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Guns and Dragons

by Latoya Giles 4 months ago in Excerpt
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Agent Ergo Opt. Transmission AZ*PT: Humans and dragons

Begin transmission: "There weren't always dragons in the valley. There was once a time of great peace and love among the human race. Once the dragons came, life changed and as a direct result, the humans were doomed. These dragons are powerful and abundant. They can move freely and quickly from one area to the next. These dragons seem to have one goal: to maim or kill. Not all of the dragons are bad though. Through research, I found that there are rescue dragon lords. These dragon lords wish to, and often actually do fight fire to fire and nose to nose until one side is eliminated.

I have been observing these humans for many moons. I have gathered much information. The humans have been being attacked by dragons more and more it seems. The latest dragon attack was massive. One human male boy used a cruising apparatus (the humans call these cars) to make his way to one of the human gathering boxes for the smaller humans. He unleashed his dragon upon the little humans inside. It was difficult for me to watch because the small humans seemed to be very frightened. Through my research, I have learned that all humans have a red liquid inside of them. This liquid appears to sustain their life force. It seems that a huge loss of this liquid causes termination. There was red liquid everywhere. I surmise the smaller humans have less red liquid to lose in comparison to the larger humans. After some time, the male human boy is attacked by his own dragon! It was quite the turn of events, I must say. His red liquid mixed with the liquid from the small humans. I still do not understand the logic behind these dragon attacks that terminate multiple humans. Also, why do the human dragon rulers seek to terminate small humans. My research suggests these small humans become the large humans after some length of time. If humans are terminated when they are small, there will be none left to populate the planet as larger humans. This confuses me because it contradicts the human population cycle. as I know it. Just before that terrible dragon attack, there was one in the replenishment gathering box. This large box appears box appears to be where the humans go to refuel. There are many of these replenishment boxes around the planet. They vary in size and shape. A male boy of the same flesh color as the last dragon lord unleashed his dragon upon a group of large humans. This attack was a little different in that the large humans that were terminated had a different flesh appearance from the dragon holder. I learned that some of the lighter flesh color humans seek to destroy the darker flesh colored humans. I have spent many earth hours trying to understand this concept. These humans are a complex but sometimes primitive race. There seems to be no logic behind many of their actions. Dragon lords dressed alike appeared at each of the dragon attacks. It seems that these human dragon holders arrived to assist the humans that were under attack. I gathered that their mission was to slay the dragon of the male human boys that initiated each attack. The rescue dragon lords at the small human box were slow to approach and slay the dragon. They must have been frightened too. This all very perplexing to me. These dragon attacks are becoming more frequent. I will continue to monitor and provide updates going forward...End transmission, Agent Ergo out.


About the author

Latoya Giles

I'm just a single mom tryna make it. Come with me on my journey through life in writing... "A dream deferred is not a dream denied"

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