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Hostel Life Shenanigans

Do you miss the memories made with your university friends while staying at the hostel? Let me bring you back to those times.

By Dharrsheena Raja SegarranPublished 2 years ago Updated 3 months ago 23 min read
Hostel Life Shenanigans
Photo by SKYLAKE STUDIO on Unsplash

How can this be possible? How come it took me so long to realize this? The noise was actually coming from inside the oven. All this time, I thought that they were cutting the grass down at the car park.

So, what was wrong with the oven? I thought I would take a look inside the oven. But somehow, without any particular reason, I was feeling scared.

Maybe just afraid of something that I might discover. But what could possibly be wrong with the oven till I’m having goosebumps? Did I think that there was something inside it? Best answer was to find out.

I gripped the door of the oven. It was slippery under my fingers. I didn’t realize I was sweating. Slowly, I started to pull it open. After about half an inch, I stopped.

I closed my eyes tightly, and then I continued pulling it. When I had pulled it fully open, I opened my eyes very slowly. And what I saw left my mind blank.

The fan was spinning above me. And it got weirder, my right hand, was outstretched in front of me. But that awful noise did not stop. Slowly, it dawned on me.

The alarm from my phone had gone off. 8.15 a.m. already? I hit the snooze button and lay back down. Still, I was feeling disturbed. That dream, yeah that’s it.

I knew I shouldn’t have tried to bake that keylime cheese cake in Audrey’s new oven. Stupid oven! Well, I don’t care that Audrey warned me against it, the oven is still stupid for blowing up my cake.

By Takuya Nagaoka on Unsplash

How nice things would have been if the cake had turned out right. Well, I would have eaten it, that’s all. Chuckling to myself, I got out of bed. My alarm went off again but this time, instead of snooze, I turned it off.

Beside my bed, Vanessa’s bed was empty. Okay, empty isn’t the right word. All her things were sprawled across her bed. The only thing missing was her. Her classes start at 8.00 a.m. so she’s usually long gone before I’m awake.

She’s always going on about how it isn’t fair for everyone not to have classes start at the same time. In truth, she’s actually just jealous that I get to sleep an hour longer than her. She fails to realize that her classes finish an hour before mine.

I walked towards the window near Alana’s and Cathy’s bed and opened the curtains. Their beds were showered with sunlight. Unlike Cathy’s bed, Alana’s bed was occupied and she was still fast asleep.

Cathy too like Vanessa has classes at 8.00 a.m. The four of us are roommates. Initially it was only me and Vanessa.

Then Cathy joined as she didn’t want to trouble her mom or dad to drive her to and fro college daily. She hasn’t got her license yet.

Alana just joined us recently. She was having a lot of issues with her previous roommates so she requested to get transferred to a different hostel.

Taking my towel from the towel rack, I called out to her softly, “Alana, it’s 8.25. Get up and have your shower. Or you are going to be late. Class starts at 9.00.”

Alana stirred and mumbled something which sounded like ‘five more minutes’. “Just don’t be too late.” I said to her smiling.

While I was taking my shower, I was thinking to myself, how convenient it was for Alana to have me as a roommate as well as classmate. I always made sure she wakes up on time.

Weird thing was I had finished showering and still there was no sound indicating Alana showering in the cubicle next to me.

“Alana, are you there?” I called out. Without waiting for a reply that I knew wouldn’t come, I rushed back to the room to find Alana still under her blanket sleeping soundly. I had taken my own sweet time showering thinking she will be awake.

So, I pulled the blanket off her and shouted at her, “its 8.40! Get your lazy butt off the bed and go have your shower!” “Yeah yeah, I’m going.” she said while stifling a huge yawn.

I walked over to my cupboard to choose what to wear. Alana was slowly collecting her towel, shower gel and other stuff. So I said, “I’d be faster than that if I were you.”

She retorted back angrily, “Will you stop pestering me? Miss Amelia (our Physics lecturer) will only come to the class at 9.10! In fact, that only happened once! She usually comes later than that!”

Instead of arguing back, I merely smiled and asked her, “What day is it today?” She seemed stunned by my inappropriate reaction and sudden question but nevertheless, she still answered, “Monday. Why?”

I was fully dressed by now and I asked her grinning, “What’s our first subject today?” Although she looked confused she answered, “Well, we have Biology, right? But I still don’t get why you are aski….” Her voice trailed off.

As quick as lightning, her expression changed from confusion to panic. “OH MY GOD! BIOLOGY! MR.NICKELS! LOCKS THE DOOR AT 9.10! IM GONNA BE LATE!” and she rushed off to the bathroom.

Well, I said I made sure she wakes up on time but I never said I made sure she’s not late to class.

Humming to myself, I combed my hair. It was 8.50 a.m. by then. Yeah I know what you are thinking. Sorry to disappoint you but Alana never manages a shower and getting ready in less than 20 minutes. Never. I should know, I’ve been her roommate for like two months now.

After putting on my glasses, I realized that I hadn’t tidied up my bed. So I pulled the sheets properly over the mattress, folded my blanket and put away my pyjamas in the laundry basket I have under my bed.

There was only five minutes left till 9.00 a.m. I put my books into my bag followed by my pencil case. When I was about to leave the room, something white and orange on my table caught my eye. Remembering Liam, I shoved it into the front compartment of my bag.

I headed to the bathroom. I could hear the water from the shower. “Alana, do you want me to wait for you?” and she responded immediately, “Nope, you go first, okay. I’ll catch up in awhile. What time is it anyway?”

I didn’t hear her. I was wondering whether my housemates from the two rooms next to mine had left for class. There was no sound from inside their room. “Daph!” I came back to my senses, “Sorry, what did you ask?”

By AJ Garcia on Unsplash

Alana sighed audibly, “Time, Daphne, time.” I glanced at my watch, it showed 8.59 a.m. “Well, he will be locking the classroom door in about eleven minutes” She started to say something but I hastily bid goodbye and went out the door and down the stairs of our hostel.

Each hostel has ten floors and there’s two houses on each floor. Each house has three rooms in it. Depending on our preference, we can choose how many people per room we want, whether it’s two, three or four. My house is four people per room.

Our house is on the eighth floor. Climbing up is always a problem. Getting down isn’t a problem unless you have left something upstairs and have to go up again to get it. Like now, for instance. I left my phone.

Swearing to myself, I climbed the stairs two at a time. Alana had finished showering by now. Thank god because upon reaching my house, I realized I left my house keys too. She opened the door for me after about four knocks.

I hurried into my room and grabbed my keys and phone. The time flashed on my phone screen: 9.04 a.m. “I’ll be in class in five minutes”, Alana shouted to me as I sprinted back down.

Back downstairs, I felt like screaming my lungs out. I left my bag on my bed when I took my keys and phone! I’ll be late if I go back up again. Instead, I texted Alana asking her to bring my bag to class. She replied almost immediately: no prob.

I walked as fast as I could to the library building. My class was on the third floor. Luckily, there are elevators here. On my way, I saw a lot of other students heading towards the library building, medical building and dentistry building from the cafeteria after having their breakfast to where their respective classes were.

Alana and I are not big fans of breakfast. If we’re asked to choose between food and sleep, we would choose sleep without any hesitation. But we normally have a few packets of biscuit in our bag in case we get too hungry during our morning class.

Once, Alana’s stomach decided to convey the hunger message to her by communicating with her in whale language. Her stomach made such a loud sound, similar to a dying whale; even my lecturer stopped teaching and started looking for the source of the sound and all of us started laughing.

Alana just nonchalantly took out a biscuit packet from her bag, opened it and started eating. I really admire her for that. I would have been so embarrassed.

While passing the clock tower in front of the library building, I chanced a glance. There was four minutes till door locking time. I quickened my pace. I took the stairs to the first floor and waited for the elevator.

While waiting, I saw out the window that Alana was almost nearing the library building. I thought of waiting for her but changed my mind as the elevator doors opened. I punched the number three and waited. The doors closed and opened again on the third floor.

I quickly got out of the elevator and ran to the class. Outside the classroom door, I caught my breath and slowly opened the door. As I expected, Mr. Nickels was already inside and started the lecture.

“Why late?” he asked. I just muttered an apology under my breath and took my seat on Ruby’s right. He continued, “I was just about to lock the door”, while walking towards it.

“Sir!” I called out, “You can’t lock the door!”

He asked the question I dreaded: “Why?” He hates latecomers. I failed to answer him. If I tell Alana is on her way, he’ll lock the door even faster. Trudy turned behind and gave me a questioning look. I indicated Alana’s empty seat on my right and whispered, “She’ll be here in a minute”.

Mr. Nickels was about to lock the door when it opened and hit him square in the face. Alana, not realizing what she had done, beamed, “Yessss! He is not here yet. Thought the door would be locked by now. Why are you guys so quiet when there is no…” “…Lecturer?” finished Mr. Nickels for her.

She looked aghast to see him getting up from behind the door, rubbing his nose. “Why you late? You got two bags for what? And why you banged the door on my face?” he shot these questions at Alana.

I was torn between the feeling to laugh at his grammar and pity for Alana. Well, I went for the latter of course, although I really would have loved to laugh at him. “Sorry Sir, I woke up late.” He raised his eyebrows. “One bag is mine and one is hers” she continued, pointing at me. I felt all eyes on me and Ruby laughed “You left your bag?”

Trudy, Grace, Priscilla and Keira turned behind and sneered at me. I heard Liam laughing with Michelle and Susie from behind me. They all fell quiet when Alana spoke again “And Sir, I’m sorry I slammed the door on your face. I just didn’t want to be late.” “Okay okay. Go sit.” he said dismissively.

When she sat beside me, she handed me my bag. I thanked her while opening it to get my Biology book out. I felt a kick on my chair when I was placing my bag on the floor against my chair. I turned behind to face Liam.

He looked at Mr. Nickels before saying, “How can you forget your bag? Then how am I going to listen to music, you tell me?” I wanted to say something back to him but thought better of it. I didn’t want to get caught by Mr. Nickels, so instead I rolled my eyes at him and turned back in front.

I was adding the information Mr. Nickels was giving us to my notes when Liam spoke again, “Next time, even if you forget your bag, at least carry your headset in your hand and come, okay.” I turned behind and stared at him. He gave me his ear to ear grin. To that I said, “Nonsense!” and smiled.

When I turned back in front, Alana whispered to me, “That Lizard is talking a lot right?” Liam’s nickname is Lizard because he is extremely tall and thin. I don’t even remember who came up with that. I couldn’t answer her because Mr. Nickels was facing in front now, so I scribbled on her book: Yup! A LOT!

Both of us turned behind to look at him. He didn’t realize us looking for about half a minute. When he saw us looking at him, he was confused and we started laughing. “Stop laughing, okay. Nothing’s funny! Turn in front and do your work.” he said. We did as he told, not because we obeyed him but because Mr. Nickels might catch us.

Ruby asked me the reason we laughed. I whispered, “Liam”. She turned behind and looked at him. He was drawing the organelles of the cell. He stared at her and said, “What?” She kept silent for a moment then said, “It’s so ugly!” addressing his drawing before turning in front.

Liam didn’t say anything. He continued his artwork of Biology. By 10.55 a.m, Mr. Nickels had finished the topic. So, he ended the class five minutes early. Our next class was at 2.00 p.m., Chemistry with Miss Rascher. Since we had three hours of break, Alana decided to head back to the room.

Alana, Angeline, Symone and I walked back to our hostels. This time, I remembered to take my bag with me. Angeline and Symone stayed in a different hostel from me and Alana. So, we went our separate ways.

Back in our room, Vanessa was napping. Alana decided to do the same. Unlike her, I had not completed my Chemistry presentation slides which were due this afternoon to be presented in front of the class. I’m doomed if I don’t complete it now.

As I went to unlock my cupboard to take out my laptop, there was a knock on the door. Wondering whether it was Madeline or Skye, I opened the door. They usually hang out at my room if they had break too and we will head for lunch together.

To my surprise, there was no one there when I opened the door. Looked like the kind of work that Macy would do. Smiling to myself, I walked to Madeline’s room and knocked the door.

Madeline, Macy and Audrey are roommates. Skye, on the other hand, has Rosie as her roommate. We often send Skye our deepest condolences. Well yeah, anyone would die having Rosie as their roommate. Joking!

Although I knocked their room door several times, no one opened it.

As I was about to walk away, I heard a sound from inside the room. This time, instead of knocking, I grabbed the door knob, turned it and burst into the room. I was confused. There was no one there.

I walked across the room looking around. Suddenly, someone grabbed my ankle and tugged on it. I fell face up (luckily though, because I would have broken my nose if I fell face down) and hit my head.

I got up, groaning and rubbing my head when I heard Madeline’s voice, “Oi! Are you okay? I didn’t mean to. Just wanted to scare you, that’s why I hid under the bed.” I was finding it hard to focus but I kind of like heard her call out to Macy and Skye.

They came into the room laughing from the bathroom but stopped laughing when they realized that Madeline wasn’t. When I was feeling okay again, I started laughing when I saw the looks on their faces. They looked as though they had committed a murder.

I stopped laughing when I realized they weren’t laughing with me. “What’s wrong?” I inquired. “We were just wondering whether you have always been this stupid or if you became stupider when you hit your head” said Macy grinning. The joke was on me again. I hate when this happens.

“Pigs! You guys have no better work. Anyway, I got to go. I’ve got Chemistry slides to finish. Presentation is today. Does lunch at 1.30 p.m. sound good to you all?” I asked walking past them.

Skye shook her head, “Nope, all three of us have class at 1.00 p.m. So, you and Alana carry on, okay?” “Kay…” I called to her on the way to my room.

Alana and Vanessa were still sleeping soundly. I quickly took out my laptop and set to work. When I had completed my slides, I woke Alana up so she can check them. When she approved of it, I combined all our slides and transferred it to her laptop. That way, I won’t have to carry mine to class. Please! That’s not evil. I prefer the term smart.

We then headed for lunch. As usual, the food wasn’t very nice. It’s cafeteria food! What do you expect? When we reached the class, Miss Rascher wasn’t there yet. So, we got all of our stuff ready first since we are the first group to do the presentation.

By Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

My group consisted of Alana, Angeline, Ruby and I. As soon as Miss Rascher entered, she told us to get on with the presentation. I think we did quite well expect for the part where I said global warning instead of global warming and when I said Oreo depletion instead of ozone depletion. I was nervous! It ain’t my fault! Best part was that no one laughed at me. That’s simply because no one was listening. Who does? Definitely not me!

After my group, Trudy’s group presented followed by Albert’s group. Liam’s group, Louis’s group, Brenna’s group and Mandy’s group will be presenting tomorrow when we were to have a double period Chemistry class as time didn’t permit them today.

There was still five more minutes till Mr. McLachlen’s arrival. Some of B9 students (that’s us) went down to the cafeteria to buy some snacks, including me. I went with Priscilla since Alana, Angeline and Ruby decided to stay behind. My favourite snack wasn’t there so I returned to the class empty handed.

Mr. McLachlen came to the class shortly after that. Most of B9 students were still down at the cafeteria. He decided to wait for all the students to be in class before starting the new chapter of Mathematics. There was only half an hour left when everyone was finally in the class. So instead of starting the new topic, he called out students solve the problems from yesterday’s homework on the white board.

I was unfortunate enough to be called by him as I didn’t finish the work. So I copied Trudy’s genius work onto the white board. Then, after Gary had laid out the last solution on the board, Mr. McLachlen ended the class.

To our horror, Mr. Timothy was already waiting outside the class when Mr. McLachlen left. He is the most sarcastic teacher we have ever known. He is so darn irritating and annoying. Who does he even think he is? Our English teacher? Actually, to be honest, he’s been thinking correctly. That doesn’t give him the license to torture us!

And there it was, the familiar kick on the back of my chair, bringing me back from my thoughts. I turned behind. “Headset?” Liam asked with his hand outstretched.

Yes, this was a daily routine. Mr. Timothy enters the class and Liam will start blasting music, with the headset of course. Otherwise, he will be blasted out of the class by Mr. Timothy.

Come to think of it, I think Liam would be happier if that happened. It’s much better than sitting here and listening to Mr. Timothy talk. So, I handed over my headset to him. He got out his phone and started listening to his music.

Ruby and I just pretended to listen to what Mr. Timothy was saying because by the time he finished explaining the paperwork he gave us, we would have long completed it.

Alana and Angeline are the only ones in our whole class who will give their undivided attention to him. Waste of time actually because 90% of his annoying speech had got nothing to do with the paperwork. I always use English period to complete my homework from other subjects.

So, after an hour of torture, he released us. Finally, our classes ended for the day.

Alana wanted to buy something from the bookshop so I followed her. She was taking too long so I decided to wait for her at the convenience store. I was deciding whether to buy myself a bottle of Pepsi Twist or Sarsi when someone grabbed my shoulder from behind. When I turned, there was no one.

Thinking to myself that it was Alana, I faced the fridge again. This time, there was a hard blow on my head. Clutching my head with my right hand, I wheeled around and winced. There was nobody again.

I was starting to feel scared because I didn’t even hear the bell go off like it does when someone enters the convenience store. There wasn’t anyone inside too when I entered. I didn’t know what to do.

I thought that I’ll just get out of here thinking that I can get myself a drink any other time. But someone or something grabbed the back of my T-shirt and pulled me back. It was Rosie. She said, “I’ve been standing here right behind you all this while and you just ignored me both the times when you turned behind!” with her hands on her hips.

I marshaled my thoughts and asked, “Are you telling me that you were just standing here after grabbing my shoulder and after hitting my head?” She nodded, “Yup”.

“Oh, then it must have been the fact that you are just too short to be seen by me”, I said in a matter-of-fact tone while walking to the exit, leaving her behind.

“What did you just say?” she asked, catching up with me.

“I said ‘I’m sorry I didn’t see you’ ”.

“No, you didn’t! You said that I was too short to be seen!”

“Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Why’d you even ask if you knew the answer?” but I went on without waiting for an answer, “Oh wait! It’s simply because you wanted to prove to me that you weren’t deaf! Wow! Really amazing! How and when did you find out that I thought you were?”

Clearly, she hadn’t heard what I said because she ran towards Alana who had just come out of the bookshop and said “Alana, she…”, pointing at me, “…called me short!”

I just smiled to myself as we started walking to our hostel. It was almost 6.00 p.m. now. The sun was a huge ball of dark orange hanging low by the horizon, just waiting to disappear. There was a light breeze which caused the leaves on the trees to sway to its rhythmic blow.

“Daphy, how many times have I told you not to call anyone short?” Alana asked.

“Hmm. Let’s see. Since I’m still doing it, definitely not enough times” I joked.

When both Alana and Rosie didn’t laugh, I said, “Hey guys, come on! When people are short, I can’t lie to them that they aren’t, am I right?” and I quickly added, “No offence though!” to Alana.

“Yeah, I know but you don’t have to rub it in their faces that they’re short.” Alana reasonably told me as Rosie started laughing. Evidently, she had got the joke that Alana sadly didn’t.

Grinning, I high-fived Rosie. “Hey! What’s happening? How come both of you are on the same side now?” demanded Alana stopping abruptly at the foot of the stairs of our hostel.

“What do you think she meant when she said ‘No offence!’ to you?” Rosie quizzed Alana who hadn’t moved as we climbed up the stairs.

“Well, we were talking about short when you said no offence…”, then with expression of disbelieve on her face, “…did you call me short too?” she asked sprinting up the stairs to catch up with us.

“Took you long enough to figure that out, you slowpoke!” I called out from the fifth floor, running away from her. Upon reaching the eighth floor, I managed to open my house door and enter my room before Alana. Just as she placed her hand on our room door, I slammed it shut. My cry of victory was drowned by Alana’s howls of pain. I must have slammed the door on her fingers!

As I ran towards the door to check on her, I heard Rosie from outside, “Oh my God! Alana! Quick run to the sink! I’ll wipe the blood off the floor!” This made my movements faster and when I opened the door, it all happened so fast.

Next thing I knew, I was locked out of my own room. Rosie was laughing her head off as she headed to her room. I looked around. There was no blood on the floor. Those two hoodwinked me!

I pounded my knuckles hard on my room door.

“No, don’t knock. I want you to ring me up”, mocked Alana.

“Yeah I could, but my phone is in my bag, which is in the room!”

“Awww, you poor thing. Here, let me ring you up then. ‘Green Green, Green Green…’”

I looked at the door with my eyebrows raised. Did she hit her head on the door when I slammed it? “What are you doing?” I inquired

“I’m calling you with my hand. Answer my call with your hand.”

Though skeptical, I placed my right hand on my ears and answered her call, “Hello?”

“Use colours! I used green, didn’t I?”

“Fine! Yellow?”

“Blue’s that?” asked Alana giggling.

“Just shut up and let me in!”

“Okay okay, chill. Don’t be angry. I was just playing.” She said as she opened the door for me. Smiling, I said, “Don’t worry. I was playing too.” She pouted. She had already changed her clothes, so she hit the bed while I was changing.

If you are wondering, then yes, she is a Sleeping Beauty. She sleeps at night, in the afternoon and in the evening.

I thought I better get started on my Math homework which Mr. McLachlen was generous enough to cast us a lot of today.

At about 8.00 p.m., Madeline came to the room to invite Alana and I to dinner with her, Skye and Macy. I quickly closed my Math book and set to take my shower. So now, she has the job of waking Alana up.

As I was halfway through my shower, Madeline and Alana arrived to take their showers in the cubicle on my right n my left respectively. Skye and Macy had already showered earlier.

At about a quarter to nine, we descended to the cafeteria. Surprisingly, the food was actually good. We spent more than an hour in the cafeteria. Well, mostly due to chit chatting. When we couldn’t find any more reasons to stay put, we decided to return to our rooms.

Alana and I continued on our Physics presentation slides. We only had two more days until our turn to present. It took us approximately three hours to complete and compile everything.

I was shocked when I checked the time on my phone. It was already past 1 a.m. “I think I should get some sleep”, said Alana, yawning as she checked her own phone. I wasn’t surprised.

I just looked at her, feeling amused, as she went on, “If I don’t, I don’t think I would be able wake up on time tomorrow. Physics right, our first class? Yeah, so don’t wake me up too early okay. About 8.40 is just right for me to have shower and get ready. Thanks Daphy! Good night!” and crawled under her blankets without waiting for my reply.

Smiling and shaking my head disbelievingly, I turned to my laptop. I considered playing a game, but then I remembered my unfinished Math homework.

The voices in my head got the better of me: ‘Oh come on! You’ve finished half of the Math work. If at all Mr. McLachlen calls you out to solve the problem that you haven’t done yet, you could always borrow from someone! Just play the game!’

Just when I was about to start the game, Cathy came into the room. “You didn’t even return to the room to take your shower”, I stated.

“I came about nine-ish but you guys weren’t here. So, I took my shower and left”, she said as she walked to my place after putting her bag on her bed.

She sat down on my bed as I spoke again, “Oh yeah, we were down having our dinner. That’s why I didn’t see you.”

“Yeah…” said Cathy, somewhat distracted, “…you going to sleep now?”

I peered into my phone; it was 1.45 a.m.. “Nope. You go to sleep first, okay. I’ll be up a little longer”

“Okay then. Good night”, said Cathy as she got into bed after changing.

Cathy only comes to the room to take her shower and to sleep. She’ll be either in the cafeteria or the library or the study room the rest of the time.

Vanessa wasn’t back in the room yet. After classes end for the day, she normally spends her time in her classmates’ house, which is two floors above ours. She says it’s easier for her to study with them as a group as well as work on group assignments.

I completely lost track of time after I started playing the game. It was only when Vanessa returned to the room, I looked up from my laptop to check the time. It was 3.30 a.m. I thanked Vanessa, quickly switched off my laptop and got into bed.

She looked confused but she too switched off the lights and decided to sleep. After forty five minutes of fruitless effort of tossing and turning, I still couldn’t sleep.

So, I decided to do the thing that I’ve always wanted to do. I switched on my table lamp and looked around at my roommates to make sure they’re asleep. Their snoring confirmed that.

So I grabbed my marker pen and mini torch light, and set off towards Alana’s bed. I crouched down beside her bed and started my work.

I scribbled her name on her arm and finished it off with a smiley face. As I was about to draw a moustache on her face, she turned around to face the wall.

Feeling disappointed, I resumed scribbling her hands. When I was done, I stood up to admire my masterpiece. Both her hands were covered with my doodles.

Proud and satisfied with myself, I crept back to my table, chucked the marker pen and mini torch light into my drawer and got back into bed.

I couldn’t help smiling to myself imagining the look on Alana’s face when she finds out what I did and the impressed looks on Madeline, Skye and Macy’s faces.

The last I saw the time on my phone, it was at 5.30 a.m. I must have dozed off after that. I was having a weird and disturbing dream where Mr. McLachlen asked me to solve the Math problem which I had not finished. I turned to my classmates for help. To my horror, no one else had solved it.

Mr. McLachlen told me to stand up and gave me the marker pen. He asked me to scribble my own face for not completing my homework. As I was about to oblige to what he said, there was an ear piercing scream.

I sat up bolt upright. I discovered that I was on my bed. It was Alana who was screaming. She was freaking out over her scribbled arm.

Wow! I didn’t expect the day where Alana wakes up earlier than me to come so fast.

Still in daze from the miracle that just happened, I got out of bed, ready to start a brand new day.

By bruce mars on Unsplash

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    I'm shocked, not one spot of gore in the whole story. How'd you refrain so well? Great story btw

  • Donna Fox (HKB)6 months ago

    This was a fun little gem of a story that I somehow missed in my first round of reading your stuff!! I like the narrative voice you used and the way you could add the main characters thoughts into the writing so seamlessly. My three favourite scenes in this story are: The part about Alana's whale language with her stomach. This made me laugh soooo hard!!! Then when Alana came in late and ran the professor over with the door!! Such a classic comedy piece there!! Then the phone call between Rosie and the main character where they talk on "phones" in colours, "green, green" "Yellow?" "Blue is this?" Hahah! This was great!

  • Veronica Coldiron7 months ago

    LOL! This was so much fun to read! The dynamic between friends and the pranks were priceless!! GREAT story!!

  • Darkos8 months ago

    This is amazing I give it Top Story immediately Congratulations! I love it so much the sound of dying whales in the stomach of Your friend and Yes You took me so much in the school years and classes time I have some periods of living in hostel but for other reasons and You also took me there but this time I was more in Your story and the Teachers haha that took me to a memory of one too ! I will be coming back to it almost like a script for a sitcom Fantastic 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️❤️🧡💞💞Thank You for sharing !

  • Novel Allen12 months ago

    Wow! a non horror-ish story by Dhar. Totally enjoyable and fun read. Ah the good old school days. Where did they go.

  • Excellent Story❤️😉💯👍

  • Heather Hubler2 years ago

    LOL, this was a lot of fun! I loved the silliness. What a wonderful read :)

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