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Foster Wolf

Being a foster mom ain't easy, especially if you're a werewolf as well.

By Jennisea RedfieldPublished 12 months ago 17 min read
Foster Wolf
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

I never expected to be a foster parent. But then again, I never expected to be a goddamn werewolf.

Not one of those over-romanticized giant, super fluffy wolves, or a really hairy person. But I full out horror movie werewolf.

I don’t look any different from any other person. I don’t have excess body hair, or act like a dog (much). I don’t have a pack. I'm pretty average looking, so I'm not super-hot either.

I do eat raw meat, though. A lot of raw meat that is mostly rabbits or deer I catch or organ meat that isn't used by butchers. I do howl and run under the moonlight. But I don’t lose my mind. I don’t go raving insane to maul and hurt others.

I am kind of a dumbass as a werewolf though. Then again, I'm a dumbass as it was anyway. I’ll go into more detail later on.

I am strong. Very strong. That part isn’t a lie. I can lift a damn truck with little difficulty. Scared the hell out of my ex-lover when I first did that.

I also have excellent night vision, but I still need glasses, unless I transform into wolfie form.

And I am territorial. But I was like that as a human too, so no one really noticed.

I do have to eat more, like four times the amount of calories than I normally ate.

I ain’t super skinny, or buff. But I am in better shape than I was before I was changed.

But this is a story on how I was found out. And it was for the better.


My first kids were a pair of siblings, ages 15 and 4. The 15-year-old, a young man who we will call Alan, was royally protective of his baby sister, who we will call Sophie. Both kids were close knit and skittish, and they were removed from their parents over drug use. I could relate. My mother was a junkie and I was a lot like Alan with my siblings.

I lived in a bunker. Yeah, A fucking bunker. The asshole who bit me gave me the bunker as a pity gift for making me a fursona for life. (Thanks a lot, Ian. I hope a hunter turns you into a rug.)

Alan liked the bunker; he got a big room to himself, his own bathroom, and several survivalist books (courtesy of Ian.) There was a treadmill and a bike that was attached to a generator, so that helps cut down costs of energy. Well, it would if I liked to exercise, but the teenager got to use it whenever he desired. I found out he likes to draw, so I found an old ass desk for him to use for schoolwork and art. I even got him a locked safe for his stuff.

Sophie was bit leery of her room. I would be too, since the walls were concrete. But I gave her free reign to use chalk to decorate her walls, so that soothed her. She got a thick black rug to warm her feet, which I am 90% sure is an actual wolf pelt, treated with a special acid to make it soft. Alan had one too, but in a downy red color.

Both kids took a while to open up to me. My few rules were reasonable. They had full bellies and clean clothes.

And I turned into my fursuit every night once they are in bed asleep.

We were doing good. At least I thought so.


After a few months, Sophie was calling me “mama,” and Alan was calling me “auntie.” Again, I didn’t mind. Sophie turned five a few days ago, and Alan was thriving in his classes at school. But now there was something up.

Alan was starting to be suspicious of me.

“Is everything okay, Alan? You’ve been giving me the side eye for a week now.” I asked after a few days of his cautious leering, chopping up raw pig ears for my wolf snacks, along with some blueberries.

“Why do you eat that weird shit?” he asked after a few minutes of silence. Sophie was nibbling on some bacon muffins I made that morning, occasionally sharing with her brother.

“I am on a special diet. Eating this shit is what keep me calm and normal.” I explained, placing the pig ears in a thick plastic bowl. From the boy’s scowl, he didn’t buy it.

“....are you on drugs?” he asked, a bit harsh. I stopped cutting up more pig ears.

“no. I aint on drugs. Why do you ask that?” Alan started to chew on his lip, picking at the dead skin until it was raw. His blood smelled a bit thick. He needs more water.

“The food you eat. It’s weird. None of our other foster parents ate pig ears and turkey necks at night, especially raw with blueberries and watermelon chunks.” he explained. I bit my lip in thought.

“I ain’t doing drugs. I just like eating that stuff.” I lied. Well, it was partially a lie. Alan scoffed.

“Bullshit. You don’t have to lie to me. At least don’t do that shit near my sister.” Alan gruffed. I sighed.

“Alan. I can promise you this: I am not talking any type of drug. I barely take an aspirin for a headache. I wont even take a cold tablet for a cold. You know this. And you know I would never do anything to endanger you and your sister.” I explained. Alan sighed.

“Why can’t you tell me whats going on? I’m not a little kid. Are you...a hooker?” he asked. I glanced over towards Sophie. The little girl was watching with bright blue eyes, curious.

“If only it was that simple.” I grumbled.

"What?" Alan asked, caught off guard by my dry comment.

“What's a hooker?” Sophie asked. I never really hid anything from them, but I shared a look with Alan, just in case. He nodded.

“A hooker is a person who...makes babies, for money.” She’s five! I wasn’t going to tell her! But this tidbit seems to placate her enough to drop the question. Alan refocused on me.

“Then why are you eating all the weird stuff?” he asked. I sighed and began to clean up from slicing up garbage meat.

“I don’t have a choice. I must eat this stuff, or I will start to starve.” I revealed. It was the truth, just not the entire truth. Alan gave me a weird look after that. Sophie did too.

“Are you a vampire?” Sophie asked, causing me to flinch. I hope they didn’t notice.

“No sweetie. I ain’t a vampire.” I'm on the other end, but I ain’t telling her that. Alan was still staring at me.

“Why don’t you two go outside and play in the garden? I’ll start cooking dinner.” Sophie was already up and out the door. Alan leveled me another look, but he walked out after his sister. Bullet dodged...I think. I think I'll just order pizza.

Placing the order, I went outside and sat on the covered porch. The bunker had a false house on top, so I luckily had a porch to sit on. I got to thank Ian though. Solar power, a bladeless wind turbine and the kinetic energy from the treadmill. My house is very green. I like it. The bunker had two other rooms besides Alan’s, Sophie’s and mine. We just used it as storage for now. In the future I may take on more kids. But I’ll settle with these two for now.

Sophie was running around, chasing a stray cat that plays around the place. Alan watched me from the corner of his eye, noticing the cat’s kittens always took shelter near me. The cat was hanging around more often. Looks like we got a pet.

“I thought you were making dinner.” Alan grumbled.

“I ordered a couple pizzas.” I replied. I watched as Sophie, finally out of energy, collapsed playfully in the grass.

“Mama! Who is that?” what? I glanced over to where Sophie was now pointing, and I felt myself bristle with tension.

A large man was walking over, swaggering eve. He had a couple of friends too, some squirrely men who stood by the road as he stalked over. I bore my teeth, making sure my kids didn’t see. Another werewolf. I hate to admit he was kinda hot, though. Damn. Why are they always sexy?

“Alan. Take Sophie inside. I’ll deal with these guys.” I ordered. Alan’s scent spiked with fear. The smell was sour. I hated it.

“Auntie?” he questioned. I stood and moved to stand in front of the kids.

“Just do what I say. I will be in shortly.” Alan listened and scooped up his protesting sister. Once I heard the door click behind me, I let out a territorial snarl.

“What the hell do you want? Get out of my territory!” I snarled, low. With a mental flex, I felt my nails shift into sharp, thick claws. I even felt my wolf teeth overtake my mouth. The guy laughed.

“You are cute, little female.” I scowled.

“Female? What, I'm just labeled by my fucking gender? Never mind that. What the fuck are you doing on my land?!” I snarled again. The fucker laughed again.

“Its cute. That a female think she can run her territory without a male.” he cooed. The fucker actually cooed at me!

“Look, what do you want?” I snarled again. My blood felt like hot lead as I could feel the wolf in me flare up to fight. THe man laughed. He then walked towards me even more. Fuck...he’s huge. He stood like two feet above me!

“I’ve been scouting you out. You and your human cubs. There is no male in your territory.” he purred. I didn’t know wolves could purr.

“Creep. I don’t need a male...I mean a guy! JUst say your piece and get out of here!” I growled. THe big guy chuckled.

“You know....female wolves are incredibly rare. And you are a pretty female at that, too.” he replied.

“What the fuck do you want? Stop pussyfooting around and just say your fucking piece!” I hissed. The man chuckled again.

“I can smell you. You are a fertile female. I want you to be my Bitch.”

“Your what?!” I shouted. The man was smiling. His shifty friends were hooting and hollering as he said that.

“You would be a fine Bitch. So pretty, fat with cubs.” he crooned. He started to circle me, kind of like a shark.

“Leave me alone. Get out of my territory.” I snarled. The man laughed. I’m done. Quicker than he thought, I ran my claws diagonal with his chest, leaving a deep gouge. He let out a roar.

“You fucking cunt!”

“I ain’t going to be anyone’s Bitch! Leave my land unless I make you!” I screamed. The man was snarling, his scent spiking into the rawness that signaled a change. He then looked past my shoulder and sneered.

“I’ll be back, you little cunt. And if I can’t have you, I'll take your cubs as a prize.” That did it. IN a flurry of fur and fangs, I completed my shift. I let out a roar and lunged for him again. The man laughed and took several strides back.

“Your cubs don’t know. Do they?” he sneered. I stiffened, and turned around to see Alan. He was terrified, and pale. I turned back towards the man and let out another roar.

“I’ll be back, you bitch.” He continued to walk back to his buddies, I stood tall in front of Alan.

After a few minutes of the men leaving, I calmed down. But here is where there is a dilemma: I can’t change back for another couple hours.


I did say I will explain my wolfiness. A werewolf is not a giant fucking wolf. I have thick long legs that you know are definitely canine. My chest is broad and human, but still feminine. Luckily my fur is so thick you don’t see my tits through them. And my head is that of a wolf’s, but my teeth drape down past my lips like a gators. But only my eye teeth. One thing that makes me stand out in werewolves, besides my rarity being a female, is my fur is a dark clay pink.

“...You’re a furry?!” Alan shrieked. Well...wasn’t expecting that answer.

“Werewolf, actually.” I can still talk in my wolf body, but my voice is deeper and a bit muffled from the difference in muscles. Alan was holding Sophie, while her brother looked slightly horrified, she herself was in awe. We retreated inside, with me casually munching on a fat ham like a slice of watermelon.

“A werewolf?!” the boy squeaked. He kept a firm grip on his sister.

“It’s not too bad. As long as I transform regularly, I'm no danger. In fact...I’m kind of stupid as a wolfwoman.” I replied. Alan gave me a queer look.

“Like how?” he asked, skeptical.

“Well, during a thunderstorm one time, I hid in the shower screaming at my reflection for an hour. Another time I spent another hour chasing a ribbon I tied to my tail for some reason. When outside, I catch the zoomies and ran into a tree. I can go on.” I explained. The little quips teased a smile out of the boy.

“Okay, you're not much different as a wolflady. That does explain some of your weirdness. That guy outside though, will he hurt us?” he asked. I snarled, a deep angry sound.

“Not if I can help it.” I replied. Alan then allowed Sophie to drop off his lap. THe little girl then ran right up to me and tugged on my pinkish fur.

“Wow! Can you pull a sled? Do you play fetch? Do you eat dog food, too? Is this why you have so many squeaky dolls? Can I bring you for show and tell? Can I be a werepuppy?” she spat out in rapid fire. I chuckled.

“It’s still me, sweetie. I am strong enough to pull a sled, I won’t mind playing fetch, I have eaten dog food before I was a wolflady, yes, no and we’ll let you grow up first and decide.” I replied right back just as quickly. Alan watched carefully as Sophie climbed on my broad body and played with my ears. I turned my attention back to Alan.

“You won’t hurt us? Or turn us into werewolves too?” he asked.

“You have my word. And I never go back on my word.” I stated, firm on my matter. ALan nodded once and moved closer.

“...Okay. I can handle this.”

When he and Sophie went to bed, I still remained in my wolf fursona. I used this time to brush my fur and do a surveillance on my small territory outside. A few times, I caught the smell of the male wolf that was here earlier, but he was alone. Taking a break, I stopped my patrol to allow the male to approach.

HIs wolfsona was larger than mine. Make no mistake, I aint a little, dainty thing. But damn. This guy stood over my head by two feet and two hundred pounds of muscle. HIs fur was a dark, dark red, like copper under a new moon. I have to admit, he was kind of hot.

“Leave. I won’t ask nicely next time.” I threatened. The male wolf held up his humanoid hands in surrender.

“Hear my out. I had to put on an act in front of the guys. Your scent called us in. I was telling the truth that you are cute and you can’t defend territory without a male.” I snarled.

“I’ve been doing fine!” I growled back.

“I know you have. But my territory is just over the mountain, neighbor to yours with the gas station as a natural safe point on both sides of the area. Now, your territory is rich with fertile soil. It will make good farm land for my pack. I have a proposition.” he replied.

“What is it?” I asked, a bit cautious. The male took a careful step towards me.

“Breed with me. I’m the Prime in my pack. We’ve been getting by with our numbers fine, having to carefully pick volunteers to join our pack, but a female wolf would be perfect for our pack. Born wolves are stronger and more likely to be female than a bitten wolf, like you.” he explained. I scoffed.

“Why should I trust you? You threatened my human cubs. What’s stopping you from harming any cub we may have?” I demanded. The male winced.

“I’ll admit. That was a bad thing to do on my part. Wolves cherish cubs, human or not. But I needed to grab your attention. With the pack behind you, if you breed with me, your cubs will be guarded better than the First Family. Nothing will bring harm to them. And there will be other human children they can get to know with wolf fathers.” he explained.

“No mothers?” I asked. He shook his head.

“I told you. Females are rare. Any woman that was bitten and turned never lived past the first shift. It’s too much for them. Its not about their body strength. It’s about their strength of soul.” he explained.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Women normally don’t have the inner soul and mind of a wolf. Not like you. They mostly try to suppress their wolf nature, and by doing so, their inner wolf dies, thus they die. You didn’t.”

“Of course I didn’t. I was bitten by accident. Once I felt my inner wolf, I accepted her. She didn’t ask to be inside me, but we could both live and help one another.”

“Since then, you never heard her, correct?” he stated.

“ Only thing I feel and see inside me is me.” I replied.

“Exactly. It’s tradition to let new wolves bond with their wolf souls by themselves. However, if there is a Prime Female, then they can have a coach. We need you.” he replied.

“...if I breed with you, what then?” I asked.

“Your territory will still be yours, but it will become the capital towards the pack. As for your cubs, any adopted or born will be treated fairly and wonderful. Breed with me. Bond with me. Become my mate.” he asked.

“...okay. What do I need to do?” I asked after a few minutes of weighing the options. The male smiled, all his white teeth glistening in the pale starlight.

“Simple. Just repeat after me: I, Mira of the Bunker territory, hereby bond with Travis, Prime of the Blue Mountain pack, as Bitch Prime and Pack Mother until one shall join the Moon. And hold you your forearm.”

“I. Mira of the Bunker Territory, hereby bond with Travis, Prime of the Blue Moutain Pack, as Bitch Prime and Pack Mother until one of us shall join the Moon.” I repeated. Travis, his name was Travis, then moved to hold my forearm, then dropping to one knee.

“I, Travis, Prime of the Blue Mountain Pack, hereby bond with Mira of the Bunker Territory, to be my Bitch Prime and Pack Mother until one shall join the Moon.” He then bit my wrist softly and stood, allowing me to bite his wrist too.

“We will consummate next time. I will warn you, wolves breed in public, so we will too. But we are mates now. I shall see you next time, Mira.” He then howled and ran back towards his mountain, leaving me puzzled and alone.

I went back to the bunker, shifting back into my human form. Checking on my kids, I smiled. They will be safe. Now and forever.

Bone tired, I collapsed on my bed with a groan. I was asleep before I could crawl under the covers.


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