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Frozen in Time

by D.J. Rivera 8 months ago in Short Story
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"A moment for me that remains frozen in time as the worst night of my life. A moment I wish never happened, yet I am constantly haunted by the ill-fated memory."

At one point, I was a titan. A massive being that could not be missed. And it was probably in everyone’s best interest to evade me at all costs because this bad boy wasn’t moving for anyone, if you know what I mean.

But nothing lasts forever, and as I look back on my journey, like most people, I wish I could have done more. There was an entire world to see, and it felt like I couldn't find a way to see any of it. Like an island isolated by water in the middle of a vast sea, solitude always seemed to be my situation.

Every now and again, there’d be something worth noticing. There were even junctures when I thought I would receive an unexpected guest, only to be disappointed. Whether it was all in my head or just never meant to be, I remained alone since the day I split from the rest of my kind, which seems like it was ages ago.

Time can be something of a cruel mistress, and there isn’t much left of me to speak of as things don’t always stay the same. The world always changes, sometimes for the worst, through actions that are not within my control. I only have to deal with the long-lasting consequences of the decisions of others.

At one point, my massive size helped me compensate for my lack of control over my situation. But now that’s gone, and I’m wasting away to nothing. Soon. I’ll be gone forever. And before I go, there is only one thing that I truly regret.

A moment for me that remains frozen in time as the worst night of my life. A moment I wish never happened, yet I am constantly haunted by the ill-fated memory. If I could, I would do things much differently. But some things are just meant to happen.

Being helpless isn't easy to deal with, and coming to terms with the fact that something was completely out of one’s control is no easy feat.

It was a cold dark night. I had seen more like me than ever before on this journey across the ocean I had embarked upon against my will. But all indications suggested it would be a grand adventure, or at least that was how I would interpret it. While it was an overwhelming voyage, I couldn't help but feel alone and that something less than ideal was on the horizon.

Most people would think my worries would be fool-hearted. But all the warning signs were ignored, and outsiders looking in would agree that the situation was like my ego, larger than life and, by many people’s standards, too big to fail. So I progressed without worry, almost as if I was wearing a blindfold, sure that I would meet my inevitable destination without interruption of any kind.

But my concerns would be justified by an obstacle that even fate herself may not have taken into account.

I had seen them before but never this close and never one this massive in size. It was, in all honesty, the biggest thing I had ever witnessed.

For so long, I foolishly had considered myself to be the largest giant in these parts, but I paled in comparison to this magnificent vessel floating atop the water in an almost serene-like manner.

It would have been a pleasant sight to behold had this mammoth not been headed directly in my general direction. This faceless monster grew in size as it got closer. Its body was long and massive like the whales that pass by beneath me, but its front end was pointed and had what in the dark looked like fins that only a shark would possess. Even from a distance, their actions can be felt throughout the area, and it is anything but pleasant.

Up until now, no such creature I had ever encountered had an appetite for yours truly, but it seems things have changed. Hurling toward me, I saw my whole life flash before my eyes—the long journey from Greenland south to the middle of the great Atlantic.

All of the dinosaurs, wooly mammoths and the smorgasbord of marine life I’ve admired from my solitary path surged in a rapid slideshow across my mind as if to say goodbye before my untimely and rather unexpected demise.

The noise of distress and heinous screams of terror beckoned as the beast closed in for the final kill. I brace for impact and pray for a quick death, something the sea doesn't usually allot its victims, something I would have never imagined of becoming.

But then something happened. Just as the monstrosity was about to slay me once and for all, it began to veer off to one side as if it just realized I was there, which made perfect sense. The moon was missing from the sky, and the cold air was not only chilly but also thick, making it difficult even for me to see.

But before I could celebrate, the last-minute effort proved to be rather too little too late.

A gut-wrenching thud filled the air, followed by the bloodcurdling screeches that followed the razor claws ripping through, tearing up pieces of me into bits, some as small as snowflakes.

It was as if a million icicles were piercing me all over at once, and every second they hit harder and deeper. The dream of a quick death subsided, and the nightmare that lasted mere seconds will always be revered with the red scar that was left behind.

The battle mark tattooed across my side for the rest of my days is my only trophy to bear for surviving such an epic battle with an enormous devil. As the pain slowly disappeared, a stampede of questions stormed through my thoughts.

Was it all just a miscalculation, or are the rumors true, and mercy does exist within the depths of this wasteland of water? I’ll never know. But I soon realized this particular nemesis would not be coming back for more. It didn't make it very far. Before I could ascertain why it decided in the eleventh hour to spare me, it started to sink and break off into pieces.

However, unlike mine, these broken-off parts were crying out for help and shivering in what would ultimately become their watery grave. The anger and violence that broke out among the wreckage made me wonder if being alone all these years was really that bad.

But before I could come to a conclusion, the shouting and ruckus had ceased. It was quiet, the colossal intruder had sunk to the ocean floor, and everything that fell off of it was no longer moving—frozen in time just like that dreaded moment.

Later, a few more of these monumental beasts floated by, but they made sure to keep their distance. They knew that I was the reason one of them was no longer basking in the sunshine on the surface. And not wanting the same fate, I felt I would be forever seen as something of a natural disaster or a dangerous adversary that needs to be avoided by all living things no matter the cost.

I couldn’t help but think everyone like me would also get labeled in the same capacity. Like looking anything like me or being in the same class as myself would automatically trigger the memory of the tragic ordeal to replay all over again. I had stigmatized my kind all because

I was forced to stand still and do nothing.

I always wondered if there was more I could have done or was it all just fate? Could the entire thing have been prevented? Perhaps, but unfortunately, we may never know for sure.

With time slipping away, I want to take this chance to apologize for my part in this horrendous affair and offer up my condolences. I also want to assure all I meant no harm or malice. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't do anything more, and no words can make up for this tragic ordeal.

The one thing that undoubtedly remains the same as I drift off into the hot sun, a small fraction of my former self, I will surely not last forever, but my run-in with the Titanic will always be Frozen in Time.

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