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HE-MAN & THE MOTU CHAPTER #2 12/15/2021

by GARY MAZIN 5 months ago in Fan Fiction
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HE-MAN: & THE MOTU CHAP. II - 12/14/2021


A view of The Hall of Wisdom - A grand, glorious, luminescent structure; before it are a pair of massive doors to the imposing eddifice.There is a humming sound heard from the other side.

A powerful blast of magic energy decimates the doors and a cloud of dust appears. Clouded by the dust is the shadowy silhouette of a woman- -EVIL-LYN. Another shadowy figure appears from the dust, riding on a huge cat. The dust clears revealing KELDOR aboard his huge pet panther PANTHOR. Keldor dismounts Panthor. Panthor purrs. In the background Keldor’s minions follow BEAST MAN, TRI-KLOPS, MERMAN, WHIPLASH, SPIKOR, WEBSTOR, TRAP-JAW (who is currently KRONIS) and WHIPLASH.

"The Hall of Wisdom, I hope your "female" intuitions on it are justified, dear Evil-Lyn." Keldor says in threatening voice. "...For your sake."

"Have a little faith Keldor, would I lie to you?" Evil Lyn says to Keldor "Do you really want me to answer that?" Keldor says to Evil-Lyn. "That, won’t be necessary." Evil-Lyn says to Keldor. "So, this is where the greatest power in all of Eternia resides? I’m surprised I never heard of it." Tri-Klops asks Keldor and Evil-Lyn. "It’s no surprise to me Tri-Klops. Perhaps if you were as in tune with the magics as I am, rather than tinkering with your useless gadgets, you might..." Evil-Lyn responds to Tri-Klops. "I might what Evil-Lyn? Have my loyalty questioned as frequently as yours is?" Tri-Klops responds to Evil-Lyn, with hostility.

Evil-Lyn charges up her scepter and prepares to blast Tri-Klops. "Why you, miserable, three-eyed freak I’ll..." Evil-Lyn says to Tri-Klops in an angry voice.

Keldor swiftly turns around as he prepares to charge up his Havoc Staff. "Silence! Both of you!" Keldor says, yelling at Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn. "My apologies, Lord Keldor." says Tri-Klops. "Forgive me sire." says Evil-Lyn. "That’s better." Keldor says to Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn, powering down his Havoc Staff.

Keldor turns around, facing his faithful pet and mount, Panthor. "Sometimes I wonder Panthor, am I Overlord of Evil, or a nursemaid?" Keldor asks. Panthor says nothing, but purrs contentedly as Keldor affectionately pets the top of the massive feline's head.

Keldor continues to walk into the room, as he does, his minion Beast Man follows behind him; riding on a giant Griffin.

"So?..." says Beast Man "Now that we’re here, how do we- -" Keldor turns around and gives Beast Man an evil look. Cutting him off in mid speech; Beast Man cowers. "I mean, how do you acquire that power, Master Keldor?"Beast Man concludes

Suddenly, a heroic and valiant voice calls out to Keldor and his minions. "You don’t Beast Man." says King Randor, with his fellow heroic warriors The MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE standing beside him. Keldor and his warriors turn around and see Randor and Man-At-Arms standing alongside their fellow warriors, MEK-A-NEK, STRATOS, RAM-MAN, HYDRON, MAN-E-FACES, CLAMP-CHAMP and RIOBLAST. KING RANDOR (CONT'D) (to Keldor) "It’s over Keldor!" decrees King Randor. "You and your brood will never possess the power of the Elders. Surrender now!" Commands King Randor

"Surrender, Randor?" Keldor says sarcastically. "You didn’t say “Please”. Keldor tells Randor as he points out his Havoc Staff, charges it and fires at Randor. Randor is thrown back, Man-At-Arms rushes to his aid.

"King Randor! Hang on yourMajesty!...I'm coming!" Duncan/Man-At-Arms calls out as he goes to the aid of King Randor.

"Kill them!" Keldor yells out to his minions. "Destroy that cantankerous King and his meddling Masters!" Keldor continues.

Keldor’s forces engage the Masters of the Universe. Meanwhile, Keldor makes for the entrance to the Elder’s chambers. Beast Man leaps from his pet Griffin towards Randor, roaring. Man-At-Arms swings at Beast Man with his club just before he reaches Randor. Beast Man is winded and falls to the floor.

"Nicely done Duncan!" Randor tells Man-At-Arms. "Keep the battle going. I must stop Keldor." Randor says, trying to return to his feet. He groans. Man-At-Arms tries to help him.

"Sire, you’re injured." Man-At-Arms tells him. "I’ll be fine." Randor tells Man-At-Arms as he clutches his side. "Just hold off Keldor’s forces Duncan!...That is an order!". Randor tells Man-At-Arms, with authority.

"Yes, my King!" Man-At-Arms says to himself as King Randor goes in pursuit of Keldor. As laser fire continues in the distance, Man-At-Arms relying on one of his technological inventions, holds his right arm up, which begins to transform into a mini hand-held cannon. Then, he returns to help his fellow soldiers.

Randor chases after Keldor. As Randor heads for the door one of Keldor’s minions - Whiplash; jumps in front of him. Whiplash crashes his heavy tail on to the ground to demonstrate his power. As Randor falls over, Whiplash approaches him.

"Ready to get crowned Kingy?" Whiplash says to Randor, chuckling. As Whiplash stands over, imposing Randor he lifts his tail high in the air and prepares to bash Randor with it. Randor is frozen, he covers his face. Suddenly, one of the Masters of the Universe, Ram-Man head-butts Whiplash to the side. Ram Man goes to help up Randor.

"You OK, your majesty?" Ram Man asks Randor. "Yes, thank you Ram-Man. Now please, stand aside." Randor gets up, gaining a second wind he heads through the door into the Council of the Elders, continuing his pursuit of Keldor.

Randor pursues Keldor, entering the inner sanctum of The Hall of Wisodon. Keldor makes his way towards a staircase. Randor yells out, cutting Keldor off. KING RANDOR (to Keldor, yelling) Stop! Keldor turns around. "This is getting quite tiresome Randor!" Keldor tells Randor. "For me as well Keldor." Randor says to Keldor. "But as King, I’ve taken a solemn oath to - -".

"Blah, blah,'re boring me, Randor!" Keldor replies with sarcasm and boredom. "Let us see if your reflexes are as quick as your tongue." Keldor plants his Havoc Staff into the ground and pulls out his sword. The sword becomes two. Keldor and Randor engage each other.

Back in the Main Entrance of The Hall of Wisdom. The fight between the Masters and Keldor’s army continues to rage. Man-At-Arms tries to go and assist the King, but he is stopped by Webstor. Man-At-Arms, finds himself being pulled back by a string of webbing attached to his leg. "Going somewhere?" Webstor says with vicious glee. Webstor slobbers as he pulls in Man-At-Arms. Man-At-Arms tries to shoot at Webstor, but Webstor spits out more webbing, gumming up Man-At-Arms’s blaster. As a last resort, Man-At-Arms grabs a knife from his boot and tries to cut himself free. Man-At-Arms cuts himself free, Webstor stumbles back. Webstor manages to brace himself and turns back to face man-At-Arms."You’ll pay for that, Man-At-Arms!" says Webstor, snarling. Webstor spits out another strand of webbing at Man-At-Arms. The webbing heads for Man-At-Arms. As the webbing inches towards Man-At-Arms, Stratos zooms in, snatching the webbing; Stratos begins to spin Webstor around. "Let go of my webbing Stratos!" says Webstor to Stratos. "If you insist Webstor." Stratos says to Webstor, with a smile. Stratos let’s go of the webbing and Webstor flies across the room.

In another sector of The Hall of Wisdom, Mer-Man is engaging Hydron. Mer-Man jumps through the air about to plunge his Trident into Hydron. Hydron watches, when suddenly Webstor comes flying through the air, crashing into Mer-Man. The two villains collide and crash into a wall. Hydron turns to Stratos and Man-At-Arms, giving them a thumbs up. Man-At-Arms turns to Stratos. "Thanks Stratos." Man-At-Arms says to Avion, giving him a thumbs up. "I was almost spider food." Man-At-Arms says with relief. "Maybe Webstor should stick to catching flies." Stratos says.

"Come on men,..." Man-At-Arms says to his soldiers and fellow Masters of the Universe. "...the King needs us. Let’s go." The Masters finish their quarrels with Keldor’s minions, then head for the Council of the Elders to aid Randor. Keldor’s forces head into the Council’s inner sanctum as well.

In the main meeting hall and sanctuary of The Council of Elders. The Masters as well as Keldor’s warriors watch as Randor and Keldor are engaged in a fierce sword-fight to the death. Randor and Keldor continue their fight on a staircase. Soon, Randor knocks both Keldor’s swords out of his hands and they fall towards the ground. Keldor kneels. "Yield Keldor!..." Randor says to his opponent, aiming his sword at Keldor's throat. "...It is over, and You’ve lost." Randor says, sternly. "So it would appear, King Randor." Keldor says, leaning down in defeat. "...But you what they say about appearances..." Keldor says, Unbeknownst to Randor as Keldor reaches for a green vial in his belt. "...They can be deceiving!" Keldor says, deceptively as he throws the vial towards Randor’s face. Randor gasps and reacts quickly by blocking the vial with a shield concealed in his gauntlet. The vial breaks and the contents splash, melting the shield. A loose stream of the acidic compound reflects from Randor’s shield, splashing into Keldor’s face. Keldor screams in pain, covering his face. Keldor’s forces gasp and growl. Randor throws aside his melted shield and holds his sword to Keldor.

"In the name of Eternia, I arrest you, for crimes against" Randor says, readying his sword. "My face, my face." Keldor yells in pain. Unable to see, Keldor stumbles and falls off the staircase.

"No!" King Randor yells, reaching out as if hoping to grab Keldor, but is too late. Keldor doesn’t fall far, for soon he is rescued by Beast Man and his giant Griffin. Beast Man, the Griffin and Keldor fly off. "Retreat!..." Kronis yells "...Retreat!" Keldor’s forces follow Keldor and Beast Man, fleeing from The Hall of Wisdom. The Masters watch as Keldor’s forces retreat. Randor heads down the stairs. Man-At-Arms and Randor exchange looks.

"Pursue them!" Man-At-Arms shakes his head in agreement. Stretching out his club, signaling the other Masters. Man-At-Arms and the Master evacuate The Hall of Wisdom to chase down Keldor and his forces, while Randor stays behind. Randor then approaches The Council Members Chamber.

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