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For you, I would like to love the whole world32

by Kerley Howell about a month ago in Young Adult
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For you, I would like to love the whole world32

Chapter32 "Children of Light" was born

Thoughts were surging and his heart was up and down, Changgong suddenly had an idea in his mind: he wanted to write a story, the story between him and Muzi, and record it and give it to her.

Early the next morning, Changgong went to the farmers market to buy firewood chicken back, ready to make Muzi stew soup to replenish his body. He didn't mention it again, but in his heart, a seed had been planted.

In any case, she can't let her suffer any more in the future, and there will be no more pain. I want to work hard! I want to fight! He worked harder and harder, but the things in the auto decoration shop were just that. With his diligence, he could always do it in the shortest time.

Turning on the computer in the store, Changgong sat in front of the computer with ups and downs, and his mind kept reverberating with all the things that had happened over the years. From the first time she saw Muzi, she was still a "koala", and until now, she has been by his side for so many years. Thinking back on the happiness that day, Changgong's heart was suddenly filled with emotion.

After the work started to get busy, his writing to Muzi stopped at the one hundred and thirty-seventh letter. He still clearly remembered that when he was dating Muzi just now, he had promised to keep writing to her in the future. However, after completing 100 letters over the years, I slack off, and I didn't do what I promised her!

Thoughts were surging and his heart was up and down, Changgong suddenly had an idea in his mind: he wanted to write a story, the story between him and Muzi, and record it and give it to her. There are many things that cannot be achieved in reality, but can be achieved in fiction. So, he didn't want to write any more letters, he wanted to write a novel for her. This idea came to me the day after Muzi's medical abortion, but I never made up my mind.

At this time, he was the only person in the store. Although there was a lot of traffic outside the store, the inside of the store was completely silent. Suddenly, he felt an ethereal feeling in his heart. The scenes between him and Muzi made his inspiration surge out. I want to write this story, for Muzi, and to give it to her.

Growing up, Longbow has read too many novels. Since the Internet became popular at the end of the 20th century and the first online novel "The First Intimate Contact" appeared, this trend has gradually risen. Usually reading books on the Internet is also the greatest pleasure of Longbow.

It’s just that most of the current online novel writers are playing tickets, and serial updates are very slow. Many people only publish a new chapter in a few days, and some people even update weekly and monthly. And Longbow has found a characteristic: the better the novel, the slower it is written.

He wanted to write a book for Muzi for another purpose. He hoped that his and her story could be seen by more people. He has liked novels for so many years, which is also his interest in itself. He hopes to use his own interests to record the beauty of him and her.

He had long thought that he was going to write a magical novel in another world. In that world, he is the real god of creation; in that world, he can make his Muzi happy and happy; in that world, he can also make himself give everything for her.

Too much darkness is written in today's web novels. Longgong doesn't want to write about darkness, because he always feels that no matter how much pressure he has endured and how many hardships he has faced, he always has a bright heart and his heart is open to sunshine.

Son of Light, Longbow typed these three words on the screen, which was the name he gave to this novel.

Character setting, name: Longbow; gender: male; major in magic: light; minor in magic: space.

A lazy boy who chose to learn the light magic that no one cares about due to his personality, but accidentally stepped into the great wheel of fate and became the legendary great magician step by step. It was with his efforts that the division between the East and West continents ended, and the entire continent no longer had races. He eventually became the Son of Light, respected by all the tribes of later generations.

Character setting, name: Muzi; gender: female; Demon princess.


Longbow started his creation, in order to better bring in his own emotions, he used the first-person writing. Before that, he had never written a novel, so it was only after he started writing that he realized that creation was not an easy thing, at least for him at the moment.

Whether it's rhetoric, punctuation, or a lot of other things, it feels a little jerky when I really start writing. Fortunately, he practiced typing hard when he was in school, and he didn't have much problem with typing speed.

After a whole afternoon, a chapter was finished, and Longgong obviously felt that he had written a little green, but he didn't know how to revise it. Looking at it carefully, the sentence is still smooth, just like what Muzi said at the beginning, this should be the style of writing a love letter to her at that time. It's purely for entertainment, as long as Muzi understands it.

Because the computer in the store could not access the Internet, Longgong used a floppy disk to copy what he wrote and went straight home after get off work.

"What are you doing?" Muzi curiously watched Longgong fiddling with documents on the computer at home.

Longbow smiled: "I'm writing a novel."

"Fiction?" Muzi looked at him suspiciously, "Why did you think of writing a novel?"

Long Bow said: "Interesting! Most of the online novels nowadays are 'eunuchs', and it's no longer exciting to read. I also plan to write it and put it on the Internet, just entertain myself."

Muzi smiled and said, "Okay, then I will be your first reader."

Long Bow said: "Okay, let me show you."

He stepped aside to let Muzi sit down and show her the novel he wrote today.

"How's it going?" After Muzi finished, Longgong asked nervously.

Muzi smiled and said, "It's pretty good! But it's too little, and I can't see anything, so hurry up and write."

Longgong's eyes lit up: "Do you really think it's good?"

Muzi nodded: "It's pretty good!"

Longgong said: "Then you say, how about I post it online?"

Muzi said: "I think it's ok. Let's post it, it doesn't matter if others don't like it, as long as I like it."

"it is good!"

Longgong opened a literary website called Huanjian Shumeng, and logged in. He had already registered an account, and now he is trying to apply to become an author. The current literature website is very loose, as long as the registration is successful, you can publish articles on it. After Longgong applied, he posted the first article of his "Children of Light", and then opened another website where he often read novels, called, and registered and published it.

These two websites are the ones he frequents. The Magic Sword League is the most popular literary website at the moment, and the is smaller, but it has some books that Longbow likes to read.

After both sites were published, Longbow let out a sigh of relief. He doesn't have much pressure to write for pure interest, and all the novels the authors publish on it are free for readers to read.

Longgong felt that his writing was still very young, and he didn't expect much popularity. For him, this was the longest love letter he wrote to Muzi, and it was also his own interest. He wrote it when he thought of it. He didn't even think about how long he could write and whether he could finish the novel.

"The meal is ready, come and eat." Muzi called in the living room.


Love's hut is becoming more and more homely, and watching TV while eating dinner is their greatest pleasure.

"Have your book been posted?" Muzi asked.

Longbow nodded: "Yeah, I posted two websites, and I don't know if anyone has read it."

Muzi smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, no matter what you write, I will read it."

Longgong suddenly became angry: "Then you mean I'm not good at writing?"

Muzi smiled and said, "I've only written so little now, how can I tell it! However, you are going to work and writing novels, will you be too tired?"

Long Bow said: "I'm not tired, I'm interested, I can write as much as I want in my spare time, and I also want to record some of our affairs through this book."

After dinner, Longbow almost subconsciously sat back in front of the computer, and clicked the "refresh" button on the browser with some anxiety.

Number of hits: nine. Seeing this number, Longbow was instantly overjoyed. Has nine people seen it already? He hurriedly scrolled down the webpage. There was a comment function on the webpage. He wanted to see if anyone commented on him.

Passerby: A magic novel? I like it, author cheers.

Passerby B: Quick update!

There were only two comments, very brief. Longgong looked at it and felt a heat flow in his heart. Is there any support for an article that you write at will, and even you feel very young?

He hadn't experienced this sense of accomplishment for a long time. He still felt this way when he was working in the TV station and was praised by the leaders. In the past two or three years, he has been in various ups and downs such as job hunting and being cheated. In the trough, there is only depression and pain.

Looking at the two comments in front of me, I felt the sense of accomplishment that had not been seen for a long time, and the longbow was instantly rejuvenated like a crop that has been rained for a long time. A big voice sounded in my heart: I want to write it!

Young Adult

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