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A cute little fan fiction I wrote a few years ago. Chiharu is my OC, Kiba Inuzka belongs to the creator of the show Naruto.

By EveryDayKayPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash

Chiharu situated herself on the tree branch, leaning against the trunk and letting one of her legs swing loosely over edge and the other planted firmly on the sturdy branch. From her back pouch, she pulled out her burgundy red reading glasses and put them on.

The text in her book seemed clearer now, and she began to read quietly, swinging her dangling leg. It was a novel written by an author from the Land of Fire. Maybe reading this book would give her a better understanding of this unknown territory. It was a gift from Shino, he had said he thought she’d be interested in local myths and fiction so he had gotten it for her.

She was really getting into it when she heard a loud voice below. “Hey, what are you doing all the way up there?!” She looked up and saw Kiba Inuzka looking up at her. “What does it look like?” she turned her nose up at him. “Looks like you’re reading.” He smirked.

“Tch,” She ignored him. Maybe he’d leave her alone, or at least respect the fact that she was preoccupied and keep his loud mouth shut. Instead, he jumped up onto the branch and sat down. Akamaru sat at the trunk of the tree. She lowered her book and glared at him over her glasses. “Can I help you?”

“You looked lonely, up here by yourself,” He said. “I’m not,” She looked back at her book. “Nice to see you too,” He drawled. The grip on her book tightened, and she grit her teeth. Maybe he’d get the hint if she tried to ignore him.

He obviously wasn’t going to leave. Secretly the Mist Village girl was enjoying the company. She’d never tell Kiba that though. He finally stopped talking, calming Chiharu’s nerves. She looked over her glasses at him. Small patches of sunlight dotted his shoulders, his wild brown hair seemed to go in all directions, and those cute fang marks on his face blended in perfectly with his all-black outfit.

He wasn’t looking at her, in fact he looked kinda bored. But still..he looked kind of… ”Handsome,” she thought. Just then he turned and looked at her, oh crap! Chiharu looked down at her book, embarrassed she got caught.

“Caught ya,” He smirked. “Shut up!” She put her book in front of her face, “I was just zoning out, ok?” Just then he pushed the book down, so they were face-to-face. “Then why are ya so red?” She glared at him, “Cause you’re pissing me off!” He was leaning closer to her, giving her that smirk of his. The way his black slit eyes gleamed, and just the way his lips curled. It was just so sexy to her.

“Would you just leave me alone?!” She squeaked. She could feel her cheeks burning even hotter. He put his forearm on her leg, resting his chin on it. “Ya know, those glasses are kinda cute on you.”

“Yeah, because me not being able to read a good book without putting something on my face is just so sexy,” She retorted and kicked her leg. “Get off me, I ain’t a leaning post.” She put her book back in front of her face, so he couldn’t see it. She heard him snicker. Looking over her book she cocked an eyebrow, “What’s so funny?”

He looked at her, but then he looked away, putting his hand in front of his mouth, as if he was holding back laughter. “What’s your problem Kiba Inuzuka?!” She fumed. Now she could feel her ears burning with anger, “Are you mocking me?!”

He waved his hand, laughing “No, no, you got it all wrong!” She folded her arms and set her jaw. “Are you done now Mister?”

“I’m sorry, but,” Kiba looked up at her, smiling from ear to ear, “But you’re so cute when you’re mad, I can’t help it.” Chiharu’s cheeked blushed. “Huh?” He grinned, “You heard me.” Just then his cheeks turned a light shade of pink, as if he had realized what he just said. Chiharu averted her eyes, trying to focus on her book. She could feel her hands shaking, no one had ever called her cute before.

She didn’t know what to do, or even what to say. “You could thank me or something!” He scolded. Her head shot up, “Excuse me?!”

“I just called you cute and you won’t even look at me!” He growled through his teeth. “Well, sorry,” She put one of her bangs behind her ear, “No boy has ever said that to me before, so I…I dunno what to say.”

His eyes widened, “Really?! That’s hard to believe!” She chuckled, “Most boys find me scary.” Kiba smiled, “Well, I don’t think you are. My mother makes you look like a harmless puppy.”

“Oh,” She blinked. Now it made perfect sense! Kiba had told her how scary Tsume could be. “But still,” Kiba leaned back, gripping the branch, “You’re beautiful, so I’m surprised no one has ever said anything to you.”

Chiharu’s whole face began to glow red. B-Beautiful?! Kiba saw her glowing, but instead of yelling at her he smiled, “Never heard that either, cutie?” “Don’t call me that!” She barked. He snickered again. With her free leg she kicked him, “You’re annoying!”

“Oi, don’t-“Kiba tried to push her away. Instead, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. She gasped, “Kiba!”

The young ninja leapt to his feet, his face red, embarrassment or anger, Chiharu wasn’t sure, “What the hell was that for?!” Chiharu turned her nose up at him, “You got annoying!” They glared at each other for a bit.

“What’s your problem?!” They cried together. Kiba turned his back and sat by Akamaru, “Whatever! Be that way!”

“And you stay down there! Let me read in peace, Baka-Kiba!” She opened her book and started to read again.


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I am EveryDayKay. I work full time as a middle school teacher. Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed writing. After years of not writing I have picked up my pen again to join the world of Vocal Media.

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