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How long have you been living!

Computers, chats, phones - do you have to break the fence to do what you want?"

By nikhil bhowmikPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

You have the advantage of knocking on doors and breaking down fences - ocher. Even though I wanted to, I did not have a chance to be a nice woman, I was a chained.

"How long have you been living! Computers, chats, phones - do you have to break the fence to do what you want?"

“You say! Can it be handled later?

For men or women?

Rahul said: If we have the power, we can do it.

To build a house or to build a house?

"Definitely next." If a man does not commit adultery, then no one thinks he's a man - I'm a nurse, you're a good woman. Once you use an asshole, you will find that the computers I know understand me, they do not communicate with me.

"And I?

Lalit Lobangalata is no longer a bomb, but a rebellious woman named Punia.

Everything about this story for so long is just an introduction to the original story. Now the story is about to begin.

Gossip's computer rushes to Bonya's house with a cup of tea. Call the person at work and talk with a smile. I'm too busy noticing the computer. He kept saying, "But if I play well. Forget everyone who was with me! Let's be gay and the real thing is 'Puma!'"

"Dad mean you two boys! Unfortunately I know you can not sleep if you think of me, can you talk to your wife?"

The professor shouted, "Puma!"

"Sima can not answer the phone," Bonnie said, holding the phone face to face. Then he lifted his hand from the phone and said: Yes, I mean, when will you come to talk to your wife?

What became of my father-in-law's house? My father-in-law was very worried about other people's feelings. Yes.

Hmph, Ling Dan and Shuibaka PC gritted their teeth and went home.

He's gone, but he could not forget that scene. Whenever he had the chance, he hugged his mother-in-law and put her in his heart. But before I got another chance, the same thing happened on Waterfall PC.

"Dad, what are you talking about? You have a lot of good in your stomach! I'm just talking. You're a good guy, can 't eat fish fried upside down. Now he says, in my opinion, I've never had a woman in your life. "

You need to tell your wife over the phone.

You mean, like, salt and their ilk, eh? There's nothing on your face, I love it. These are your old ideas..Can I call? I have a lot of freedom with my wife!

"At least I did not see anything," Zakka whispered as he left the computer. One day Didi caught his attention, and he came here to teach his cousin, and they spoke a little cautiously. When he saw it, he became as smart as lightning.

But they will also give up respect because Puma has fallen and it will not happen again. They do not even want to ask who Puma loves so much, but tell Sujata that she will find out one day.

The problem is that Sujata saw everything before she even said it. Aaron Varun eats cornflakes and milk and then sits down to read to sir I am without milk today. He walked to the body and asked what it nourished. What are you singing, what's the point of telling a joke!

What do you think when you hear your wife!

It turns out to be another show!

Dad, I'm a housewife, can I accompany you to the theater at night?


My husband only came home at 10 in the morning, I do not know if he is back

Did he find inspiration in new ways ... Well, no, he said he was tired in the office. But the game is still going on in the office! I do not know darling. Hi, no, no, there's a call every two days, Lakshmi, I've been there all day, and I want you to make that call.

Closed meetings are held from time to time. You have to take a step back, but you can not be sure what it is. As for Sujata, nothing will happen, she must be told it is true. But tell me! Cougars, like deep-sea fish, tell the truth, anyone can explain it.

One day he hesitated to tell Prale about it. When the table was over, Grandpa got up to eat. BC Bakur said after talking about the world, Taima would not be found at night.

"I!" the Flood said in astonishment: “Why do I stay at home day and night?

No, Raj does not call at night! Oh yeah, it's really Pasima, it's weird and fun to say!

Laugh when you hear it.

"Who is this?" If not?

"A few days. I spoke before the wedding." He just warned us. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! That was twenty-one years later.

Chi Chi, Puma Na Chiyama, is not what you think, is married and has children. Really

I love hearing her talk, so when the phone rings, I feel happy.

"Tell him to go home. Do not think we are all listening to him." "I did not tell you!" Sometimes people talk to me.

I mean I like talking to Taima!

"Otherwise, it sometimes costs a lot of money to make such a long call," Sima said.

Like a drop of salt on a wound. What a knife! "Do you not agree to call Babu when things go wrong?" said Bakool Saima.

“Pain, not a small phone book, but a leash!

If you accept everything, the jihad will continue for a long time!

The PC war broke out, though not out of anger, at the sound of the flood, but with the burning of bile. So Rahul was a little lonely at dinner, and he said in a very excited voice:

"Harry, did you hear that?"

"what do you say?"

"Hello, you're talking about Laksha's bakkie that Raj mocked! Hello, Lakta! ”

his? "No, why did you not come and call him?" Rahul got used to it and said, "Let me call you! If you're crazy, goat or not. If I'm right, who's not? Tell me?"

Say - "Who said that!

I said - yes, where is his wife?

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

It should work well. His wife must have thought I had met God. He comes to the office on holidays, what does he do on different holidays! Is that the reason for his delay? And the

This happens most of the time. Even though it was a thousand girls, I could no longer say it rudely. The progress is therefore increasing day by day. You mean, like, salt and their ilk, eh? "Hey, sit in the restaurant today, lean forward tomorrow and watch a movie the day after tomorrow? Well, her groom will not be mad, will he?"

"Do you allow it all?"

Can't you leave that girl? And the

"If it's a thousand, what else do I do?"

“Pedranakacho! They are witches, they are vampires! They like to eat human blood. ”

"It's okay.

There's no way to find Grandpa. The next afternoon, while resting, the two quietly attacked him and said they did not want to disturb Taima. But if you listen, you will understand that we have nothing else to do.

"What's the matter, Ray?"

Ask what happened. Both Rahul and Bulma went to the party.

"I mean, you can not tell Taima in public that Rahul loves a girl.

Male name! impossible! I do not believe.

"Believe it or not, especially this girl, mother of two, and her husband Raj, brought tears to Cancer's eyes."

"what do you say?"

"It is not far in the Lila and Romance games and less than an hour and a half a night.


"Yes, it sounds nonsense to me and BT does not seem right to me.

do not believe

"I do not believe.

I'll do it tomorrow.

When the night mist calls, they notify me.

Everyone is getting ready for the exciting drama that begins this afternoon. There was not only a flood signal, it was normal. He turned his head and said: Dad!

"talk to me.

"The phone, I mean -

"Here, do not be late.

He almost snatched it from his hand and said, "Hey, who's talking?

Then he was dumbfounded and dumbfounded for the first few minutes. Then the recipient

Because of the cheating, he smiled cheerfully.

Her face and eyes were full of laughter. I can not speak

I ran to get a glass of water. Gossiping about the computer, glancing at the computer and worried, “Grandpa, why did you do this! Shin, calm down, what happened? Grandpa points his fingers, speechless. After a while.

After drinking the water, he said: “This child is holding us tight.

“Sekkei! You did not tell him anything.

"And what about him! He's my son, and he's so miserable."

"what do you say?"

"Yes, he is the father of two sons, but he is no stranger, Flood.

Bonya lowered her head and said, "Yes, Dad.

but why! Why this? I have nothing in my head.

"I'll wait another hour to cover my head. I want the unfortunate to come. Here he comes. He explained. He was shy and said, Dad, we need time to talk to ourselves."

"The same thing happened to me, Dad. He lowered his head and said there was a flood." This thing has come to me, and I will pronounce the sentence. Master's. Sujata, you must have seen the series on TV. and gossip, sit still, with a rusty brain, and help my class with anagrams at the time.

After speaking, the man's father looked at the flood and said, "Is the decision correct?"

The flood smiled and bowed its head, who does not know the signs of submission?

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