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How lucky I am to have us

by La hole 2 months ago in family
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A mother's love

How lucky I am to have us
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Late at night, I put on my headphones to enjoy the song. "There are so many people in this world, how lucky I have us......" - "So many people in this world" makes the door of my memory crack open a warm gap, the past hot flow of general The past is slowly flo


Mother, the proudest thing in your life is to have given birth to my sister and me. Although my sister and I did not go to a famous university, in our village, two children have become the "iron rice bowl", or rare. You are low-key, only to make the neighbors envious I took you to Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Chongqing travel, you never hide. You are trying to prove that your son and daughter are productive and filial. This is an external manifestation of inner satisfaction - you feel that all the hardships you have suffered all those years have paid off. You often hung on to the phrase - "People, you have to suffer first and then be sweet!"

Mother, you were born in 1949 and had four children. Between me and my sister, there was a third sister who died young. My eldest sister left when I was two years old. It was the early death of the eldest sister that made you and your father not dare to neglect the condition of the third sister, you saw the situation was not good, the first time the newborn third sister to the county hospital. I don't know anything about what happened at the hospital, but I remember you and my father came back with my father in tears and you with red and swollen eyes. You pulled out two new enamel bowls from your snakeskin pocket - my father bought them in the county and used them to play hospital canteen meals. The third sister was not saved, leaving two enamel bowls.

Mother, every time you see a bowl, you shed a tear. The father could not stand it and hid the two enamel bowls at the bottom of the cupboard. Until the birth of his fourth sister, there is a new life at home, the father turned out the two enamel bowls. The bowls are still new, you smile while weeping, in your opinion, is one bowl the third sister, and one is the fourth sister?

Mother, you seem to have inexhaustible energy. When my father was working in Shanghai and Shenzhen, you never let me and my sister do the farm work that required a stretcher, but only let us help with some manual work. "Double robbery", you are busy, only to let us use a small rattan to help carry a back. You are concerned about our growing body, do not let us carry the burden, you are afraid that we are crushed by the burden, do not grow?

Mother, among my peers, not many of them finished high school, and only two of them went to college. Once they graduated from junior high school, they became the family's strongest workers, and many of them were better readers than me. You and your father looked far ahead and were determined to get me and my sister out of the house. For my sister and I to study, in addition to planting their food rations, you plant ginger, mushrooms in the summer, lettuce, and potatoes in the winter, and busy throughout the year. Almost every day, you go out before dawn and pick vegetables to sell at several nearby township fairs. I heard that the price of ginger in the county is high, you went to the county again, a round trip of 40 kilometers, all by two feet board. You suffered much more than other women in the village. In summer, after a day's work, chickens and ducks in the cage, pots, and bowls washed, the pigs no longer screaming for food, the family's clothes on the wire of the drying dam began to drip, after the bath you have time to close your eyes in front of the electric fan in the circle chair blowing wind. This day, your hands have served a full load of vegetables, hard grain, chicken,s, and ducks running around, boiling pig food, and laundry tubs of sweat-soaked clothes, at this point, your hands are relaxed, you are too tired. You sit motionless in the circle chair. At this moment, the wind is a servant. Only at this time, you enjoy the wind's service without any worries. After a hard day's work, quietly blowing the wind, for you, is a great satisfaction. The wind frames your highest imagination of a happy life.

Mother, beside you, my sister and I whistled at the whirling blades of the electric fan. The whistling had a metallic sound, like a wire tremor. That night in my dream, you turned into an old elm tree, and my sister and I turned into golden beetles, flying around the tree, waving our shiny wings ......

Mother, you have a good heart. In the winter months, in recent years, the elderly widows and orphans without children pull down their faces and carry snakeskin pockets from door to door to "turn rice now and then, to come to several groups of people. You know they suffer, even if they can no longer stand, but also to fill half an enamel bowl of rice to the sometimes, you feel to give too little, will also add a sentence: "Aunt youngest (second old master ......) sorry ha, we have no much rice at the head of the house ......" to get the rice eyes red, lowered head, thanked a thousand times to go. Sometimes, outside the village and even outside the countryside to ask for rice, even if a little less to give, you never let them leave empty, not to mention the two wooden doors slammed shut, s that the elderly stand embarrassed outside the house. The scene of you sending the old man out is the most unforgettable and warmest image in my memory.

Mother, unknowingly, you have already planted the seeds of love, hard work, and kindness in my heart. There are so many people in this world, how fortunate that I have a us.


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  • Janno Vino2 months ago

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