make a small but satisfying snack, or dessert however you want to look at it.

The campers scream as we tear chunks of flesh from their bones, but all the screams fade away while we are in full ecstasy of finally having a decent meal. The screaming slowly dies away as we devour the last of the campers, such a tasty meal, I just wish they didn’t squirm so much. We finished off the last of the larger campers, he made a decent meal. As the humans became like us, the unburdened, we stopped eating them, because we are not monsters, we wouldn’t eat out own kind. It was an amazing meal and we made a few friends on the way, we lost a few too. Now I am starting to feel hungry again, we get up to walk away, together, as a family in this apocalypse searching for food.

I am so very hungry.

Jupiterclaw Theface
Jupiterclaw Theface
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