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Have you ever argued with TV?

Garbage in, Garbage out!!

By Vishnu PriyaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

we are constantly being conditioned, consciously or unconsciously by exposure to
• the kind of books we read everyday
• the kind of movies and TV programmes we watch everyday
• the kind of music will listen to now and then
• the kind of company we keep, I’m sure that always our company is sarcastic. Friends family anyone.The computer has GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) Algorithm which is very sound. what we should do then?
• Negativity in, negativity out
• positivity in, positivity out
• good in, good out

Our input equals our output. Our subconscious mind does not discriminate. Whatever we choose to put into our mind our subconscious will accept and our behaviour will reflect accordingly.

Television has a considerable impact on influencing our morals, thinking and culture. While bringing us lots of useful information, television has also contributed heavily to degrading our taste, corrupting our morals and increasing juvenile delinquency. By the age of 18 a child is watching more than 2,00,000 violent acts on TV.

Advertisers are good at conditioning their audience. Companies spend close to $1,000,000 for a 30 second ad during a major event. Obviously they are getting results. We see an ad for a particular brand of soft drink or toothpaste and we go to the supermarket. We buy that brand. We don't want just any soft drink but only that brand. Why? because we are programmed and act accordingly.

When we watch TV or listen to a radio advertisement, our conscious mind is not listening but our subconscious is open and we receive whatever is being dumped in. "Have you ever argued with a TV for that? of course not!."

When we go to the movies we laugh and we cry because the emotional input has an immediate emotional output. "Change the input and the output changes."

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I believe that words have the power to shape the world and inspire change.My name is Vishnu Priya and I am a writer with a focus on suspenseful thrillers and sci-fi, technologies.I'm excited to continue crafting stories

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