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Flames of Guardianship

Unleashing Fury to Protect the Precious

By Chris PaulPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the enchanted realm of Sylvaria, a Guardian stood watch over precious eggs, treasures of immense power. Adorned in scales that shimmered like jewels, they protected these magical orbs from thieves who dared trespass. The Guardian's anger burned, fueled by their reverence for the eggs and contempt for the dim-witted pilferers. Thieves came, were thwarted, and vanished, but the Guardian knew they would return. Fury simmered beneath their surface, ready to scorch intruders and teach them a lesson. With each theft, their resolve grew, until vengeance was an unquenchable flame. The Guardian prepared, honing their skills, awaiting the next encounter. Sylvaria's quietude hid the brewing storm. Creaking scales and clenched jaws betrayed their wrath. The thieves, blind to their imminent demise, were about to face a fury they couldn't comprehend. In the clash to come, justice would prevail, and the Guardian's fire would burn brighter than ever.

Young AdultShort StorySeriesScriptSci FiSatirePsychologicalMysteryMicrofictionLoveHumorHorrorHistoricalFantasyFan FictionfamilyFableExcerptCONTENT WARNINGClassicalAdventure

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