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A team of computer scientists that work for a secret organization must act fast when an evil being hacks into their systems

By Jordan HarrisPublished about a year ago 3 min read

You'd think that we are the FBI, CIA, or NSA. But we are none of those guys. Who are we you may ask? Why, we are a top secret organization. Everything we do is secretive. We're so secretive that we can't even say the name of our organization. If we did, we'd get in trouble with the director, who happens to be our boss. But since you're here, we might as well tell you what happened. But if you tell anyone else about this, we will find you...

It all started one fine Thursday afternoon. A bunch of us fellow computer scientists were running databases on the computers. This job is harder than it looks. We needed an extensive amount of training prior to applying to this job. We can't give you the exact details of what are jobs are because all of that is classified, but we can give you the basics of the job. Our job is to make sure that hackers don't try to hack our systems. If we got hacked, then the whole organization would be decommissioned. thousands of employees, would be out of the job.

More or less, most of us computer scientists did an outstanding job protecting the systems from hackers. But just like any company, we were bound to have a couple of screw ups. We are surprised that those screw ups were hired for the job, considering that those clowns can't even follow the simplest of directions. We thought that those guys could ruin things for everyone. Well little did we know on that unfaithful day, we would meet our unfortunate demise.

During that same Thursday, we were all getting ready to go on our lunch break. One fellow employee said he was going to stay behind for a few minutes and finish up some extra work that he forgot to take home with him. Well surprise, surprise, it was one of those mediocre workers. But the rest of us did not care because we were all starving and ready to eat. So we let him be.

When we returned from lunch, that is when things started to go downhill. We saw the employee panicking. When we asked what was wrong. He said that he got distracted and failed to check the systems. We took a look for ourselves and saw the horrible sight: our systems have been hacked. There was a red screen with the warning sign and an automated voice saying, "Warning, warning, systems have been crashed. Please reset your password within the next hour, or all database memories will be erased." We almost freaked out, but we managed to stay calm because we remembered that this is what we trained for.

So we each took turns putting in codes to reset the systems so that we would not get locked out. It seemed like that we were almost done. All we had to do was put in the password, and the systems would be back to normal. But there was one problem: none of us knew what the password was. We were slightly panicking because there was less than a half hour on the timer, and none of us knew the password. Then suddenly, the guy who caused this mess stepped forward and started typing. We thought that he would mess up the system even more, and we were all really nervous. After a few more minutes of typing, the screwup, pressed the power button to reboot the system. Then the systems restarted as normal. Everybody cheered and felt relieved.

It turns out the person who hacked the systems was from a rival organization, and the director of that organization happened to be a rival of our director. We asked the guy who typed in the password how he knew what it was. He just said that he took one lucky guess. Later that day, he went to the director's office, and acknowledged that it was his own fault and that he should've kept a better eye on the systems. But when he told him that he put a stop to the hacking, the director decided to gave him a promotion. We never looked down on him ever again.

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Jordan Harris

Just a 20 something college student trying to find his way in life. I'm new to the writing world so give me a chance.

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