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He treated her as if he had abandoned her shoes, and buried her children with his own hands, but after her death, he went mad!

He doesn't seem to love her. After three years of marriage, he not only treated her like a stranger, but also didn't care about the death of the child in her belly. But when she really died, he wanted the whole world to be buried with her.

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In the dim, ambiguous room, a pair of figures were intertwined on the bed.

"Oh. Did you like it, Barry?"

Barry suddenly deviated and flew into a rage, "You got me drunk on purpose? !"

"So what if it is? Abby looked him in the eye and let out a giggle.

"More than that, I'll tell you... I don't want you after tonight! We, divorce!"

This endless, fruitless unrequited love, she really had enough!

With Nancy back and Barry's baby, there's no reason for her to stay in the relationship!

"Not me? You deserve it too!" Barry has scarlet eyes and a split canthus.

"Abby, you're fucking dead! Don't you dare touch me again!"

"Since you all think I got you drunk that night three years ago, and then forced you to marry me by putting pictures of us at your engagement party with Nancy -- I'm not doing myself a disservice, am I?"

"It is so handsome that I shudder. Tut, Barry, you say, how about I buy you one night with all my dowry? When you have made me comfortable to-night, I shall leave the house clean."

Barry: I feel like I've been insulted!

What a wild woman she is!

Abby is a little white in pain, but still smiling, "Barry, even if you say you don't love me, your body still loves me... What, does my cheap sister make you so happy?"

She tried to say things she didn't want to say, to suppress the pain inside her, but the pain in her extremities grew worse.

This man... She grew up to like the big man, eyes a day without her!

Abby bites her lip. It's the last night of three years of loveless marriage, so let her have a fling.

Until the middle of the night, Abby did not sink into a deep sleep, dream tightly wrinkled eyebrows, eyes sliding down two lines of tears.

The next day, just after dawn, Abby woke up.

The whole body was under the general pain of the train, she looked at the side of the man's astonished sleeping face, shaking her head with a bitter smile.

Set him free. Easy to say, but hard to do.

After trying hard not to kiss him, Abby got up, took a shower, left the unsigned divorce papers by the bed, and left the hotel alone, bag in hand.

She did not notice that the man on the bed opened his sharp eyes with a flicker of complexity after the slight closing of the door.

Abby went to her usual flower shop and bought a bunch of flowers.

Chris: It's Chris's brother's birthday today, and it's the day she bravely presented the divorce papers. She should have gone to the cemetery to see him.

I just didn't expect to hear a familiar voice after paying.

"Mom, Abby that bitch finally agreed to leave the house clean! Ha ha ha, what a relief. I told her I was pregnant and she relented immediately."

"Hee hee, see what you say. Of course I know I'm your and Dad's blood, and adoption is just a cover. Even though dad said he would let me get married, I still don't trust him. What if that little bitch and brother Barry play dirty? That's why I was sneaking around. Don't worry, I've sent brother Barry to pick me up..."

Abby looked back, and sure enough, she saw the beautiful, innocent face of Nancy, the stepdaughter of the Xu family.

After hanging up the phone, Nancy walked straight over and gave the clerk a flawless smile.

"Give me a bunch of stars for my fiance. He likes it."

Abby held the flower above her face to avoid detection, her fists clenched, her lips white, her feelings about to explode.

Nancy is the biological child of her father and stepmother? ! He had cheated on his mother and brought his illegitimate daughter home!

Who knows... No wonder father loved her so much!

Abby stumbled as she walked out of the room.

Crash! To the ground with all the flowers!

Abby quickly stood up to go, but Nancy eager-eyed, already followed, smiling, "Sister, why are you here? Do you buy flowers for your fiance like I do? Tut, you bought white chrysanthemums, they're killing people... Is your betrothed dead?"

"Fiance" sounds especially harsh to Abby!

"You know exactly who I'm buying it for." Abby cold face, eyes cold, "Nancy, you keep your mouth clean, don't forget who brother Chris died for!"

Nancy stroked her arm in horror, but her voice was contemptuous.

"Oh, I fell into the water, he can't swim, came to save me I will be grateful to him? It cost me my life instead of saving me, and I spent several minutes in cold water catching a cold -- I wish I hadn't cursed the fool for ever!"


A slap landed neatly on Nancy's face!

Abby retracted her hand and pulled the star out of her arms and threw it to the ground. "Try that again!"

No one can say a bad word about Chris's brother!

Chris grew up with her and took care of her like a big brother, and Nancy took his life away from him, and now she's making sarcastic remarks!

"Ah! How dare you hit me, you whore!" Nancy covered her face and tried to fight back, but the next second she stopped, cold snort, "Why are you so angry, just because he likes you? You don't like the dead man too!"

"So what if it is?

Abby was so angry that she tried to slap her face again!

But --

Abby felt the air pressure around her drop several notches as the quick flick of the wrist was caught.

Low and magnetic male voice, with a bitter air into the auricle.

Barry stared at Abby as cold as ice and hugged Nancy close to him.

"Abby, who do you think you are? Dare touch my woman? Apologize to Nancy right now!"

Barry stared at Abby as cold as ice.

This woman divorces him, and then publicly admits she likes someone else? !

Why didn't he strangle her last night when she announced 'no more him'?

His woman? What does that make her? ! What's three years of marriage?

Abby tried to smile, but her face was stiff and she couldn't muster a smile.

Heartbroken, she folded her arms, trying to maintain a toxic image, "what identity? This is my Kelly family business, and I'm lecturing Kelly's bastard. Is it your business? !"

Knowing that Nancy is her father's biological child, she is really mad!

Not only that, but this woman humiliated her brother Chris who died for her! Such a gentle big brother...

When she thought of Chris's elegant appearance, Abby could not help but see his white and swollen face in the water. The pain in her heart was hard to breathe.

"Don't you dare say that about Nancy!" Barry looked at her aggressiveness, and then looked at Nancy Thurser's trembling, and was even more shocked. He broke her wrist in.

"Abby, what's your attitude?"

"Just the usual attitude." As the pain hits, Abby frowns unpredictably and turns to Nancy sarcastically.

"But you, have the ability to take out the arrogance at home on weekdays?"

"Sister, what are you talking about? I don't understand."

A trace of malice flitted across Nancy's eyes, then slipped back into a look of pity.

"Sister, will you stop trying to steal Barry's brother from me? I know you hate me for what happened to Chris, and you want to get back at me, and that's why you're chasing Barry's brother. But I really like brother Barry. I would die for him!"

Abby folded her arms, half smiling, "Then you go to hell, just in the middle of the hell to apologize to brother Chris."

'You! Nancy is very angry. She looks at Barry for help. "Brother Barry, look at her..."

Only to see Barry staring at Abby, a deep pool of uncertainty in his eyes.

Abby's chasing Chris because of what happened to him? This woman, it turns out, just to possess him, to get back at Nancy!

Barry's face was so hot that he grabbed her neck and said, "Abby, we're divorced! Get out! Don't let me see you again!"

Why would she want to quit? Nancy is the other woman! She has done so much to hurt her, how can I let her live a comfortable life!

She would not meekly surrender her lover, her shares, to an enemy!

"Divorce? Ahem, I haven't signed it yet! Unless you pay me back three times the money I brought home..." Abby blushed and scratched his wrist.

When the crisis, she regardless of grandpa, against the desperate want to marry him, or grandpa let her bring money to help him through the crisis! In his eyes it was money that forced him to marry her!

Hearing her words, Nancy immediately screamed, "You are out of your mind! Brother Barry, don't listen to her!"

Barry stares at her for a long time. His voice is cold. "I can't give it to you now. Most of the company liquidity has been transferred to Nancy to start a company under her name."

Nancy... His baby Nancy again!

Abby had a bloody taste in her mouth and said with a smile, "If you can't afford the money, let's pay for it. Besides, I've been hooking up with you so many times since we got married. I can't be deadbeat, can I?"

Barry stared at her with frighteningly cold eyes, sullen and silent!

Nancy climbs weakly onto Barry's arm, "Brother Barry, don't listen to her... I can't live without you..."

Abby was so disgusted by her coquettish tone that she almost vomited. She looked down at the white beads on her wrist and began to breathe faster than she could help herself!

This is the bead Barry gave her! He made a date with her and would come to her no matter how long it took.

However, when he reappeared, the owner of the token had changed to Nancy! And as the owner, she has no evidence to prove her identity...

He didn't believe her! So there was nothing she could do about it, even if she was watching Nancy just wear her stuff!

Abby's chest heaves and suddenly she grabs Nancy's wrist.

"Do you dare to wear it? ! Give it back!"

There was a loud crack, and my hand was violently knocked off, burning with pain.

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