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Hollywood Revenge

by Jeremy Kuzmic 5 months ago in Short Story
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Avenging Hannah

Being a poltergeist was not as easy as one might think, and although she could typically blend in while in a public place without question, sneaking around her old house proved to be much more difficult.

It was late summer, and a new family had just moved into Jessica's old house nestled on a large plot of land. After returning from death and killing Parker for what he had done to her family, Jessica had spent most of her ghostly time watching over her house and the new families that move in. So far, at least three other families moved in and very quickly moved out because of Jessica's haunting of the property, despite her attempts to go unnoticed. The newest owners were different—her best friend's parents had moved in. Right away, it was clear that something was very wrong.

Has something bad happened?

When she finally noticed after four hours that her best friend was not amongst the family as they unpacked their belongings, Jessica grew more and more confused. She decided to go to a library to do a bit of research--she could blend in here, and no one would ask any questions. Each search revealed nothing in the missing persons files except young children and elderly people. Thinking to herself, she then looked up people that were recently murdered in the area. Sure enough, there was an article with her friend's name at the top of the list.

"Local Teen Hannah Jenkins Found Dead After Robbery"

After skimming through the article, it was clear that investigators still had no idea who the intruders were. Jessica decided to stick around the house to see if she could find out any other information. Later that night, Jessica pressed herself against the wall in the hallway leading to the master bedroom in an attempt to go completely unseen. While there, she overheard Hannah's parents talking about their daughter's murder.

"They're not going to find out," Hanna's father muttered to his wife. "We were careful enough to make it look like a home intrusion gone wrong. You've got to get a grip."

Jessica could not believe what she was hearing. At first Jessica thought Mr. Jenkins just got really drunk that night and made a horrible mistake, but after a few more minutes of the hushed conversation, Hannah's mother reminded her husband that this was premeditated.

"You know we'll get more time if they find out this wasn't just a drunken crime of passion. What the hell are we going to do?" Mrs. Jenkins cried quietly.

Jessica was furious, and it did not take long for her to begin coming up with ways to avenge her friend. Of course, she did not want to kill them the same way she killed Parker--oh no, the Jenkins deserved far worse for what they had done to their own child. Moving from the side of the house and carefully opening the garage's side door, she looked around for any ideas. Rummaging through some of the moving boxes still sitting unpacked in the garage, Jessica gathered a few materials: a canister of gasoline that sat next to the car and a lighter.

After gathering the materials, she headed through the parent's room. Sneaking quietly around the bed, Jessica slowly poured the canister of gasoline over the blankets and carpet surrounding the bed, careful not to make any noise or splash the liquid on too fast. Having emptied the canister, Jessica sparked the lighter to life and dropped it onto the bed. In an instant, the bed and the couple are engulfed in flames. As the flames grew, Hannah's parents woke to their lower bodies burning away, but all they could do was crawl and scream.

First responders showed up late in the night to find the house still in flames. Once the fire had been put out, the police began an investigation as to what happened. Days passed, and investigators were unable to find fingerprints or any indication as to how the fire started. The case eventually ran cold, and the city decided to demolish the remains of the house with intent to never rebuild on the lot again.

Within a few years, it seemed the city had changed its mind and a hospital was built on the lot. Jessica liked the idea of a hospital. At least if someone died there, she could have faith that it was not due to foul play, and she would not have to avenge anyone else. This would be the end of her killing.

Or was it?

Short Story

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Jeremy Kuzmic

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