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Four dragons

Chinese nomadic story

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Once upon a time there were no six or six on earth. There was only the lower sea. In that lower sea lived four dragons. They are called long dragons, yellow dragons, black dragons, and coral dragons. The four of them were cheering in the sea.At one point the four flew together into the air. As they went to the sky, their enthusiasm began to wane.The joy of seeing the tiny little clouds was still higher, and the jumps and jumps made the games. Cotton played hide and seek in the clouds
This time the coral dragon looked down from the top of the cloud and said, "Come, come here."
The other three dragons approached and looked at the spot where it was shown.In one part of the earth below, people were holding fruit, cakes, etc., burning incense and bowing to the sky.The gray-haired woman was sitting on her knees. She was carrying a skinny, little boy on her back. The woman began to look up at the sky.
“Heavenly God, we pray with a melting heart. Your children need rice to eat. Send the rain of rice as soon as possible. ”
Yes, there has been no rain on earth for many months. The crops had withered and turned yellow. Many places have been charred. In many places the earth has exploded due to the impact of the sun.The yellow dragon said, "Sin, how much do they suffer with their children?" If it does not rain on the earth soon, they will die. ”Yellow Dragon, you are right, sin poor people, we can do something We are in the clouds, and we will ask King Jade for rain for the people who live here.
”The coral dragon anxiously asked, "How do you find him?" The others decided, "He's here beyond the palace cloud, let's find him."
The four dragons crawled together in the cloud crowd. Flying and flying, they found the palace of King Jet. The king saw the four dragons entering quickly,
"Why did you come here without permission without your place at sea?" He asked angrily.The long dragon went ahead and said, “All the lands on earth have dried up without rain. Some poisonous crops wither and wither without rain.If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. People will die of famine. You are the one who must repent and send the rain to the earth immediately. We beg you. "
”Okay, okay… You go to your residence. I will send rain tomorrow to save the crops and the people, ”said the king.
The four dragons set off, saying, "Thank you, thank you." The four dragons returned to Earth and went to sea, their abode.
The next day they eagerly looked at the sky. The rain did not come. Two days, three days passed, and for ten days not even a drop of rain came.It was heartbreaking to see people starving, eating tubers dug in the ground and some eating dried crops and clay without getting it.Jade, the rainforest who lives happily ever after, regrets that he doesn't care a bit. They began to think that the suffering people should be somehow rescued from their misery.
Long Dragon, “Look here, I have an idea, the sea we live in is the biggest sea. It contains as little water as we take.Why shouldn’t we solve people’s misery? We will absorb water and shower it from the sky. "People's misery will end."The other dragons clapped their hands and cheered and accepted the idea of ​​the long dragon.Yet the elongated dragon was deep in thought for a while.
“Why? what a thought? We will get active, ”said the other three dragons.The long dragon replied, "I have no second thought, but I wonder if we will incur the wrath of the Jade King."The other three shouted in unison, "It's okay, four people is fine, there's nothing we can do."If so, let's get down to business. Do not procrastinate. We will never regret it. ”The four dragons carried the water of the ocean to their mouths, flew into the sky, formed a cloud mass above, and rained. It rained incessantly and tirelessly."It is raining, it is raining, it is raining, our crops are not withering, we are saved," the people shouted. The crops hanging from the head stood upright excitedly.
Will the pirate be idle after seeing all this? He told the rain king everything that had happened to Karma.He was furious. What is the arrogance of these dragons? Did you act without my permission and make it rain?He sent troops, arrested all four dragons and ordered them to come and stand in front of him.The force rushed. The dragons, who showed no resistance, were captured and dragged upstairs. The rain stopped all four dragons in front of the king.
The rain king said, "You will no longer be at sea. I will imprison you on all four hills. You will lie down there separately." Then he said to the king of the mountains, "Put them under the four mountains."
The king of the mountains created the wind by his power and blew, moving the four dragons in four directions and creating the mountains above.At the foot of the mountain the dragons, who had no regrets, decided to bring lasting happiness to the people. The four began to flow into four rivers, ran from all four directions, and flowed on land and into the sea.
This is how the Heilongjian (Angprinj Thai - Black River) in the western corner of China In central China there are four major rivers: the Huangke (Yellow River), the Zhangjiang (Long River), and the Jujiang (Coral River) in the southeast.


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