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Her last wish was to see snow

It was a tough decision, for him.

By Rivz and KingPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
 Her last wish was to see snow
Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

- Ha-ha-ha! - a burst of joyous girlish laughter was heard all over Marylebone High Street. 

Crunch-Crunch - even though the weather forecast "promised" the usual rain in London, suddenly fluffy snow began to fall.

- Ma'am, please keep it down, you're laughing so loudly as if it were the last time in your life - sullen janitor muttered behind her back.

-How dare you! - shouted a young man standing next to the girl and made a sharp jerk with his whole body.

 - Samuel!!! He didn't know!! He didn't mean to… - the young girl screamed, holding her husband's hand.

 - I'm sorry if I hurt you," apologized the frightened janitor.

Three days later

 - Ahem-ahem, dear, please bring me my meds.

 - I'm coming! I'm here , oh, we should have listened to Mr. Otunga, he warned us that cancer patients have a lowered immunity!

 - I'm happy Samuel… I touched the snow, it crunches so deliciously! Oh...

 - But? 

 - Sweetie, they couldn't do anything about it anyway! it's inoperable, they sent me to die, Adeline replied in a hoarse voice.

- Оh, forgive me! Samuel knelt with tears in his eyes.

 - Hello my friends- the doctor came in suddenly with a straight face  -  I have something to tell you.

- What? Doc what!?

 -Well,  it looks like after you got sick, your immune system went into such overdrive, that it ate your tumor for lunch.

 - Wait! What do you mean Mr. Pudding?

 - There's no trace of your tumor anymore, hope you'll invite me to visit Ghana on my vacation!

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