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How does AI change the way we see Harry Potter characters

OpenAI’s Dall-E2 took the internet by storm in the last few months.

By 💸 Build Your Future 💸Published about a year ago 3 min read
How does AI change the way we see Harry Potter characters
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Powerful features of the AI include inpainting, creating variations of an existing image, and creating images with textual descriptions.

Today I want to put to the test its remarkable capacity to create fantastical portrait photos from textual descriptions.

Harry Potter is one of my favorite movie series, and from what I can tell, the actors' appearances differ significantly from how the characters were portrayed in the novels.

So, here is how the Harry Potter characters would have appeared if Dall-E2 had recreated them.

Harry Potter

A boy with a slender face, black hair, and vivid green eyes is described in the book. He had circular glasses on. very tiny forehead scar.

To begin with, the Harry Potter character in the books is shown as having unruly, dark hair, whereas Harry in the movie has considerably lighter hair. This was probably done so because Daniel Radcliffe was a natural blonde and they wanted his hair to be as similar to the character's as feasible.

Harry is reported to have green eyes in the literature, but his eyes are blue in the movies, which is another significant distinction.

Another difference is that Harry is depicted in the movies as being considerably more muscular than he is in the books, which describe him as being quite slender and lacking in muscle.

Hermione Granger

A young woman with a dictatorial demeanor, thick, bushy brown hair, and quite noticeable front teeth

Hermione, played by Emma Watson, largely corresponds to the book's depiction. Her front teeth, domineering voice, and bushy brown hair (which only briefly border on large).

On the other side, the AI-generated Hermione makes a really spooky impression with her grin expression. She also seems a little bit plumper, which contrasts with Watson's model-level beauty.

Ron Weasley

A tall, slender, gangly youngster with freckles, large hands and feet, and a long nose is the subject of the book.

One of the most adored characters in the Harry Potter series is Ron Weasley, yet there are some obvious discrepancies between the Ron from the movies and the Ron from the books.

To begin with, Ron is portrayed in the books as being tall and lanky with bright red hair that is perpetually a little untidy. But Rupert Grint, who is shorter and stockier than the character in the books, plays Ron in the movies. Furthermore, Ron's hair in the movies is a strawberry blond shade rather than the brilliant red one mentioned in the books.

Additionally, there are no freckles on Rupert in the film.

Professor McGonagall

A tall, stern-looking woman professor with her dark hair bun is the subject of the book.

I think Dame Maggie Smith did a fantastic job portraying Professor McGonagall. Smith's persona did, however, appear a little bit older than in the books. Although she is only supposed to be 56, she appeared to be 70 in the film.

She is a tough instructor who consistently expects the best from her students in the books, which is another difference. However, she plays more of a maternal role throughout the film, constantly watching out for and attempting to protect her students.

Professor Snape

A tall, slender professor with dark eyes, greasy black hair that reached his shoulders, a hooked nose, yellow teeth, and sallow skin.

The descriptions of Snape in the books include his gaunt appearance, hooked nose, and dark, greasy hair.

His complexion is described as being "sallow." But in the movies, Alan Rickman, who is really attractive, plays Snape. Although he still appears to be in good health, this Snape is nonetheless somewhat slender.

He also looks far more gorgeous than Snape did in the novel thanks to the sleek, fashionable manner his hair is done.

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