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Innovation is the key to growth

By Alexandra ZellerPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

Warm light filters through the curtains, and I feel alive.

The sun once more has awoken me with its warm embrace. I breathe in the scent of fresh rain. It was carried through my window by the light breeze that whispers outside. Even the dew outside glitters as if it were nature's crystals- a beautifully bedazzled lawn. The emerald lush foliage reflected back a gleaming green light.

It was nothing short of incredible.

My cell phone rang and I picked it up. My whole beautiful morning came crashing down as the raspy voice reminded me once again I was late.

"Anders, you are late again. Trial testing has begun, you need to be here. If you aren't here in 20 minutes you'll be fired."

With that, the line went dead as my supervisor hung up.

I donned my clothes and headed towards the laboratory. Thankfully a short drive from the apartment. As soon as I parked I was ushered in by security who apparently was told to brief me upon arrival.

"Dallas said the serum is working effectively in rats. They want to put in an expedite for human testing. He needs you in there pronto to discuss what other options they have- I think they're expecting you to use your contacts to push the trials through more quickly."

Of course, Dallas needed my help, why else would he be so eager to get me in here? I swear the only reason they hired me was to help Tranq Corps reach world domination, these people never seemed to eat or sleep. It was just innovation all the time. If someone had a new or quirky idea that was even the slightest bit viable they would jump on the project and throw millions upon millions into testing. When I rounded the corner Dallas immediately pulled me into his office and sat me down.

"Damnit Anders, we've done it! All you need to do is sell it now," Dallas held up a vial of clear liquid. He swirled it around whilst staring at it lovingly. It's as if this concoction was his lover or something. I cringed and he just giggled like a schoolgirl. He placed the vial in front of me and sat down.

"It increased hair growth in rats, all I need you to do is take a vial, draw up one of your fancy little demonstrations, and get it sold. Human testing should work perfectly and if we can corner the market in this we both will be getting a much-needed raise," He put his hands behind his head and leaned back. This guy was way too confident in his product.

"What makes you so confident your serum will work so perfectly for humans? You literally have just been testing on rats..." I let my voice die off as I noticed his gaze had turned to daggers. With an eye roll, I grabbed the vial and pocketed it.

"I haven't led you wrong yet Anders, Jesus. Remember those miracle pain meds? Same thing here. We have a corner on the balding market and I do not plan on missing it. Now, finish up the paperwork here then go do your little marketing voodoo. I that presentation ready by tomorrow." He gave me a cocky wink before dismissing me from the office. That damn man literally thinks I'm nothing more than a marketing machine. At least the job pays well.

After finishing up the last of the paperwork I packed up my bags and headed home. Of course, I got the usual "be careful with the serum" and "don't let out our corporate secrets". That night I was able to set up a meeting for the following morning to demonstrate the product.

The following morning I found myself on an encrypted video call with a bunch of excited pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Although I didn't have mice, I used the product on my daughter's hamster who went from short-haired to long-haired in a matter of moments.

"Does it work with plant life? Could this also be a breakthrough in crop growths?" A murmur began to rustle through the call as Dallas nodded and gave me a look.

"It will! It accelerates the growth of any living being. Anders, are you able to show it with a houseplant or something?"

I glanced around the office, remembering I had a nicely potted Arrowhead Plant in the corner. I flipped the camera around and placed a few drops on the plant, nothing seemed to happen. Dallas cleared his throat.

"Anders, it's based on size remember? That's a lot bigger than a hamster." The call chuckled and I rolled my eyes, adding about a teaspoon total of the liquid to the plant's base. Immediately it began to grow, within moments the plant had increased in height by a few centimeters.

The money talks and human trial testing became the center of the conversation. Dallas dominated the rest of the call, and after a few more drinks and long hours later, everything was finally set up. When the call was finally over I collapsed into bed. It had been an absolutely exhausting day. All I did was take off the suit jacket, kick my shoes off, and fell into a deep sleep.

A large creaking noise woke me from my bed. I stood up and made my way forward. It was insanely dark, almost darker than the middle of the night. I couldn't even make out my hand in front of me. I reached out to feel for the light switch, and as I flipped it. No light turned on, and the switch itself popped with a few fizzles of electricity before going silent. I groaned and floundered toward my office to find my phone. At least I could use that flashlight to get down to the breaker.

The door to the office was ajar, I tried pulling it, but it wouldn't budge from the position it was in. The rug must've been bunched up as there were soft lumps I could feel beneath my feet. Fantastic. Squeezing between the door and the frame I was able to get to my desk and flip on my phone light. I turned towards the door and noticed vines seemed to be entwined all around the frame. Large, heart-shaped leaves cast a dark shadow onto the doorway, and I couldn't see down the hallway.

"What in the hell?"

I followed the vine upward and noticed them continuing to wrap around my ceilings, picture frames, lamps, and even my computer had been covered. They snaked across the floor and covered all sorts of directions. The walls were thick with foliage, and I couldn't even see them. It seemed the plant loved to cling to the exposed brick throughout my house.

I stepped back into the hallway and noticed the vines continued everywhere. The only open space was on the smooth wooden floors. The rest of the house seemed to be consumed by vines.

I tried opening the front door but it wouldn't move. The kitchen seemed to be completely barricaded off, leaving me without knives and scissors. I tried pulling at the vines but they were too thick, nearly the width of my thighs. When I touched it, the vine seemed to pulsate as if it were alive, as it seemed to cling more tightly to the door.

I dashed back up to get my letter opener from the office and began trying to stab at the vines at my office window. If I could get through, I could use the window to escape.

Fruitlessly I tried over and over again, but each wound in the plant seemed to heal instantaneously. My phone beeped at me, letting me know the batter way low. It was only then I noticed the time. It was 11:21 am. It should be sunny, and bright. I tried dialing Dallas' number, but all I received was a monotonous beeping. I had no power, no cell service, and an impenetrable wall of stem and leaves.

I looked down at my feet, as I felt something uncomfortable. Vines had begun burrowing into my shoes, and I was unable to move. Panic set in, as I tried calling Dallas over and over again until the phone finally died. That sick man, he had never tested this on plant matter, but why would he have any issues with me testing it? He clearly didn't care. Even now as vines began climbing up my legs he was sitting on his newfound throne of wealth.

After all, his famous motto was that "Innovation is the key to growth!"

If only I had been as innovative as he.

Sci Fi

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Alexandra Zeller

A young adult still trying to find her place in this world.

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