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For you, I would like to love the whole world34

by Kerley Howell about a month ago in Young Adult
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For you, I would like to love the whole world34

Chapter34 The Emergence of Internet Literature

Working hard every day at work, taking the time to code words, and watching the numbers in the background of after get off work has become the happiest thing for Long Bow and his best entertainment.

"Longbow, what are you busy doing in front of the computer every day?" Mother looked at Longgong who was sitting in front of the computer and kept typing.

Longbow said, "I'm writing a novel."

"Writing a novel?" Mother was stunned for a moment, "Why did you think of writing a novel?"

Long Bow said: "It's just interest. Mom, don't worry, I won't delay my work."

The mother sighed lightly: "Write it if you want, as long as you are happy. Son, don't put too much pressure on yourself. When you are ready to get married, your parents will help you."

"Well, thank you mom." Longgong's back straightened a little bit, and he didn't say anything about refusal, because now he may really have no way to give Muzi a good enough life, but since he hugged Muzi and cried that day, He knew that in his life, apart from this woman, there would be no other woman. If I can't achieve some results within a few years, I'm afraid I really can't rely on my own strength to marry her.

Looking back at his mother, looking at her worried eyes, looking at her gray hair growing on the temples, Changgong couldn't help feeling sour. I am already in my twenties, do I really want my parents to worry about my own affairs? No, he doesn't want to.

"Child of Light" flowed at the fingertips, and Longbow's consciousness gradually entered that world.

I was admitted to the Advanced Magic Academy with excellent grades, and sitting beside me was a stunning and moving female classmate.

Soon, I knew the girl's name, her name is Muzi.

I always subconsciously want to get close to Muzi, but I am always played by Muzi. In revenge, I pretended to write a love letter to Muzi. 1

Writing this, Changgong couldn't help but put a smile on the corner of his mouth, and unconsciously recalled the feeling when he first wrote a love letter to Muzi in his mind.

At that time, I was apprehensive and nervous, especially the period of waiting after handing over the first letter to her, how hard it was!

The good memories made him unconsciously bring his emotions into the book, the longbow and Muzi in the book.

That was the projection of him and her.

In class, Muzi crumpled the love letter I wrote to her and threw it back. He just said coldly, "It's boring, don't use this trick to play with me."

I started to pass a note to Muzi, and Muzi gradually fell in love with this game from the beginning of resistance.

It would be great if I really were classmates with Muzi! You can be with her since school, and pass her a note if you want to say something to her.

When I got home in the evening and sat in front of the computer, thinking this way, the corner of Longgong's mouth couldn't help showing a faint smile.


There was a sudden pain in his head, and Changgong looked back, and found that Mu Zizheng was standing beside him with wide-eyed almond eyes.

"Bad people, don't even want to let them go when they go to school, right? Humph!"

Longgong smiled and hurriedly explained: "Look, I have written this about the Advanced Magic Academy. The Advanced Magic Academy in the book is equivalent to the university in our real life. Isn't it normal for a university to fall in love? Besides, Don't you think it's lovely to pass on notes?"

A hint of slyness flashed in Muzi's eyes: "That's good! From now on, write me a note tonight if you want to say anything to me, or I will ignore you and let you have fun."


Muzi finally stopped tearing up the notes I passed on, and started replying to me. With my sincerity, her heart gradually opened up.

She told me a story of "Waiting for You One Hundred Letters"...

I promised her that I would work hard to write a love letter to her, the two gradually got closer, and my light magic became stronger and stronger, and I gradually became the best magician in the Advanced Magic Academy. No classmates know that I have actually become the eleventh magister-level powerful magician on the mainland.

"Muzi, will you accept me?"


At the time of writing, Longbow received news that the program of was finally adjusted, and his latest updated content could be added to the VIP fee chapter.

After discussing with the officials of, Longbow decided to lift the ban on VIP chapters after three days, so that readers can see the content at a later time even without spending money. He doesn't expect to make money by creating, but he's willing to try this new approach, while also being worthy of the readers who support him.

The backend of is very simple for a longbow from a website. It is not as good as what they did for a TV station website a few years ago, but the basic functions can still be realized.

After joining the VIP, Changgong was pleasantly surprised that he had an income of more than 20 yuan every day. This is definitely a surprise. You know, he and Muzi would spend at most thirty or forty yuan for a meal of mutton kebabs, which means that he can eat mutton kebabs after two days of writing. For him, who is financially strapped, this is undoubtedly a pretty good result.

After returning home in the evening and being able to surf the Internet, he stared at the backstage almost all the time, looking at the number of points and beats, and his heart was full of happiness. These are the readers' support for him! Online paid reading is a low-profit model, two cents per thousand words, but many readers do not have this payment habit.

Longbow constantly explained to readers in the comment area, so that book lovers who are unwilling to pay should not worry, the paid chapters will become free chapters after three days.

Twenty yuan a day, six or seven hundred yuan a month, Changgong couldn't help but admire secretly, this is the benefit of the Internet! With my current writing level, if I put it in the past, it is impossible for me to be eligible for publication, let alone earning income.

The development of the Internet has lowered the entry threshold for this new literary form, Internet literature. As long as you are willing to write, you can publish it for readers to read.

Working hard every day at work, taking the time to code words, and watching the numbers in the background of after get off work has become the happiest thing for Long Bow and his best entertainment. He is looking forward to knowing how much he can earn this month.

"You've been tired all day, and you have to write at night, wouldn't it be too hard?" Mu Zi looked at Longgong sitting in front of the computer with some distress.

Longgong smiled and shook his head: "It's not hard. Seeing everyone's support for me, I'm full of energy. The support of readers is the biggest motivation for my writing. What's more, this is our story, and I am more and more confident now. I will definitely finish this story."

Young Adult

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