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Goodbye at last

by sjskn 2 months ago in family
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Chapter 18

He lowered his head and smiled. It was a bit sarcastic, but he spoke to me patiently and slowly.

"Gu Changzhou is the first student I have mentored since I taught."

"I have to admit that he is a genius. Diligence is another matter. He does have an enviable aptitude. He will probably be rising in our field. A new star... If he doesn't have that family genetic disease."

"He took a leave of absence in the first year of his studies. At that time, I was half his 'good teacher and friend', and it was only then that I knew, this kid, He's a coward who doesn't dare to tell the truth to his little girlfriend."

"I tried to persuade him to speak clearly, but he refused, saying that he went abroad for treatment. If he can be cured, he will come back to her, if not cured. Let her forget about him."

"Later I became your tutor, but now that I think about it, I even ridiculed my colleague for marrying my student, but neither did I. I fell in love with my student, and it was even worse. That student still has someone he misses."

"Later Gu Changzhou came back to China to find me, and he told me three things. First, his illness can't be cured, it's late; second, the student I'm thinking about right now is the one who is going to be with me soon. The little girlfriend she married; thirdly, he can let his little girlfriend be with me."

"Look, Gu Changzhou dumped you for me, I don't mind living in Gu Changzhou, but why are you? What do you remember?"

Shen Ci got a little closer to me, I couldn't see his expression in the dark, but I could feel his breath with a smile.

"So let's forget him, eh?"


I stared blankly at the person in front of me, and it took a long time before I heard my voice.

"Where is Gu Changzhou?"

"I don't know."

He sat back, his legs stretched out a little, and he looked at me with a half-smile and half-turned head.

"I know and I won't tell you."


My first was squeezed under the quilt, but he ignored the anger on my face, patted my hair, and told me to go to sleep.

Who can sleep?

I lay on the bed, grabbing the sheets and thinking about Gu Changzhou, where is he, what is he going to do, will he die, he...

Outside the window, I don't know when it started to rain.

The rain beat on the glass, I stared out the window and listened with my ears sideways. It had been a long time without any movement outside.

I got out of bed and sneaked into the living room. Shen Ci never gave me my cell phone, but I remember there was a landline at home.

After dialing that familiar number, I can't help but sigh that my memory is too good.

There are still many things I can't remember. When I get to the details about him, I even have muscle memory.

But after the handset rang a few times, the mechanical female voice told me without any emotion that the user had shut down.

The stinging pain of the needle in my neck suddenly jolted me.

Shen Ci was behind me, with one hand around me and the other against my neck with a needle.


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