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Submission to a short fiction story

By Leslie StromPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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She turns suddenly, heart beating fast, gasping for a breath when she realizes someone just smashed her window. Emily knew the other woman was there.

She looked around the kitchen, looking for a weapon to protect herself. Ducking behind the island, reaching above her head searching.

Why was she so organized, everything in its place. Making toast for Malcome this morning all put away. She sure could use the knife that was used to cut the bread.


Heart beating as fast as a freight train, grabbing a knife on the way up the stairs. She did not tip toe, she did not hide where she was. Emily bolted up the stairs so fast even a Giselle would be impressed.

She turned around the corner and there she was, Suzanne sitting with her son on the floor. Emily stopped abruptly horror in her eyes. She hides the knife behind her back so Malcome doesn’t get scared.

Her heart beating very fast, she calmly and very shakey said, ”Malcome honey, dad is on the phone downstairs he wants to talk to you!”

He looked up at her and said, “ok mommy.” He looked at Suzanne and said bye.” Then ran out of the room.

Suzanne smiling at Emily with wild eyes stands up looking at the trenblung hands. One holding a knife. She laughed and said, “you think that silly knife is going to stop me?”

“I want my son, today, right now! You living in sin with my husband while I was away in the institution is over!”

She lunged at Emily reaching for the knife. She was taller, with wide shoulders and strong hands. They both fell on the bed fighting over the knife.

Malcom’s ran into the room looking at his mother and screamed. Emily screamed,” go to Auntie Fay’s house now and lock the door. “ He turned to run but Suzanne reached out and grabbed his arm.

He screamed, Emily got to her feet and pushed Suzanne as hard as she could. She let go of Malcom’s arm.

Run! Was all she could scream before the knife jammed into her leg. Emily screamed in terror and pain. She fell to the bedrooms floor. Her heartbeat beating so loud she could hear it. The room got fuzzy.

Suzanne got up laughing, looking at Emily and spoke directly towards her. “Your days of pretending to be me is over. I have been searching for years trying to find my kidnapped son from his father and you!” She screamed at her now. “You will never be a mother to my son, never!”

Emily looking up at her, “how did you find us crying?”

Suzanne said, “you made a mistake finally. You let the school take pictures of Malcome’s sk graduation.”

“I found it, and tracked you down.” In the distance the cop cars sirens were getting closer. Suzanne turned to go out of the bedroom. Emily managed to get up to follow.

At the top of the stairs, Emily lunged at Suzanne and they both toppled over each other down the stairs. Emily looking at Suzanne’s limp body began to cry. Finally the nightmare was over.

When the police opened the door they saw two woman laying at the bottom of the stairs. Emily explained to them that Suzanne was an intruder, stabbed her and wanted to kidnap her son. Both women were brought to the hospital. One in a body bag, the other on a stretcher.

Malcome was reunited with his mother after a horrific minute of her life. It felt like hours as it all unfolded. The handcuffs were taken off of Emily once they new the full story. Suzanne was a serogate for Emily and Josh. She tried to kidnap Malcome many times which is why they as a family went into hiding. After Suzanne gave Malcome to his parents Emily and Josh, Suzanne became violent and would do anything to take Malcome back, including lies, terror and corruption.


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Leslie Strom

Hi, I come from a small town of 2,500 in Northern Ontario Canada. I love camping and fishing, which we have access to many beautiful lakes. I also knit, crotchet, sew, read and write. Our winters are very long and cold so crafting is a must

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