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Heart of Fire


By Facundo RaganatoPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

Heart of Fire



There weren't always dragons in the Valley. Riders rarely come. Yet, the day I met Verlan and his green dragon, was the day I met my fate.

While Verlan walked through the market, his green dragon waited. So people stood close enough to see it; its thick skin, its enormous wings and its sharp teeth. But they stood far enough to be afraid.

The Dragon Riders are from the Kingdom, very far away from here. They train by the orders of the King and protect our land. Our valley is known for its delicious foods and diverse recipes from the continents. These riders come by to gather manjars for their journey; their tasks and missions are for the good of the people, including our Valley here.

Verlan’s greetings to us was always polite and kind, for we owed much respect to these rider Knights who have saved us before from battles and war. They are the tamers of wild dragons, protectors of the land. And among their orders, they still are searching for the legendary Emerald.

Not many people believe this Emerald exists, but Legend says that it has powers, and it is hidden somewhere in the Northern Mountain, where most wild dragons live. There has been riders for generations, but no one has found it yet. Even though we don't know much about it, they say these riders know more in order believe that this legend is real.

Verlan and I met the day he visited our valley, but not the way I thought it would be. There was a calling that I followed that day; I was brave enough only to approach his green Dragon. Usually they growl when a stranger approaches, especially when they see humans who see them as something to conquer and tame. But I did not approach his green dragon that way; people were looking at me when I raised my hand to touch him. He looked at me as he already knew me, as if we were from the same kin. I swear I never felt so close to a Dragon, their power inspired me inside, as if I could feel the claws through my fingers, as if I could feel its sharp teeth, and the fire in their hearts.

When Verlan came back and saw me, I stepped away, but not because I was afraid; suddenly I felt as if I could breathe fire. Verlan saw me and I turned to run away. “Hey Kid!”

I ran to the fountain of the Valley, hiding my stomach as if I was about to explode, people saw me stand with my head down, feeling as if everything was about to change. I never had any parents to guide me through this, but what happened to me was not something to be taught.

Verlan ran to see me now kneeling in the ground, grunting and growling of this burning fire, until then, it happened. I opened my mouth and yelled, letting it all out. My hands became claws. Wings grew out my back. A enormous tail grew as I saw myself become a red dragon. A fire-breathing dragon that yelled a blaze to the sky, and everyone watched.

I turned to see Verlan's eyes full of fear, like all the people from the valley. So I flapped my wings and ascended to take flight, flowing with what was happening to me, finally understanding who I was.

This is the fate I knew, but I did not know how or why. I flew to the mountain of wild dragons, maybe they would understand me better, now that I was one of them.

- Facundo Raganato


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Facundo Raganato

Author, Composer, Artist, Alchemist, Designer,


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