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Godfried & Michael

… in the beginning, maybe? 🤪

By Jeffrey KippelPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Godfried & Michael… in the beginning, maybe? 🤪

In the “before time” … well, in the very before, before time… meaning before time as a concept even existed, there was…

Whoa... wait…umm… How can there actually be a ‘before’, before time… if there is no time.

Wait… and how could there be a ‘before’… before ‘before’ was even conceptualized … time had to exist in order for there to be a before, and that would mean that time was already happening, so, ahh… how can there be a before?

Maybe, time just...



That’s it!

So let’s start this part again.

In the beginning. (Yes, that’s more like it.)

In the beginning… things just were. The focus was on creation. No attention was put on daily chores and mundane tasks that seem to occupy most of everyone’s, well, time, in today’s world (now that time exists, of course).

Back in the beginning there was really, nothing. Well, unless you count the things that came out of nothing and became something. It was a period when the energetics of being were based around the causal body of the Universe. The energy of thought and imagination — intertwined with the quantum universe — creating anything, and everything, into existence faster than the speed of light.

This is when Godfried & Michael decided they were going to do something fun!

Ring. Ring. Ring.


“Hey Godfried, whatcha doin?” Michael asked.



“Well, I could be having more fun. There is so much energy in me and I’m not sure what to do?”

“Great!! You wanna do something really cool? Like I mean, so awesome that it will keep us entertained for eons of foreverness?!”

”Sure, you’ve said all the right things… “cool”, “awesome” and “entertained”! I’m game.”

”Let’s go then! Meet me down at THE Lab. We are going to create something”

”Like what?” Godfried questioned excitedly.

“I don’t know…” Michael thought out loud. “Something wild.”

“And entertaining… Maybe its existence should start from the beginning with no knowledge of anything!”

“Like it’s becoming aware of itself in reverse! Yessss, that should be fun to watch.”

“Hilarious!” Godfried laughed. He hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time and it was making him feel so much better. He had been in a slump for awhile. Having this will give him something exciting to do. “Let’s make it like a game, so if it doesn’t win it has to start over again”

“Love it! I guess it should also respect and worship us, right?” Michael added.

“Sure thing. And maybe it shouldn’t even know for sure that we even exist.”

“Wooooohhhh… that’s deep…high five! So what will it look like?”

“I was thinking we can make it in our own image, and, be anonymous at the same time… hmm”

“Brilliant,” Michael laughed.

“So I will just go ahead and conjure up an image in my mind's eye which it will think is my image.” Godfried decided

“Ok… and we’ll call it…. hmmmm….. Hmmmmm, what should we call it?! HmmmmMMMM…mmmmmm… mmmm. Ahhh. Nnnooo, not sure yet”

“That’s it. You got it…. “HuuuuuummmmmaaahhhhhN!!!”

“And for short, let’s just call it mmm…mmm…mmmmaaaa… maaahhhhhN. Man. Yes, man, that’s it, we’ll call it man.”

“I like it. Has a nice ring to it”

Nodding with enthusiasm Godfried realized “Man will also need a way to duplicate its kind because otherwise nothing is really going to get done.”

“Like what”

“I dunno… like, umm, things and stuff… cooking, cleaning and sewing perhaps?”

“Whoa…”man”! Whoaman!!! We’ll call them that… WhoaMan… that’s awesome! And yes, you are so right… They will need to eat, probably make a mess and tear stuff. I guess nothing really can be created in a vacuum, so co-creation has to exist.”

“WhoaMan” Yes, that’s it. Man shall co-create with whoaman to design more Huuumahhnns. Kinda elevates whoamans to be like goddesses, cool!”

“We are also going to need a place to put all our experiments.”

“Yes, that makes sense. It’s going to get to a point where there will be multiple versions of them, each with their own unique appearance, language, size, accent, and even color…” Godfried trailed off giddy in thought.

“Think of the hilarity just watching them try to understand each other and their differences!”

“Yah! So, let’s do it. Let’s name the storage place. Hmmm” said Michael, scratching his ear.

“That’s it!” Godfried exclaimed, pointing to Michael’s head..

“What’s it?”

“Ear, let’s call it ear”

“Ear… That’s it?!”

“No, of course not. It’s what you just said “Earrr”.. and “that’s it”…. Yes, yes, Eart-thatsit… Eartthhhastit… Earthwwwthit”

“Eeeearrrth!! That’s it!”

“Sure. Works for me. Earrrtth it will be. Ok, let’s do it! Oh what fun this is going to be!” Godfried roared.

“This is a time I will never forget… the moment Godfried created ‘Man’ in his own image,” Michael chuckled.

They both paused, stared at each other and broke out into hysterics.

To be continued…

My name is Jeffrey Kippel and I am the author of the book The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand. It’s a blend of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Family Guy with some Star Wars thrown in. 

I am also an Ambassador for the rethinkFIT initiative which is all about spreading the message that being FIT goes beyond just strength and appearance, that it also includes mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and functional health too… and one of the ways I do this by being a mentoring people want to empower others to love better how they think, feel, act, look and dream.

My book helps to spread the message too as it is also about escapism, self discovery and growth, with a bunch of laugh out loud moments in between.

I am also available to speak to audiences from kids to adults about creativity, mindfulness, science fiction and laughter, after all, it’s one of the best “medicines”!

It’s on Amazon & Kindle, Apple Books and Audible 😜


About the Creator

Jeffrey Kippel

Helping raise social consciousness with laughter, wellness & empowerment; with my comedy book, as a talk show host & as an ambassador for rethinkFIT.

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