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Galudnee's Light

Sometimes the brightest lights are dark

By Kenneth BouttePublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 7 min read
Galudnee's Light
Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Galudnee’s Light

The champagne bubbles have a different kinda pop to them tonight. It’s the same Defusco’s and the same veal parmesan cannelloni but tonight everything is different. Shelby’s green eyes stare at me beneath the candlelight awaiting the big news she has been anticipating all day. Her acrylic filled nails merge into my palms and time has finally come to share the news I’ve been holding all day.

“So, you wanna tell me what’s going on?”

“Well baby, its been years…” Her grip on my hands tightens. She’s as excited as I am. “well it happened. I finally got the green light!”

“The green light? What does that mean?”

“I finally got the green light to terminate that retched bacteria alternative food research! I finally get to work on something meaningful. The program will finally end in 6 months!”

“You don’t think trying to find a food source in bacteria is important? You were literally trying to save the world. It was you that convinced me that the world can’t continue to support the growing demand for cattle and that we needed to have other sources.”

“Yea I mean I get that.”

“Meatless Mondays remember, you started that.”

“Shelby I get it! But do you have any idea what it’s like? People called me the E.Coli hamburger guy!”

“Ok fine, so that’s what this is all about?” She asks gesturing to the entire restaurant.

“Well, yea…” She snatches back her hands and her face is laced with disgust. Her eyes lose interest in me and focus aimlessly on the atmosphere. She must be incredibly parched the way she’s gulping the champagne. But in the blink of an eye, it stops. The pauses mid sip. In fact everything about her stops. The music, the chatter, the movement, all of it stops. Frozen in time. People become three dimensional candid photos cemented in time. “Shelby? What’s going on?” I ask to a mannequin that is now my girlfriend.

“Oh, she won’t be animate for a moment.” A strange voice calls from the shadows. A golden brown figure with seemingly transparent skin, walks through the figures and approaches my table. It’s well over 7 feet, with six legs, four arms and small tentacles on the back of its head. Small white dots sprinkle its body and flash a dull red sporadically when he speaks. “Ahh!!!” my scream is so loud it’s no longer audible to human ears. I scramble for the exit but my legs are glued to the floor. “Please pardon my intrusion Austin, but I wished to speak with you. I assure you I mean you no harm and this will only take but a moment of your time. I hope you don’t mind.” My heart beats hard enough to break my ribs but I’m absent any choice in the matter. The creature pulls up a chair and joins me at the table as though he was late for our reservation. It lacks any resemblance of a nose, and small danglings cover what I’m assuming is it’s mouth. Its eyes are bluer than any sapphire I’ve ever seen. Its gaze is piercing. Intense. Raw. There’s something melancholic in those deep cerulean eyes. But there’s something else there I can’t quite understand.

“Wha-wha-what do you want from me?” I say between chattering teeth.

“I want your help. My species is suffering on my planet. I have been studying Earth and I feel we can help each other.”

“Help each other? How?”

“We can iron out the details later I only wished to convey my intentions.

“Intentions? But why me?”

“Let’s just say we have similar occupational interests. But never mind that, I will be in touch soon. Please enjoy the rest of your meal.” With that the being vanishes and the world carries on as if nothing happened. I’m haunted by the vision all night. This can’t be real! Is there something in the food, the champagne maybe? The date rape drug?

Sleep is nonexistent tonight. I fear Shelby’s snores will freeze at any moment and that brown alien thing will come back. The moon gives way to the sun and still no slimy skin aliens. I breathe a sigh of relief over my 4th cup of coffee and chuckle to myself because of my overactive imagination. “Hey Shelby I’m off to the lab! I’ll be hom-“ Before my tongue could form another syllable several black SUVs and helicopters surround my small suburban home. Muscular men in black suits cover my head and toss me into the back of a helicopter. My questions are ignored and I’m basically treated like a big piece of cargo and kicked off the chopper the moment it lands. I’m on a large heliport in the middle of huge body of water. No distinguishable markings to identify where I’ve been taken. An older general full of awards and badges on his uniform approaches me with urgency in his eyes. He skips all introductions and grabs me by the arm. “Austin McIntier?” He asks, for some odd reason as if they wouldn’t have verified who I was before taking me all this way. “What the hell is going on- uh sir?” I ask as he ushers me through a series of locked doors and armed guards. “Well son, we were hoping you could tell us!” He stops and points through a small window at the brown figure from my imagination. The creature stares at me through the thick window of a small room. From the small tentacles over his mouth there is a resemblance of a smile. “What the fuck is that? And why in Sam hell is it asking for you?” I’m at a lost for the general’s questions and can’t believe that my eyes are truthful.

“Ah, now that Austin is here, we can finally begin. I am from the planet Dekali, you can call me Galudnee. I am here because my species is suffering a grave fate, and I hope you all will be willing to share your planets resources. I assure you, we do not wish to fight but rather live in harmony. In a show of good faith, I in turn would like to offer a few acts of kindness.”

“Kindness? You know this comes with a great deal of skepticism on our part.” The general fires back at the four-armed creature.

“Oh undoubtedly. So, to ease your mind, would you like me to rid your body of the cancer that’s plaguing it?”

“How did you-“

“General please, cancer among any other disease shall be but a memory with all I offer. Secondly I would like to offer this planet peace. There are several war squabbles I can lay to rest and but an end the pointless killings. And for my third and final act of good faith I would like to clean up this planet and end its pollution.”

“And just how do you plan to do all this?” the general asks in a firm and commanding voice. In the blink of an eye the brown creature stands before us. The heat coming from him is intense and his might is undeniable. He dusts off the general’s coat, and adjusts his tie before the man could drop his jaw. “Believe me, I have my ways…Do we have an accord?” A rattle chatters from the general’s feet. A small squeak parts from his lips. He ogles the beast getting lost in those deep blue eyes. A calmness comes over his once stern face and his tongue finally comes to purpose.

“Yes… please help us.”

“This partnership is most agreeable. For you Mr. McIntier, I have studied your research and I’m hoping you will assist me in the foreseeable future.”

“Me? Uh-uhm yea, sure whatever.”

“Splendid…I’ll be in touch.” With that the one calling himself Galudnee is gone. Yet his overwhelming presence remains. Overnight Countries and dictators once dedicated to war have laid down their weapons. Countless warheads and nuclear programs are dissolved and dismantled. A world truce never thought possible spares countless lives in a matter of days. In 3 months time scientist are reporting a reversal of global warming and a reduction in carbon emissions. The end of air pollution, and water contamination raise life expectancy rates across the world. And true to his promise 9 months later, every contagious and life threating disease has been eradicated. With overabundance of life, economist struggle to come up with a solution for how countries will continue. Overpopulation becomes the worlds latest struggle. But tonight, that’s the furthest thing from my mind. Tonight, my palms are sweaty. Tonight, my heart is racing. Tonight, the candlelight from Defusco’s shines off a diamond engagement ring while I’m down on one knee. Shelby’s tears of joy freeze on her face. The clapping crowd freezes in mid applause. This is unmistakable calling card of Galudnee.

“I believe congratulations are in order.” The tall brown figure says. “Do you intend to procreate?”

“Uhm kids? Haha well I guess so.”

“Splendid! The more the merrier, as I believe the saying goes. But that brings me to why I’m here. I’ve been given the green light to begin my work. And because of your assistance in matter, I would like to offer you and your growing family the title of pet I believe it’s called.”

“The green light? Pet? Am I supposed to know what any of that means? This is a really important moment for me right now and-”

“Oh forgive my rudeness. I was just trying to explain that I’ve been given the green light to start harvesting you all for consumption.”


“Why yes, your alternative food research was vital to my success. I told you we had similar occupational assignments. I too was charged with finding a viable food source for my species. I am certain humans will make the perfect meal. After studying you all, I found there were many things that unnecessarily took life away from your species. So, I removed them. Now your species can live on as livestock.” The dryness of his demeanor stings with the weight of his message. His words are so heavy I suffocate beneath them. His words grow fangs as the gravity of the situation sinks in. An ominous green flash of light blankets the sky. “Ahh, its beginning. I believe this is where you say Bon Appetit!”



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