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Hubris of a Captain

A treasure above all others

By Michael BivensPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Thamore turned with no ease and the deck boards underfoot creaked as his feet shifted and his body turned to face the darkened doorway that led to the lower deck. He had sent his first mate below to search for it, a prized treasure rumored to have been on this ship.

“Captain!” the voice of his first mate emanating again from the darkness beyond the doorway, Varin, squeaked up the staircase and out onto the deck for all to bear witness to the triumph. “It’s here captain Thamore, just like you said.”

“Well hurry up now, we don’t have all night. Bring it to me.”

“Thamore, the Lords of the Isles won’t stand for this. You know that treasure was meant-”

“Shut it” Thamore had snapped back to where he had been standing just a moment ago and now stood towering over the tied-up captain of the Archeron Spirit. The hunger for this particular type of treasure made Thamore far more irritable than he preferred. Out of the corner of his eye, he could just make out Varin as he began to emerge from below deck.

Thamore turned once again, feverishly reaching out for the chest his treasure was stored within. To finally have in his grasp a treasure so rare that few nobles ever had the luxury of experiencing, it was pricking his throat and his hands dripped with sweat, this would certainly be the most valuable prize in his career upon the seas.

“I’ll be returning to my quarters immediately, Varin, you will handle the rest here.” Thamore’s hands were finally holding the chest, drops of sweat rolled from between his fingers rushing to join the bloody deck. He turned and without ever glancing away from his prize, retreated from the Archeron Spirit and returned to his quarters upon the Ashanti.

Within his quarters he finally felt safe to let his eyes divert from the chest but only to scan the room, ensuring no possible intruders were awaiting his arrival. Backing against the door to close it with his rear he quickly turned the lock and moved towards his desk. Delicately placing the container over the unrolled parchment map, he eased into the oak chair and savored the penultimate moment of his quest.

It was this very treasure, the legend of its delicacy, that brought him to the seas to begin with. His crew had chased down every sliver of a lead, every murmur of a merchant ship carrying it. They had contended with strange and abhorrent creatures, fought off Isle privateers, and raided every supply line looking for it and here it was, finally, sitting in front him. All that was left was to peel open its container and bask in the sweetest reward known to exist.

His hands reached out across the desk towards the wooden chest, trembling slightly as he inserted a key that had been lifted from its previous captain. Thamore steadied himself and turned the key. the lock clicked and gave way to its new owner, he lifted the lid and the chest bestowed upon him a cruel twist to his fate as a dark blue light basked the captains face. Shock, contempt, and anger all swelled inside him as his eyes adjusted to the light to see his prize encapsulated in a protective, magical sphere so clearly above the prowess of any within his crew.

What hubris he had in thinking such a rare and expensive delicacy would be guarded by a protective spell that could easily be broken by any other than its intended recipient. In all his planning and consideration, he had not given a single thought to this possibility. His anger gave way to disappointment, a spell far too intricate for even the locksmiths in any friendly port he knew of, let alone his crew.

He would have to venture beyond familiar seas to find someone who could unlock it. The world seemed confined to his quarters as he lost himself in thought trying to formulate his path beyond this moment. He should have known it would be sealed away. It had to be kept fresh and safe somehow on its long journey from its creator. The sounds of his crew returning grew as he gathered his thoughts and prepared his next orders. They would sink the Archeron Spirit in an act of spite and set out for western waters. There he could find someone that could help him achieve his long-held dream, there he would find someone to cast away this barrier and there he would finally enjoy his slice of chocolate cake.


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Most of my works published here exists as lore from the world of Illorim, an original creation by me that's been supported and cooperatively built through shared story-telling.

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