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Hawthorne Home

In a Modest community

By Srini VPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Hawthorne Home: In a Modest community

As the sun set over the humble community of Millfield, a chill ran down the spine of 12-year-old Lucy. She had heard the bits of gossip about the old deserted chateau on the edges of town, yet had never dared to investigate it herself. Notwithstanding, her interest had outwitted her and she ended up strolling towards the unpropitious structure.

As she moved toward the doors of the manor, she saw a plaque that read "Hawthorne Home, 1889". Lucy pushed open the entryways and approached the front entryway. The entryway squeaked open all alone, uncovering a faintly lit corridor.

Regardless of her apprehension, Lucy ventured inside and started to investigate the chateau. She strolled through a large number of rooms, respecting the old fashioned furnishings and stylistic layout. Be that as it may, as she advanced toward the highest level, she felt a ghostly presence. The hairs on the rear of her neck stood up and she heard a weak murmur.

"Get out."

Lucy froze. She would have rather not trusted in phantoms, yet the voice sounded so genuine. Unexpectedly, the room became colder and Lucy felt a whirlwind blow past her. She pivoted and saw a figure remaining before her, covered in a white fog.

The spooky figure pointed towards the entryway and talked indeed. "Leave this spot. It isn't alright for you."

Lucy staggered out of the room and ran down the steps. She could feel the spooky presence following her, and she realize that she needed to escape the chateau as quick as possible. As she ran towards the front entryway, she stumbled and tumbled down the steps.

At the point when she woke up, she was lying on the ground beyond the manor, gazing toward the full moon. She was unable to recall how she had arrived or how long had passed. All she knew was that she needed to caution the residents about the apparition that spooky the Hawthorne Bequest.

The following day, Lucy went to the library to investigate the historical backdrop of the house. She found that the Hawthorne family had lived in the chateau in the last part of the 1800s, yet misfortune struck when their little girl, Lily, passed on in a fire that consumed the house.

Lucy understood that the spooky figure she had seen probably been Lily, cautioning her about the risk of the house. She chose to inform the town regarding her experience, however was met with doubt and skepticism. In any case, she endured and in the long run persuaded a gathering of inquisitive youngsters to investigate the chateau with her.

As they entered the chateau, Lucy drove them towards the highest level. They felt the very spooky presence that Lucy had felt, yet they didn't see the spooky figure. Out of nowhere, the room developed cold and they heard a boisterous banging coming from the room where Lily had kicked the bucket.

The young people ran out of the manor, scared. In any case, Lucy remained behind. She felt attracted to the room, and she realize that she needed to figure out the thing was causing the unsettling influence. She opened the entryway and saw a little fire consuming toward the edge of the room.

Lucy immediately got a container of water and extinguished the fire. As she did as such, she felt a feeling of harmony wash over her. She realize that Lily's soul had been caught in the house, unfit to rest until the fire had been extinguished. With tears in her eyes, Lucy left the chateau, realizing that she had satisfied her main goal.

From that day on, the Hawthorne Bequest was not generally spooky. The residents started to understand that there was something else to the manor besides they had initially thought, and they said thanks to Lucy for her grit. What's more, however she had encountered dread and vulnerability, Lucy had discovered that occasionally the most frightening things can likewise be the most fulfilling.

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a year ago

    I admire your consistency and ability to set a scene in such a way that really engages your readers! I like how you built Lucy as a character, she feels realistic and relatable. You took a classic ghost story plot and put your on spin on it, I love it!

SVWritten by Srini V

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