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House in my neighbourhood

by Amrit Sharma 4 months ago in Mystery · updated 2 months ago

A story about missing girl

Part 1

Growing up, I had always been the type of person who loved to explore and go on adventures. I was never afraid of anything. even when I planned to study abroad stay alone, I never thought that I'm going to be alone or scared no one going to help me, without my family I handle everything like a champ. Now am living in a house with a bunch of my friends that were all about doing crazy things and scaring each other. it is having a great time of my life I'm having fun enjoying myself with my friends. we do lots of things together such as watching movies, going for road trips campaign we are really having a great time all together. one of our fun activity is to go for buy some groceries and food stuff for the home on the way there is an empty house in our neighborhood, since the day we moved in there we never saw anyone. So, whenever me and my housemates pass through the house, we try to joke around spooky stories about the house, one said the drug dealers use this spooky house to hide their drugs and money. other said may be some old couple stayed there and died so no one come here now. and my theory was someone killed someone here and now her spirit haunting this house. and my theory come to life when I came to know that one of letter allegedly delivered on that address. As I can know that is a genuine mistake by an employee who misplaced the number 7 with 17 and this is how I end up in the mess that led me to solve the mystery of the house.

Next day in the evening I think of going to that house and check if can get my letter anyhow. We never saw anyone there so it was certain that there is no one living in the house, but I had to be sure so when I reached at the driveway I got confused and nervous with the feeling should I scream and ask hello anyone home or just check the mails and find mine and went back home without anyone seeing me. It’s getting dark out there and my nervousness is increasing so I just went to the door and ring the bell and step away from the door, for couple of minutes there wasn’t any noises and any thing at all. So, I came to conclusion there is not living in the home at all. Am little relived and thought that I should take off may be there is not any chance of me getting my letter back. Then on my way back when I was crossing the mailbox of the house, I saw plenty of letters in there and my mind gain start confusing me should I look into it or walk away my heart starts to beat fast, suddenly my hand was in the mailbox and I start to be looking for mine one and suddenly I heard some creepy noises. I don’t know what that was may be because I am scared little wind blow sounds like big explosion, but I end at my home with all the letters from mailbox in hand.

At night, my phone automatically looked up an address and sent it to me. As I’m looking at the map of the area it was the same address of that house. I start to freak out, I was looking at all the mails with same address on them lying on my floor. I was getting up from bed to walk down to the washroom and watching my steps something come under feet and I fell, and my head hit the floor. As sudden I hit the floor I woke up, that was the scariest dream I have ever had. Then, I started getting ready so I can go to my work, but the dream already exhausted my day. I left the home and walking down the street to take my bus to work, and I saw couple of detectives in front of the house. I saw they were talking to the neighbors about the house and who was living there. When I was passing through one of them stopped and asked me do you live around, do you have any idea about the house and its tenants and I said I just moved in the neighborhood couple of months ago, since then I never saw anyone here. Then, I asked what happened officer, he replied that just routine check up as someone told them this house is empty from couple of years. From his reply I can figure that out he is not telling me the truth, so neither did I told them that I been there last night, and I have mails of the house, one of the reasons was that I forgot at that time I should tell them because I was getting late, and my bus was at the stop waiting for signal to change.

In the evening, when I come back from, I was listening to the news and one of the news about the missing couple, that a boy and girl are missing from last couple of years. The news anchor was telling the story that girl’s parents had filed a missing report last year but till now that they have no idea where their daughter is. They last talked to her on her birthday but since that day they never had any call from her, and number is turned off. One of the reporters from the news channel was at location of the house where she was seen last, and it is the same house in my neighborhood.

Night time I think I should return the mail to the home so police or detectives can find them and figure out how to use them to find the girl but when I was walking to the house I saw the house was all under control and there were a couple of officers walking around there so I couldn't do that but I heard that police officers was talking about how they are wasting their time for finding the girl who is missing from several years they were saying probably she's dead or someone killed her and buried her body don't know where one of them said I don't know when this case going to stop and we can go home back after listening to them I went home back there was nothing I could do I was so devastated suddenly that it was a one strong blow off the wind comes and with the wind all the letters from that house So I started to open the letters to find out more about the girl and the boy. after looking into their letters, I came to know about their personal details out but there wasn't much I could do after some time I went to sleep on the couch with all the letters in my hand.

Part 2

Next day in the evening I was walking down the street looking into the house and suddenly bumped into a girl she was very pretty and build a full I couldn't help myself but watching her and then she gave me a mean look and walk away at that time I couldn't understand what was that but later when I was thinking about her, I came to know that I never apologized that type pumped into her and she almost fell. that wasn't the only time I saw her next day same time same place I was walking down there looking into the house and I saw her coming and she still had that mean look on her face when she saw me I stopped her and said hello and she didn't quite replied anything turn walk past me and I turned back calling her and try to say please talk to me I want to say something and aggressively she said what then I got that chance and said I'm really sorry about yesterday I am a complete mess and this house is so creepy every time I pass through it something happened and you had no idea but I'm going through but it is not an excuse I'm really sorry. and then her temper goes little down, and she accepted my apology. when I ask her do you live around and she said sort of I couldn't understand what this mean maybe she said she want to say that she's moving, or she just moved because I just moved there so I don't know much about the area, so I did not know much about her living arrangements. then she asked me about the house why so creepy and what is the thing about then I silently said don't say that loud we are standing in front of it can we walk and talk. I didn't believe that she agreed, so I started talking about my experience with the house and she was so curious about the story and her question was do you think it is really your story came into life and she told me that it may be or may not be a coincidence, but I believe if you are connected to this house you should do something about that girl. and I was like what is she talking about what can I do I'm scared to death I didn't say that loud, but her words are keep going in my mind that why I and my letter end up in that house and why very next day the news coming to the city. Then she said what are you thinking why you are so quiet now then I said nothing, and I asked where you live, and she said nearby you where do you live, I said behind you and she was like oh what does it mean, and I said behind you that is my house where I live with my housemates do you want to come over. she instantly replied no I must go somewhere OK bye. when she left then they got into my house and I couldn't stop thinking about her words what she wants to say why she said that is that really true that I should do something about the missing girl and her mails in my home. then I think what I can do I even don't know her, so I left it add put the mails in a drawer under my bed in the after that I talk shower and went to sleep. in the middle of the night, I woke up with the dream that's some girl made of letters need my help to sort down the pile of mails and documents I wasn't sure what's going on with me maybe that's the things he said in the evening got into my mind and mails all over that again or maybe that girl needs my help. after that I decided the first thing morning, I get rid of the mails present them to the police.

Next day in the morning when I was walking down the street to go for the walk, and I thought I'll go in the evening to the police station to drop the letters and tell them how I got them but there is nothing happened as you planned this is not a way of life to do the things. first thing I saw girls’ parents and detectives are standing in front of the house go close to them and heard that police found evidence a piece of paper written by her daughter that she wrote for her boyfriend, they were telling them according to the letter her visa was expired she failed the exams now she feels so ashamed She can't handle the pressure that she failed her parents lost their respect. that was pretty much in the letter so police closed the case by saying that she's living with her boyfriend know she lived anywhere else because sometimes she doesn't have any valid visa she can't come out. I can't see her parent’s eyes they were so broke they had no idea what happened to their daughter where she got is, she is coming back or not is she dead or alive these questions are killing them and now police also drop the case they can't do anything much if they do find her, they send her to prison because of visa condition preachment so they said to the police you can make arrangement we want to go back home. after seeing all that in the morning my day was exhausted, I was feeling so emotionally devastated, there was nothing I can do Which can help the parents.

In the evening when I was coming back from the work around the same time the same girl walking down the same place but this time it was little dark out there not many people were seeing her standing there it was her and me only and when she saw me first thing she asked hey, how are you, what happened with the missing girl any news I was already in the shock are devastated by the news in the morning I don't want to talk about that it was all on my face when she saw that she offered me to go with her to drink some coffee and tea. I was also very tired and going to do something just want to sit and talk about the day and what happened with the parents in the morning But I don't want to go anywhere or any place where there's too many people so I just said no and then she said we can go in your house and I can make you coffee and we can talk, and you can just relax. that sounds very nice to me, so I just said yes, and I went into the house she come behind me while I was fresh enough, she made coffee for both floors when I drink the coffee, I feel so relaxed and start talking about what happened in the morning I explained everything to her what police said to the parents and what they think. so, then she said that is a crap I wasn't expecting that reply from her And I said why is that, but police lie then she said my uncle is in police and he told me many stories when police couldn't find anything, and they find something they don't want to tell victim parents, so they try to console them and tell them what they want to hear closed the case. and I said what do you mean by that do you believe that she isn't run away maybe someone killed her or she's in very big danger. she said probably how can I know something like that but the thing I know that is it isn't a proper investigation by police to find out what happened to the girl they just wanted to close the paperwork, if I were you, I guess I will do something for the parents. and I was like what can I possibly do, and the police can't find her parents can't find her and I don't know nothing about her case in her life and why are you always come to that conclusion that I should do something and that's a God's plan that he wants me to find something for the girl. then she said have you seen that look on the president's face don't you want to help them don't you think there is little, tiny possibility that God wants to help you to help her maybe you should try first other than passing it. but how can I help her I have no resources, no authority, what can I do possibly I have no idea and and I don't know anyone in the party so can you give me her case and every detail about the girl. That's it you just know that case I just want to know about that again no problem I will get you the file you can do whatever you want to do but just don't give up and you told me you have the letters why don't you try to find something on them you might get something and then she left play alone in the house with the letters.

Next thing in the morning I found the file in my mailbox with the note on it good luck champ. Uh I took day off to read the file to find out who was she what was she doing who was she living with where she works. her name was Sam she was 26 years old now, but she is missing, and she was 23, She worked at a service station at part times and studies the master’s course. she lives alone in the one you need to apartment from day one she arrived in the country. according to the parents this house is belongs to their friends and the agreed she can live here how much longer she wants but they never knew when she got missing and the house left empty ever since. according to the report she doesn't have any friends she was so lonely introvert girl be focused on study and work. also, in the report one of the statements according to her parents is that she was planning visit home after finishing this study, but she never came to finish, and they never saw her again. In the report there are details of the girl with whom she was friendly at work her name is Lucy so she is the only one I can talk and know more about the girl and her life.

then next day I've went to see Lucy, she was her friend at work according to the file she worked with Lucy most of the time in the store.

Lucy is 30-year-old woman who happened to be friend of her, from the starting of the day at work she helped her with everything out work on the training they were really close at work so first I visit to her and talked about her. I told Lucy everything happened to me why I want to talk to her I don't know what she saw in me but the things she said to me weren't mentioned in the file.

Lucy said Sam was very sweet and innocent girl who happened to be in love with the possessive short temper guy. she was a student, and she was pursuing her masters as well as she was working part time in the service station where she met that guy first time. she was doing her shift and work in the night and one night a guy came over and politely by this buy some stuff, but you forgot his wallet and car home him or maybe he lied she helped him after a couple of days the guy come back, and she wasn't working there but he was there to return money to her, so he left a note for her and left the money as well and on the note it was his contact number. the next thing I know is never started seeing each other I knew her from couple of years but I see I feel she was happy with that guy but I also knew that or I can see that what she can heart that guy has some temperature issues no and he was so possessive as well one time she was working in the store and he came to pick her up but she took a little longer than normally he got upset and he come inside and screamed at her what are you doing I'm waiting for you, you should have come out why are you wasting your time here. at that time, she saw love in her eyes and voice care for her, but I can see he was bad because he needs to wait in the car yeah that happened couple of times. after that she refused him to come over to pick her up, she changed her shifts she also reduced her work availability I knew that she is a student she needed money, but she was doing all sacrifices for him and he wasn't worth it. the last time I saw her she was little lab upset because maybe she got failed in her exam or her visa is expiring she needs to go back to home there was one another guys working in the store he was there as well at night time when she finishes her first shift he was consoling her and telling her what she can do how can she get to stay in here and what I heard her boyfriend suddenly pop up in the store and starts screaming at the boy then she came in between and took her boyfriend in the car he was upset after that I had no idea what happened between them she never came back to work she never get to resign we thought our visa is expired so maybe she left the country or she's staying with her boyfriend. Until a couple of weeks ago I saw the news about a missing girl from the same address where she used to live and then you came up here to ask about her.

Part 3

In the evening when I was returning to the home I was hoping that she will be there to ask me what happened how should they going what are you doing and I was right she was standing in front of my house and when she saw me first thing she said he should have given me the keys so I shouldn't have to wait here for you and I couldn't make coffee or anything for you, At that time I couldn't understand she was joking or she was really wants my house keys then I opened the door we went in she made coffee it was fantastic I told her tell me how to make it but she didn't tell me the secret and she started asking me question have you read the file what you think what are you doing are you going to do something can you do something or we just words nothing waste of our time. then I told her about the Lucy and boyfriend she said how are you going to find him because if Lucy not calling to tell the police how they can find him, if they can't find it how will you going to find him. then I told her even if Lucy told the police she knows nothing about the boy so even police can't do anything, so we must do it by ourselves. she said I guess you have a plan then what are you thinking to do. I think I should go in the house and try to find something about the boy who is he where is he is, he the killer or he is dead also. then she said what how can you go in there, you don't have any keys or any authority to get the keys. So, I guess you're thinking too breaking into the house. maybe yes, I am, what is other possible way I have, in the middle of the night I will go there try to find something about the boy and get out. then she said slow down Batman it's not simple as it looks like you going to you will find out so be prepared don't try to rush things.

I was planned to pay a visit in that house so if i can find anything about the boy who was living with her. As per plan i went for sleep and planned to woke up in the middle of the night and secretly went to the house. when i was about to hit the bed i heard a knock on the door, and when i opened the door it was Mia and she said i forgot my bag here in morning. then she was trying to find and asked what was you doing, nothing just going to sleep i said then she said aren’t you gonna awake till the middle of the night. i laughed and said what i am a knightwatch, i have set an alarm so i can wake up and go. what are you doing here i said and then she replied just thought you might need company its fine i guess you can sleep bye and she started to leave. in order to stop her i held her hand and pulled towards me but i don’t know why she just fell over me and we both fell on the couch, she was little scared by sudden fall therefore she closed her eyes so hard like people does when they don’t want to see what happened, but i can see her glowing white face, her sharp eye brows, red cheeky cheeks and small pink adorable lips. this is the first time i have seen someone so beautiful that close to me i can’t help myself and kissed her on lips. the sudden touch of my lips made her anxious and she opened her eyes and started to get over from me. i scared to death because it was such a mistake to kiss a girl that you barely know from couple of days. but she didn’t said anything and started to move away towards the door. Than i run towards her, i wanted to hold her hand but my recent experience just stopped me to do that, i just shouted hey where are you going stop! and then she suddenly stopped and turned i was just behind her again same feeling having someone close to me make me vulnerable towards her, but this time i said am sorry and am sorry, she said its okay but what is the other sorry about. than i said one kissing you earlier and other one is for now and than i put my hand over her waist and pulled her towards me and started kissing her this time she was kissing me back too, i felt so great that time. than i moved hands down to her thighs and lifted her up and take her to the couch while kissing all the time, the time i put her down my alarm went on and i woke up.

It was so strange but amusing dream i have ever had, it felt so real, and than i realised its time for investigation.


Amrit Sharma

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