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From the goddess to the video heroine, the "depravity" of former school flowers is actually the result of forced helplessness

From high school began to love goddess, turned out to be 5 yuan in the video of the heroine, later, I entered the edge of the broadcast room to give her a tip, but she cried to me to send out a distress signal

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In the wee hours of the morning, my roommate Paul suddenly opened my door and said, "Jack, let me borrow your projection. Let's have fun together!"

When I looked up, I saw a pair of beautiful legs in mesh socks.

Her white skin is encased in a diamond mesh.

"Excellent, I didn't expect to get that for five dollars..." Paul took half of the sofa.

"There's nothing to look at in a woman with an edge."

I don't care, because my heart hidden a goddess, her name is Bella, since high school I have a crush on her, love even afraid to profane her.

In my heart, no one can match her.

Paul howled loudly. I thought he was noisy and tried to smoke a cigarette on the balcony, but he dragged me back.

'Don't go, she's taking it off!

In the picture, the woman is bent over the waist, hands on the edge of the thigh socks, is gradually falling down.

I looked there and saw a conspicuous vermilion mole on my sister's left thigh, in a particularly suggestive position.

Suddenly, all my blood rushed to my scalp and I felt numb.

The mole, just as I remembered it...

There was one in exactly the same part of my goddess.

I only found this little mark on her because I saved her from drowning in swimming class.

Since then, the mole has reappeared in many of my indescribable dreams.

It was only then that I took a closer look at the woman in the video, and though her head was obscured by a cartoon image, the strong sense of familiarity gave me a bad feeling.

I grabbed the remote control and turned off the projection. "Where did you buy the video? Send me the address."

Paul almost stops breathing. "You almost ruined me, damn it."

After he recovered his strength, he told me that this was the girl he found on the short video APP, and the new membership benefits he bought with five yuan after he added the rewards to wechat was just this little video.

"Although the video is only five yuan, adding a wechat friend will cost you at least five hundred yuan. But what I spend, I can only buy this kind of video, more exciting, I can't afford..."

The more I listened, the more my heart sank.

I don't believe that a girl as clean and beautiful as the moon in the sky would volunteer for this kind of work. Is she, uh, being controlled?

With this idea in mind, I lost sleep completely. The next day, I asked for leave at home and camped in the studio that Paul had mentioned.

Finally, late at night on the air, I crouched over the girl who seemed to be Bella.

In order to add wechat, I directly gave her a carnival, because the live broadcast just started, I was pushed to the first position.

"Thank you, Brother Jack, for the carnival."

She turned on the voice changer, and I couldn't recognize her original voice.

I did three more, and each time, she said thank you, Jack.

I even started to choke up a little.

Administrator private letter asked me if I want to add wechat, I replied well, fingers are shaking.

This is really Bella, because my nickname Bella, she recognized me.

And brother Jack, she gave me that nickname because I used to copy her homework at school.

Bella danced for only one song, perhaps because she was in a bad mood.

It made me more certain that she wasn't willing, that she was asking me for help.

I immediately opened the prepared micro channel trumpet, plus the number, in order to install adult silly money more dirt rich, my head is a luxury car, friends circle sun is not gold chain, watch, is Moutai.

Thanks to the fact that I'm a good programmer, it worked out perfectly.

And opposite is a very simple account, the system default profile picture, never sent a circle of friends.

This number is similar to the one Paul added, but it's not the same one.

The other side hand such accounts, there may be hundreds of thousands.

I waited for them to contact me so as not to alarm me.

About ten minutes later, a message came from the other side, explaining their membership level in detail. It was exactly what Paul had said.

With the amount of money I'm tipping today, I should be in gold.

I sent a voice with home dialect: how so many words, not rare to see, just talk about how much money can see the girl at night.

The other party said: transfer three versatile Bella the most complete set of videos, 200,000 can also meet and interact with her offline.

Bella. That's their stage name for Bella.

The amount he said was obviously not included in the membership benefits that had just been issued. It seemed that I had spent too much money and wanted to get more.

I then asked: Does video show faces?

They said it was their most beautiful, only to show off the line.

Well, it looks like Bella wasn't the only one being controlled, so most likely, this is a gang.

And they dared me to go offline, either because they had no fear, or because they were setting me up.

In case they got suspicious, I only transferred 30 grand.

I said: Video first, see if it's worth it.

The other side is very cautious, give is an overseas network disk address, I disorderly point a few times, and then frankly tell them, this thing I will not make.

May think I am a fat sheep, the other side to give me voice guidance, just turn on the voice changer.

I was asking silly questions, and I was secretly tracking their addresses, and unfortunately, after a few attempts, the IP addresses kept changing, so it was a virtual one.

All I could do was download the videos before their patience wore off.

There are seven videos in total, the most common one is the one Paul sent me, wearing cool and dancing...

Halfway through, my eyes were red.

Not because of sex, but because of anger and pain, my Bella, my goddess of the moon, is suffering inhuman torture at the hands of animals!

When I saw the last video, I cried silently.

Tears streamed down her face.

These bastards, they made her shoot the theme video!

Other places are spared, only because she still needs to make money on the platform!

I spent the night in front of my computer, working through the videos, using technology to mosaics all the images of Bella's private parts.

Frame after frame, I repeated mechanically, with only one conviction in my mind: I must save Bella!

The next day, I copied the processed video and went to the police station with the phone I had used to communicate with the other person.

After finishing the record, captain Chen Ming called me to his office, we are old friends, he has several major cases, have asked me to do network technical support.

He didn't hide it from me because he trusted me.

He told me that, based on the information I had provided, the preliminary conclusion was that this gang was probably involved in several disappearances in the city, and possibly more.

And the other side is very cunning, has a strong anti-detection ability, he hopes that I can continue to play with the other side as a fan anchor, convenient to assist the police in-depth investigation.

I also told him my plan to meet offline at the right time and go straight into the tiger's den. Before that, I will try my best to figure out the real address of the other person, so that the police can be prepared in advance.

In the evening, I was notified when the broadcast began, and this time, instead of giving Bella a tip, I chose two other female hosts at random.

Then I got straight to the point and asked the wechat account: How much do these two girls pay to watch explicit videos?

Who knows, the other side again said that they are not to show their faces.

I began to lose my temper.

A curse was hurled at him.

The other side is not angry, when I coax the God of wealth, said that when the line to meet, if you can add fifty thousand dollars, you can let the two girls accompany me.

I didn't rush to say yes.

For the rest of the day, I continued to reward Bella, who could see that I had a secret heart for her. After five days of patience, she finally came to me and said, "Boss, if you sincerely come offline, you can transfer 50,000 deposit, and I will send Bella's profile to you for verification.

I thought for a while and transferred him sixty thousand yuan. I said I would also test the other two. If they didn't look right, I would have to change them.

They sent me three beautiful but hazy photos, and I wouldn't have recognized Bella if I hadn't known her so well.

But because they sent me these three photos directly, I was able to trace them through the files and decipher their location. And the same place they agreed with me offline.

Which means they're not moving for a while.

Then, I passed the photos to Chen Ming by safe means. Before dawn, Chen Ming told me excitedly that the photo of one of the girls was 70% similar to the face of Zhao Xiaoman, the missing girl in the neighboring city.

We're all shocked. This could be a major missing persons case!

On the day we met offline, Chen Ming and I were dressed in a tuhao dress. After we communicated the details, I walked out of the teahouse and walked towards the plastic surgery hospital under Chen Ming's solemn gaze.

Yeah, well, we didn't expect their stronghold to be hidden in the middle of downtown.

But plastic surgery hospital, is really a very good camouflage, here every day in and out of the pursuit of beauty, often on the face of the body to move a knife, go in a short time do not come out, or come out of a big change is normal but...

My man took me to the top floor of the hospital.

Standing in front of the largest room, I cast a critical glance at the waitresses standing in the hallway. "None of them are very good-looking."

"You can tell at a glance that the three best ones are in there."

The door of the ward opened and there was something else inside. It wasn't a ward at all. It was a suite.

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