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Beggars return the favor

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 4 min read
Folk Tales
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In a certain village, there are such later people Liu Lao Han is a kind-hearted person, a son under the stream, because the family conditions are not good, it is difficult for the son to marry a daughter-in-law, but this daughter-in-law is powerful to death, the son in front of his atmosphere are afraid to breathe a breath, Liu Lao Han old two can only look at the daughter-in-law's eyes form, try not to find trouble for the son, one day, Liu Lao Han family is eating, the door came Knock on the door daughter-in-law ran to see will be a moment to hear his daughter-in-law cursing voice, the vagrant Han got up and walked out, saw a little boy standing loudly at the door touching his head, dirty, looks like a little beggar, this little beggar yellow skinny, obviously hungry, between his hands holding a broken bowl, kept bowing, to the old man to see the pity, just ready to take her bowl what? Their own family is so poor that they can hardly eat ah!

Still have to give beggar daughter-in-law on the side is not happy, why a said that I do not eat, my share to him not to the old man also a little angry, not just right, and you want to give you can only give white rice, and some some some much more, Liu Lao Han heard and no longer divorce, pulled the little beggar's bowl went to the kitchen, and then came out with a bowl full of white rice, I walked to the door of a small beggar, but also in his ear softly said a word, the little beggar on the floor thumped two heads, took the bowl on the shower, the vagrant back to the house, found the dining table has no more their own dishes, passing by his daughter-in-law, only fill out a crowd of people, hate themselves after leaving the word Han, Liu Lao Han family now also have not seen that little beggar piece a wavering ten years have passed, Liu Lao Han's days more and more difficult, old, no more strength, and Can not earn money, and on the separation of the family, usually regardless of the tube, they rely on the old couple rely on.

The neighbors' help to get through, to the old man's partner was sick, lying in bed, and they never came to see, not to mention the old man's condition worsened day by day, Liu Lao Han core soulless also very helpless, these streets suddenly appeared a luxury car, drive to Liu Lao Han's door and stopped, down a man to remove the makeup down, finished driving in, Liu Lao Han looked at this man in front of him With a smile on the face of the man some amazement, then the man spoke, Master Liu finally found you, our boss asked me to tell you, thank you for that bowl of rice back then, or his sister starved to death, you also know that this man's old is that little beggar back then, he met a little girl wandering when he was eating, is the little girl do sister sister like care, there are a few days they have nothing to rice, the The little girl was hungry.

Is Liu Lao Han's bowl of rice, to save the little girl's life, and the little girl is a rich man's child, because lost in the streets, and then the little girl's parents found her, very grateful to the little beggar did a everything, he took him as an adopted son, ten years later, the little beggar grew up, gradually opened up his own business, did the boss, but he never forgot Liu Lao Han's bowl of white rice, that The man took out a bag of things from the car to Liu Lao Han rice money, said the boss let send over, and then the bed room left, Liu Lao Han surprisingly a bag of rice, not long, the daughter-in-law rushed over, apparently heard that someone came to send something to Liu Lao Han, let him see, I only have a bag of rice after don't don't mouth confidence to go, Liu Lao Han heart is quite grateful, the bag of rice can eat some days, the rest of the rice money also Can give the old companion to catch the medicine can be played.

Open inside the rice ready to give dad to do when the thin rice, he was stunned, at this time he detailed the man leader is said a sentence, with his year to the little beggar that bowl of white rice is the words that sentence that sentence is to eat when turning over, the original year that bowl of white rice below the drip are vegetables, and now this bag of rice inside the hidden are money.

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