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For you, I would like to love the whole world33

by Kerley Howell about a month ago in Young Adult
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For you, I would like to love the whole world33

Chapter33 The turning point of life

Writing for Muzi, turning his interest in reading books into writing books has become a turning point in his life.

Longbow began writing in February 2004. But he didn't know that writing for Muzi and turning his interest in reading books into writing books became a turning point in his life.

Business was booming in the shop, with two car decoration workers, an accountant, and Longbow and his mother, there were five people in all. After finishing his work in the store every day, Longbow would sit in front of the computer and write his "Children of Light". There is no Internet access in the store, and writing is even more distracting.

Whether it was the Magic Sword League or, there were only a few dozen hits a day at the beginning, but to Longbow's surprise, most of the comments were in favor of his writing, and even praised.

Writing a book for Muzi was the biggest motivation for him to insist on writing, and now he has to add one more: for the support of readers.

Longgong left a message in the comment area. He said that he just started writing, and his writing was very young. Thank you for your support.

A sentence from a reader touched him deeply. The reader said: Although the text is young, I can feel the true feelings in your book. Come on, author, keep writing, and I will always support you.

It was those words that made Longbow make a decision. At that time, the authors of online novels generally updated a chapter in a few days, and weekly updates abounded, and monthly updates were not uncommon. This is the most painful thing for readers. Longbow decided that he had to be worthy of the readers who supported him. Maybe he didn't write very well, but at least he wanted them to see his work every day. Therefore, he decided to have new content every day, and a chapter guaranteed at least two thousand words.

Two thousand words means two essays for students, and it is every day. This is not a simple matter. Fortunately, Changgong has the experience of writing long letters to Muzi. He has written 137 love letters, and there are hundreds of thousands of words instead of a million words. The original persistence gave him the courage and confidence now. He replied in the comment area: Although I don't know how long I can hold on, I will try to update it every day, especially thanks for your support.

I don't know whether it was his message that moved those readers, or whether the true feelings in "Children of Light" began to ferment, and the popularity of the book on both websites began to heat up.

For web authors, there is no doubt that the most clicks are when there are new chapters. Longbow is updated every day, and people will come to see new things every day, and his click growth rate will naturally be faster.

Many readers communicated with each other. When he wrote for half a month and appeared at the end of the click list on the homepage of the Magic Sword League for the first time, the surge in popularity that caught him by surprise suddenly arrived.

There are a lot of comments in the comment area:

Hey, there are still people who update it every day. For this kind of persistence, I like it. Much better than those "eunuchs". As long as the author insists on updating every day, even if it is almost written, I support it.

It's so pretty! Light magic, it seems that no one has written it before, it is interesting, I will always support it.

What did you write about...

Author cheers!

Come on, update it, it feels great to see it every day.


Comments started to increase massively, as did clicks, recommendations. With the popularity brought by the daily update, after another half month, Longbow's masterpiece ranked second on the hit list of the Magic Sword League and the first on the hit list of

At this time, the Internet literature was not developed, and the daily traffic of these two websites was also limited, and they would not bring Longbow a penny of income. But even so, the sense of accomplishment that comes with making the list is unparalleled.

It was at this moment that Longgong suddenly discovered something that surprised him. The news on the front page of the Magic Sword League stated that VIP reading would be implemented for a fee in the near future. That is to say, readers have to pay a certain fee when reading the book, and the website will share these fees with the author. This means that it is possible to make money by writing books online.

After seeing the registration mailbox, Longgong sent the email almost immediately. If you can make some money by writing books, plus your own salary, it will undoubtedly make life at home better. But what surprised him was that he waited for a month.

For a month, "Child of Light" continued to top the list on, and finally climbed to the top of the Magic Sword Book League. The second place on the hit list of the Magic Sword League is a book called "Zhu Xian", which Longbow likes very much, just like there is a book called "Apprentice Magician" on He especially liked it when he was reading the book, but the update speed of this author is really uncomplimentable. A few months ago, Longbow could never have imagined that the book he had written could surpass it in the rankings.

These days, Longbow has been a little unhappy. He didn't understand why the officials of the Magic Sword and Book Union never responded to his emails. Could it be because he wrote too badly? But the ranking is not bad! Reader support!

Longbow itself didn't expect to make money from writing, but a three-year slump taught him to take every opportunity. Even if you can only earn a few dozen yuan a month by writing, you can supplement your family and prove the value of your writing at the same time.

Just when he was depressed, suddenly sent an in-site text message:

Hello, this site will start to try paid reading, as the top-ranked author on the click list, do you participate? The split mode is as follows...

Longbow was greatly surprised by ReadWrite's unsolicited invitation, and he agreed almost without hesitation. made a request that he must publish VIP chapters exclusively on, and can no longer publish on two sites at the same time. After thinking about it, Longbow agreed. The inaction of the magic sword caused some blows to his self-esteem.

And the longbow in "Children of Light" also began his growth. The background of "Children of Light" is the confrontation between the human race and the demon race. The two races oppose each other and compete with each other. The longbow in the book went from an ordinary teenager to entering the elementary magic academy, gradually showing his talent, becoming an excellent light magician, with friends and partners around him, and growing step by step. The Muzi in the book is finally about to appear. She has a prominent identity: a demon princess, a demon princess lurking in the human world.

When I wrote this, what Changgong thought in his heart was to give the best to Muzi, and everything was the best. In his heart, Muzi was originally the most beautiful woman, even in the book.

The development of the storyline also affects the hearts of many readers, and the popularity of the book continues to rise.

Young Adult

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