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How To Become A Women’s Rights Activist and Then, Lost Everything.

Don’t let the title fool you, this story will not end the way you would expect or like. Question: ‘Are you … Who You Hang Around With?’

By Dave WettlauferPublished 4 months ago 10 min read

With the ever-changing world, this story truth or fiction, could have started anywhere. Is this one of those stories where things have changed and not necessarily for the better?

Well … that statement just could be a matter of perspective.

Housewife Turned Women’s Rights Activist turned… different.

Sally was a loving wife and mother of two beautiful kids. Had a nice home in the suburbs, and was a senior, long-time department manager. In her mind, she had all the good things life had to offer.

At 7 am, Sally would get ready for work like she always does. She spends a minimum hour powdering her nose, a touch of makeup, nothing empowering, just something subtle to make her feel good and respected at the office.

She believed management has to set an example.

She portrayed all those things to her staff and the company she worked for. So, as she’s leaving the house, kisses her family goodbye and says a subtle ‘love you, see you at supper’ and off she goes to work. Sally feels lucky and privileged to have such a contented lifestyle and happiness.

So what happened Sally?

As Sally made it to her office department half an hour before the rest of the co-workers, grabs a cup of coffee station before settling in. As she went to make an exit she ran into an associate from another department she never noticed before. They exchanged pleasantries and the woman excitedly mentioned she was up for a promotion that day and this afternoon they would finalize the lucky person's name for the appointment.

With the small talk out of the way, she excitedly thought there was a good chance her name would be in the hat for the position.

"Well, good luck," Sally said as both proceeded in separate directions.

Hours later, and as fate would have it, at the same coffee station she meets this woman again, that’s twice in one day.

This time the mood is somewhat subdued. "I was not even considered for the advancement” … my name was not even brought up in conversation.

We women are not being treated equally in the workplace she said, as she rolled up her sleeves ‘like a bully in grade school courtyard getting ready for a fist fight.’

"What’s that?" Sally said as she noticed a tattoo on this lady's arm.

"Oh, that is a reminder to me that I am equal to any man, and the other tattoos, well … I just got carried away." Then off she stomped in a huff.

Sally has not given it too much thought because, she feels hard work put her where she is, never did it cross her mind that she was treated differently.

As the day closes lucky her, she just remembered, that tomorrow is Saturday, and her husband and the kids are off to a fun day at Disneyland.

As Tom opens the car door for his wife as he always does, she is happy that her life has turned out this way, but a caption comes over her thinking of her colleague who felt shortchanged that day.

Was there some truth in the equality thing? She shrugged it off for the fun weekend she and the family had.

Monday rolls around again and the same routine is taking place at home. First, in the bathroom, a little powder and a little pinch of perfume, and then Tom utters, "I’m not complaining but you spend a lot of time looking pretty." She just smiles and off she goes with the same rhythm as before.

What’s the chance of running into the co-worker, she never knew worked there?

As fate would have it, the run-in at the coffee counter with this co-worker is getting more frequent.

As time goes by, the exchange of thinking, and ideology somewhat interests Sally. "We have a gathering tomorrow with the girls, the co-worker says. would you be interested in coming?" Needless to say, this well-adjusted Sally is a little on the naive side and never suspected anything different than a day out with the ladies.

"Sure," not thinking she was invited to a day of demonstrating for women’s rights and equality.

As she showed up at the designated time and place, the co-worker pushed a sign in her arms saying “equal rights for women." All you have to do is a little hoopla to grab the attention of the people. We want equal rights as the men and … equal pay."

Well taken by surprise, she assumed it would be a fun day out with some lady friends, this is not what I expected, but I’m here already and they do have a point. Women have been suppressed in their thinking for a long time, I think?

She had no idea where that statement came from.

The day went better than expected, a little publicity, the radio reporter was there, and the national news correspondent was lurking for a good story. Her friends got what they wanted. ‘Exposure.’ But for Sally, she wasn’t sure what side of the fence she was on.

She is happy being a married person, the job is going well, and one thing she learned a long time ago. You get out of life whatever you put into it. Is this one of those times?

"I tried at the office to do a good job, I felt respected by the people under me and there was a push-pull relationship with my superiors. But I felt valued by my peers, why am I here doing something that doesn’t sit right?"

"Now I have to wonder, why I am here demonstrating when I have no issues." But now being portrayed as an organizer on National television might change all that. I hope this mistake doesn’t take a nasty turn and it could if the wrong people see this or even …Tom.

If my husband knew nothing about my day’s adventure of demonstration for a cause I’m not sure about even myself.

As I entered the front door of my house, my husband greeted me like he always does with a big kiss on the cheek. The kids, realizing mommy is home, come running and give a big hug.

The guilt just came over me, why did I do such a thing from today’s events and put my lifestyle in jeopardy? My husband was under the impression I was out with the lady friends shopping or doing what ladies do, a little bonding. He would most certainly raise an eyebrow if he knew what is happening. Say what you will but we all have an intuition that raises a flag when something just doesn’t sit right. This could have been one of those times.

However, at face value, as the guys used to say, maybe we dodged a bullet and Tom never watched the news.

Days went by and the communication with her office co-worker became more frequent, almost like it was meant to be but?

I certainly will be taking a different path in life by hanging out with this one who's on a mission, and it will not turn out well in my favor. There is that intuition inside us all that tells us when to turn right and then to turn left. This could be one of those times.

The lady co-worker friend said, "I have an idea, let’s go out for lunch with the ladies, and this time only a simple lunch, ok."

Of course, this devious woman had different ideas for Sally. Sally is going to get a small, not very noticeable tattoo on her neck …nobody would notice with the collar up and it will be fun. Kinda like a woman’s initiation symbol.

As the Saturday rolled around, hubby was happy that his wife has a life outside work said as she walked out for the luncheon with the girls…you have a good time dear, I’ve got the home front covered.

Sally got into a few glasses of wine, funnen with the ladies and they, you know what, there is a tattoo parlor right around the corner. A little subtle flower or rose on your neckline would look good, and feminine and no one would know.

The mood was set for Sally, maybe a little one knowing if she gave this some thought, it again would not be in her best interest. Off they go and an hour later she was officially initiated in the girls club.

After making it home somewhat unscathed she forgot all about the encounter with the tattoo artist and his electric pencil. Days go by, the family is watching a fun family movie. Kids being kids what they are was all over mommy scratching, just what you would expect from a loving family until the one caught notice of this thing on mommy's neck. "What’s this mommy?" as the little one points to the tattoo, "Does it wash off?

" Total forgetting that episode with Tom caught her by surprise he also wondered where this status symbol is coming from.

Change in Sally

Now, Tom, the husband is starting to see signs of change in his wife. Instead of the hour or so with the makeup in the morning, it’s down to half an hour or less. The makeup does not seem as important as it once did. The change in her he finds quite noticeable.

As the weeks continue, the transformation is showing up in many different ways. She is out more frequently with her friends and away from the family. I thought it was acceptable in the beginning he thought but it’s now, something is taking a turn, and not sure what.

After the kids went to bed one night, Tom decided to have a family talk with his wife "We have to talk."

He explained his concerns to Sally, that the family unity could be in jeopardy if she continues on this path of the unknown. Somewhere along the line, you will be forced into a position where you’ll have to choose your lifestyle.

... There was no thinking of what to say, she knew what she had to do...

She immediately phoned her once co-worker and now friend that they had to meet.

They arranged a time at a local restaurant/bar atmosphere for Tom and hers. As the coffee turned into a beer and then one or two of the hard stuff she felt not well and confused. Little did she know her pal was spiking her drinks.

"You are in no shape to go home, come over to the house and sit a bit and then we will phone Tom to pick you up." She knew she could not go home in the condition she was in. So she agreed.

In the next caption, she remembers waking up at 7 in the morning with her lady friend lying beside her.

This is not a good thing as she quickly ran her fingers through her hair to half make it look okay and off to work she went. "I’ll phone home from the office and plead insanity as she is thinking to herself.." Knowing quite well, she had just crossed the line.

As Sally enters the office she looks like she is on an all-night binge, which in truth she was. The floor manager happens to notice her quietly sneaking in. "It’s after 8," the manager said and in the same breath commented, how things have changed.

... For Sally and her family. “Everything changed.” ...


There are many things you can read into this story. Truth, fiction, maybe, a touch of possibility. There is an old saying, “You are who you hang around with,” Are you destined for other things? Rest assured, life is all about ‘choices’, some affect just you, and others may have a wide range of implications.

... If this topic was about politics and voting, I would say, …'Choose wisely.'…

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